GCSB meeting – why mass surveillance matters in 2014

This is the video for last weeks GCSB meeting in Christchurch.

Speakers included: Bomber Bradbury (Chair); Mike Treen (GPJA); John Minto (Mana Movement); Murray Horton (CAFCA); Stefan Browning (Green Party); Megan Woods (Labour Party); Lois McClintock (Internet Party); Denis Tegg (Lawyer).

2 Responses to GCSB meeting – why mass surveillance matters in 2014

  1. judynz says:

    Is it possible to access a transcript of this video please as much was impossible to hear. What I did hear makes me believe our people are at last ready to deal with causes instead of wasting time on effects. its time the public hear of the real deviousness their money is wasted on.

    However until we recognize that we have never had a democratic political system, as we were brainwashed to believe, the public will never be convinced they should stand up and DO something about the system we live under. Our country is floated on the New York Stock Market as a for profit Corporation in the queens name. `THE NEW ZEALAND COMPANY INCORPORATED’. Every registered NZ born childs name is also floated on the, as above Stock Market. Lets get the basis right so a whole truth can be understood.
    I have kept an eye on politics since I was 20yrs when I joined a local Ratepayers group. Many times I have felt triumphant because I had gained a new understanding of how our mess happened…but what I have learned over the past 10yrs spells, I still didn’t have a clue. I am in my 70s & watched our govts deliberately create environs for crime and violence to flourish and generally kill the spirit of our people.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    yours sincerely
    Judith Kellogg

  2. judynz says:

    Do you ever answer letters??

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