NZ involvement in RIMPAC / Nuclear weapon states

HMNZS Canterbury is a participant in RIMPAC 2014

NZ involvement in RIMPAC / nuclear weapon states

Peace Movement Aotearoa

27 June 2014

As you may be aware from media coverage, NZ armed forces are taking a full part in RIMPAC this year, the world’s largest military ‘exercise’ – a series of full-scale military assaults on land and sea also known as the biennial invasion of Hawai’i – along with the armed forces of five nuclear weapons states.

We have published a series of comments about this since Sunday’s Radio NZ story describing RIMPAC as the "the world’s largest international maritime exercise next week" and saying NZ forces would be practising responding to disasters such as tsunamis and cyclones ….

The links to the various comments and photos are included below, and they have all now been compiled into one document ‘Compilation: RIMPAC reality, nuclear weapon states and all’ at

Please note that you do not need to be a Facebook member to read these comments, although you do if you’d like to add your own comments.

Compilation: RIMPAC reality, nuclear weapon states and all, read more at

RIMPAC 2014: NZ is there because "It is a tangible sign of the warmth of our relationship with the US”
–

Five nuclear weapons states involved in RIMPAC: Aside from the other issues around RIMPAC, there’s also the matter of the NZ Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act, read more at

NZDF heads to Hawai’i for RIMPAC: Far out, talk about deceit, practicing disaster response?RIMPAC is the world’s largest military ‘exercise’, aka the biennial invasion of Hawai’i, a series of full-scale military assaults on land and sea – read more at

Reality of RIMPAC part II, 70 miles northwest of Kauai: "The big helicopter carrier New Orleans held out for hours as it was pummeled by at least seven Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and then was finished by deck guns from a firing squad of ships from the US, Japan, Australia, Canada and France. In between, an Air Force B-52 bomber dropped a laser-guided 500-pound bomb onto the 603-foot amphibious ship." – read more at

Reality of RIMPAC part III – live missile firing + links to more images, read more at

Reality of RIMPAC Part IV – NZ Navy fires $800,000 missile during RIMPAC 2012, read more at

The RIMPAC 2014 badge looks rather like a bomb sight, with Hawai’i in the cross hairs, read more at

‘Noho Hewa: the wrongful occupation of Hawai’i’: See the reality of the ongoing colonisation and militarisation in Hawai’i – including some of the impacts of RIMPAC – in the documentary ‘Noho Hewa’, available at a special reduced price in Aotearoa New Zealand, details at

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