GPJA #497 (2 of 3): News on Aotearoa-NZ



Real Terrorism in NZ – In remembrance of Ernie Abbott By Frank Macskasy

Stars make music video to ‘free’ Teina Pora

The Terrorism Suppression Act and Criminalisation of National Liberation Groups

Countering the Nazi smears against Kim Dotcom

Education professionals protest as global summit held

Students shouldn’t need to borrow to live

Stuart McCutcheon: Govt plan threatens varsities’ autonomy

Teina Pora granted parole

Native Affairs – Teina Pora

Cancer halts eviction fight

NZ Group Dismayed over Frozen Peace Talks, Aquino legacy

NZ: Māori research left high and dry by ‘racist’ funding cut

Why socialists need feminism, why feminists need socialism

Protest rallies against inequity in schools

Ancestral land escapes bulldozers

Instrument of Change, ‘Barometer’ of Class Struggle, or ‘Parliamentary Talking Shop’?

Marama Davidson: For Lent, give up judgment

Labour wont win as National-Lite

Chris Barton: Kim Dotcom’s quest for power

On TVNZ’s Q+A programme this morning, ACT leader Jamie Whyte said there’s no point taking action to mitigate against climate change and that we should just "rebuild" and "people can move" as we get more extreme weather. Do you agree? Russel Norman didn’t. You can watch the debate here:

Enemies roll dice against gambling foe

School bully: When the National government introduced National Standards four years ago, I didn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind was blowing

Join the Dots: What government is doing to NZ education


Has Fukushima radiation entered NZ’s ecosystem?


Protest rallies held against TPP

Protesters demand facts on trade agreement

Protesters demand facts on trade agreement

New Zealanders protest over secret TTPA and demand release of text

Thousands protest TPPA in downtown Auckland

TPPA, Protesting from Whangarei to Invercargill!

Hundreds join TPPA protest in capital

Thousands rally to protect local decision making and sovereignty:

In the aftermath of Saturday’s demonstrations against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), Wayne looks at its implications and Wallace follows up with the Nurses Organisation’s Marilyn Head, and Otago University’s Professor Philip Pattemore.

Manawatu Standard – 28 March, page 4.

Bay of Plenty Times – 29 March, page 3

Hawkes Bay Today – 28 March, page 3

Whanganui Chronicle – 24 March

Sun Live Tauranga, 29 March and

Bay of Plenty Times online

#TPPANoWay Mana’s John Minto speaking outside U.S. embassy

Parliament does not get to ratify the TPPA – Kelsey

They marched against the TPPA and the threat to our sovereignty – See more at:


Income gap growing – poll

Latest Polling Shows Massive Fears Over Inequality

What NZers really earn – beneficiaries vs CEOs

Poverty group parties in protest

Photos of AAAP block party

Universal Basic Income? By Keith Rankin

The well-trod path to the corporate boxes at Eden Park By John Minto – See more at:


Government in $112b barney

Big banks charging top dollar

The fate of New Zealand’s West Coast is being decided in a Rugby Club on a hill in Wellington – See more at:

Maritime unions gather to strengthen South Pacific unionism

ITF president weighs in on fisheries dispute

Staff backlash forces ministry to drop dob-in-a-workmate hotline

Care workers hopeful for travel time pay

University workers campaign for a living wage

Former employer misses authority’s deadline to pay migrant staff nearly $40,000.

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