Opening of Cuban Five art exhibition, April 5, 5-7pm, Artstation, Auckland

“I will die the way I lived” is an exhibition of 15 paintings by Antonio Guerrero, one of the Cuban Five, who is unjustly imprisoned in the United States. The opening event is on Saturday, April 5 from 5-7pm, at Artstation, 1 Ponsonby Road, central Auckland. The exhibition runs until April 24.

The April 5 event will begin with Cuban food and mojitos. The Cuban ambassador, Maria del Carmen Herrera, will open the exhibit. There will be dance and music performances by Tupua Tigafua, Peter Leupolu, and Harry Jones and friends.

The Cuba Friendship Society in Auckland is organising this exhibition to build support for the international campaign to free the Cuban Five. Please come along and bring others.

Attached is a leaflet that can be used to tell others about the opening event and exhibition. If you want to offer your assistance in any way, please reply to this email or phone Ina (09) 303-1755 or Malcolm 021-151-7887.

I will die the way I live latest.pdf

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