Protest planned GI eviction Thurs 6pm

27 February 2014

Tamaki Housing Group

On March 7 a family are to be evicted from their Housing New Zealand home of 33 years in Glen Innes. They will be resisting this unjust eviction and require support. There will be a protest march commencing at 16 Taniwha Street Glen Innes to the home at 8 Melling Street, at 6pm on Thursday 6th March.

The family are being evicted as part of the ‘redevelopment’ of the area. Although the eviction was originally due for next year, HNZ are evicting her family for alleged “anti-social behaviour”. The mother of the family, Betty, is a known opponent to the ‘redevelopment’ of her community and we believe this to be the reason her eviction date has been moved forward.

Betty has lived in GI all her life. She is a postal worker, cleaner, and EPMU member as well as a Glen Innes Primary walking school bus volunteer. Betty has only recently left hospital where she underwent a procedure for breast cancer, and is tired and unwell.

Late last year Betty’s sister Mat and her family were evicted from the house Betty and Mat’s parents moved into 54 years ago. This was an incredibly hard time for the family. Betty and her family have been intimidated and their concerns dismissed by HNZ, as was Mat and her family and many other families in Glen Innes.

The Family has decided to fight the eviction, and their right to remain in their home.

We believe that the ‘housing crisis’ is not addressed by the current Housing New Zealand policy of eviction and demonising low socio-economic families. The emphasis placed on relocating and redeveloping low socio-economic areas around the area including Glen Innes as well as Pomare, Wellington and Maraenui, Hawkes Bay is a distraction. The current housing policies have led to empty houses and caused severe emotional stress in these communities. The fracturing of communities through evictions leads to unsafe neighbourhoods and increasing vulnerability.

We are making a call out for support for the family to try and keep their home. A few suggestions are listed below; we will follow this initial letter up with a phone call.

  • Public support for the family by way of a press release opposing HNZ and National’s treatment of the family.
  • Sending donations to the Tamaki Housing Group bank account to help us continue our work in supporting the family 38-9014-0147012-00
  • Attend our meetings at every Tuesday at 6pm a Glen Innes Primary, 40 Eastview Road, Glen Innes.

Most importantly we ask for your presence at the Protest March in Glen Innes on March 6th, at 6pm, from 16 Taniwha Street, Glen Innes.

Many thanks from the whānau,

Tamaki Housing Group

For more information email gidefence

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