GPJA #491 (2 of 2): International news & analysis – 23/2/14


  • The net worth of billionaires in India, points out IMF chief Christiane Lagarde, has increased by 12 times in the past 15 years, “enough to eliminate absolute poverty in this country twice over.”
  • One of every eight human beings on the face of the Earth “do not have enough food to eat,” United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan points out, at the same time as “the richest 85 people in the world own as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion.”
  • America’s corporate executives and financial sector power-suits, notes Americans for Financial Reform, have collected well over half the post-1980 income growth of the top 1 percent and more than two-thirds the even more remarkable gains of the nation’s top 0.1 percent.


“It’s all very well to talk in the abstract about the dignity of work, but to suggest that workers can have equal dignity despite huge inequality in pay is just silly. In 2012, the top 40 hedge fund managers and traders were paid a combined $16.7 billion, equivalent to the wages of 400,000 ordinary workers.” Paul Krugman, Inequality, Dignity, and Freedom, February 14, 2014

“When power, luxury, and money become idols, they take priority over the need for a fair distribution of wealth. Our consciences thus need to be converted to justice, equality, simplicity, and sharing.” Pope Francis, Lenten message, February 4, 2014


‘Jaywalking’: How the car industry outlawed crossing the road

What Cold War CIA Interrogators Learned from the Nazis

Russell Brand Vs Jon Snow: Comedian Loses His Temper During Heated Talks On Drugs And Revolution (VIDEO)

Full video interview with Brand:

Álvaro García Linera: A message to the left of Europe and the world

The Sixth Extinction: Earth is on the brink of another massive loss of animal species but this time the calamity isn’t an asteroid or ice age…


The Mobsters of Wall Street By Jim Hightower: Assume that you ran a business that was found guilty of bribery, forgery, perjury, defrauding homeowners, fleecing investors, swindling consumers, cheating credit card holders, violating U.S. trade laws and bilking American soldiers. Can you even imagine the kind of punishment you’d get?


Michael Klare, In the Carbon Wars, Big Oil Is Winning


The painful truth of Twelve Years a Slave

“Operation Paperclip" U.S. Government Recruited Nazi Scientis

Rumsfeld: Why We Live in His RuinsMark Danner

Springsteen’s Tribute To Australian Workers

The Hunger Games: their world and ours


Racism and police brutality in Queensland

CFMEU chiefs blacklisted from all Victorian building sites

Royal Commission targets unions and penalty rates

Refugees denied legal rights and deported

Victoria Goes After Protest And Picket Rights

Rupert Murdoch’s empire receives $882m tax rebate from Australia


Bahrain protest attracts tens of thousands, no clashes


Bosnia’s magnificent uprising: Heralding a new era of class politics?

Bosnia presents a terrifying picture of Europe’s future – The ordinary people of Bosnia-Herzegovina are showing Europe how to avoid sleepwalking into a disaster to rival that of a century ago

Plenum of Sarajevo


Brazil and Coercion: One Step Further Into the Criminalization of the Radical Left


Garment unions regroup, plan peaceful strike in March

Cambodian Embassies besieged – Free the 23!


Speaking tour of Mi’kmaq activists appeals for solidarity with New Brunswick anti-fracking struggle


An international initiative against repression inEgypt

Resurgence of strikes and industrial action across the country

Sisi’s Turn by Hazem Kandil

Unfinished business: The government’s decision to allocate LE157 million to meet the financial demands of textile workers has not convinced the Mahalla workers, writes Noha Moustafa

Egyptian army’s role in torture and disappearances – leaked document

Workers strike at Egypt’s biggest public textile hits day 7

Mahalla textile workers’ strike enters eighth day

Spinning and weaving workers at Kafr Al-Dawar strike in solidarity with Mahalla workers – See more at:

Did Arab leftists betray the revolution?

Canadian journalist, two colleagues deny charges in Cairo court


Feminism can save France from Islam: that’s the real message of Majorité Opprimée – The gender role reversal video purports to target sexism and homophobia. But its essence is class bigotry, racism and misogyny


Japan’s Right-Wing Stirrings

Tokyo Elections and the Future of the Anti-Nuclear Movement


Appeals Court Annuls Dismissal of Ssangyong Workers – See more at:


Twenty Years after NAFTA, Mexico Has Experienced Lagging Growth, Persistent Poverty and Increased Unemployment

For Mexico, Legalization is Freedom By Vicente Fox (former Mexican President)


The boycott is our Palestinian non-violent resistance m/2014/02/11/the-boycott-is-our-palestinian-non-violent-resistance/

Video: Stone Cold Justice – A Special Four Corners / The Australian Newspaper Investigation reveals evidence that shows the army is targeting Palestinian boys for arrest and detention.

Brokers of Deceit: Massive US Aid to Israel has Enabled a Colonial Project

Israeli soldiers pose for photos while abusing Palestinian child

Brokers of Deceit: Massive US Aid to Israel has Enabled a Colonial Project


Poland is having a sexual revolution in reverse – The backlash sees sex education and contraception being restricted – and gay people compared to paedophiles


South Africa’s emerging new left: the birth of a new socialist party

NUMSA Rupture Could Mark New Start for Socialist Politics in South Africa by Sam Ashman and Nicolas Pons-Vignon

“Manifestos and Reality” – A Presentation to the Cape Town Press Club by NUMSA General Secretary Irvin Jim

‘Leadership faction wants COSATU to be a toothless giant’, declare nine affiliates


High Commissioner Navi Pillay report on Sri Lanka leaked: international inquiry mechanism recommended

Sri Lanka: Tamil leader says ethnic conflict has ‘deepened’


Turkish Unionists: ‘We Are Not Terrorists’


Britain hammered by ocean surges and ‘most exceptional rainfall in 248 years’


A New Cold War? Ukraine Violence Escalates, Leaked Tape Suggests U.S. Was Plotting Coup


Obama’s State of the Union Dilemma: Pushing Fast Track for TPP Would Increase Income Inequality

Legalizing Oppression: Chris Hedges interviews Lynne Stewart – The lynching and disbarring of civil rights lawyer Lynne Stewart, is a window into the collapse of the American legal system.

Our Sinister Dual State By Chris Hedges

Four Reasons Why Torture (Still) Matters

The U.S. Middle Class Is Turning Proletarian


Union Advantage for Black Workers

After Historic UAW Defeat at Tennessee Volkswagen Plant, Theories Abound


March in support of Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela

US support for regime change in Venezuela is a mistake: The US push to topple the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro once again pits Washington against South America

Right calls more protests after deadly clashes

Opposition Violence Continues in Some Venezuelan Cities, Attacks on Journalists

Violent right wing has no popular base

Economic Sabotage: Venezuela Under Attack Again

Venezuelan Protests: Another Attempt by U.S.-Backed Right-Wing Groups to Oust Elected Government?

Venezuela expels US officials, huge march against coup and for peace (PHOTOS)

Sorry, Venezuela haters: this economy is not the Greece of Latin America

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro raises his fist next to vice-president Jorge Arreaza, during a rally.


“These camps will never be our home, we want to return to our homeland.”


Turning a Wedding Into a Funeral: U.S. Drone Strike in Yemen Killed as Many as 12 Civilians

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