GPJA #489 (2 of 3): News from Aotearoa New Zealand (26/1/14)




Oil protestors march in Wellington

Matt McCarten: Expediency overrules integrity

‘Little people’ at heart of nuclear-free story

2013 Roger Award People’s Choice

Gordon Campbell on Govt’s plans for incentivising teachers

High cost of ‘free’ education revealed

‘Free’ schooling costs parents $35k, survey find

The real Charter School agenda: Private equity and the silencing of teachers By Dianne Khan – See more at:

Matt McCarten: Facts to arm voters at the polls

Gordon Campbell on Dotcom, and recent events at Scoop

Key government an embarrassment after cyclone in Tonga By John Minto – See more at:

No Glory in World War I By Keith Locke

The death of Ariel Sharon – Gaza’s prison warden By Tali Williams – See more at:

We are all Palestinians By John Minto

The Blank Slate Boy – Are voters being encouraged to read into Colin Craig whatever image they would like to see? by Gordon Campbell

Greens call for end to ‘Aid that Kills’

More police / GCSB bullying

What Obama’s spying reforms mean for New Zealand By Keith Locke – See more at:

Disability no guarantee of state house

Water should be a service, not a commodity

Matt McCarten: Dotcom’s bid doesn’t compute

Apocalypse then, and now


Rich and poor in election focus

On a scale from one to 10 how vile is Paula Bennett? By John Minto – See more at:

Drug testing creating new problems?

Changes to invalids benefit sees beneficiaries’ income drop

UBI: Addressing Inequality

Inequality a risk to human and economic progress

Toby Manhire: Jetsetters ponder poverty gap over mulled wine

David Hill: Hard to love thy neighbour through a sterile security gate

Deborah Hill Cone: Struggle Street needs fast broadband too

The truth about the gap between the rich and the rest

CPAG: Education changes ignore underlying issue of poverty

Welfare profiteers

Hundreds of kids on sponsorship waiting list

The problem for the rich: how to keep your wealth without losing your head By John Minto – See more at:


NZ Debt clock

Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons: Dairy doing dirty on our environment

Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons: Many rivers to cross to fix dairy industry

Another Month, Another Leak – Jane Kelsey on Wikileaks latest leak

Nicky Hager: Leak reveals ongoing TPP tussles

Opinion: Here’s three charts showing how the foreign profit and interest drain has made New Zealanders poorer since 2003

Professor Jane Kelsey: If the EU can release draft texts, why do we have to rely on Wikileaks?

Jane Kelsey: Leak shows trade deal may prove tricky

New Zealand selling its young people short

Bernard Hickey: It could be your year


Helen Kelly column for NZ Logger

‘Change needed’ in forestry industry’change-needed’-in-forestry-industry

Another forestry death shows need for change – regulator

Forestry worker killed in Marlborough

Forest incident: Worker hit by ponga

Helen Kelly: Health and Safety Rep Training – a cut by any other name

Logging company fined $60k over death

Breakfast message for forestry workers

The argument in support of a living wage


Harry Holland: The Party Of Labor And The Labor Party

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