Remembrance for Nelson Mandela – Rugby Park Hamilton – 8.30pm this Sunday 15 December – note the carpool from Unite Union at 6pm.

I hope you are all planning to come if you are able…the weather forecast is fine.
We have organised permission and the ground will be opened for us. We will gather (remember to bring a candle – one with a cardboard cup thing to protect against the wind if you can) in the middle of the field where the protest group stood in 1981 and gave such joy to Mandela as well as a bloody nose to the apartheid system. There will be an appropriate Maori setting of the scene, recollections of events from 1981, songs of celebration etc
Myself, Green MP Kevin Hague, Ripeka Evans and others will speak briefly and the opportunity will be there for everyone to contribute…
Please also bring pictures of anyone you know who was there in 1981 and has since passed away – Syd Jackson is one who come to mind immediately.

It will mark the end of an era as Mandela is buried in Qunu at the same time – Hone Harawira and Hilda Halkyard-Harawira will represent the protest movement at Qunu.

For those from Auckland who need a lift or can offer a lift there will be a carpool from the Unite Union office at 6pm – it’s at 6A Western Springs Road, Kingsland – returning after the event.


John Minto

4 Ethel Street






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