GPJA #486 (1 of 2): Special Memorial for Nelson Mandela – Rugby Park Hamilton 8.30pm this Sunday


Special Memorial for Nelson Mandela – Rugby Park Hamilton 8.30pm this Sunday
The time and place are very significant because it was events on 25 July 1981 on the field at Rugby Park Hamilton which brought such joy and jubilation to Nelson Mandela who by that time had spent 17 years in prison on Robben Island.
As we all now know when Mandela heard that this Springboks Versus Waikato rugby game (the first ever televised live to South Africa) had been stopped by anti-apartheid protestors invading the field he said the prisoners gripped the bars of their cell doors and rattled them around the prison in sheer delight. He said it was like the sun came out.
The timing of the event is to coincide with the burial of Mandela in his home town of Qunu.
There will be an opportunity for those who wish to say a few words as part of this event.
Speakers will include:

  • Former HART Chairperson John Minto
  • Green MP Kevin Hague

Discussion is underway for authorised access to the ground rather than the unauthorised access in 1981…
The facebook link to the event is here

John Minto


Thursday December 12, 7.30pm, Unite Union, 6a Western Springs Rd, Morningside
Mandela, Apartheid and the South African Revolution – a Socialist Aotearoa forum

Friday, December 13, 7pm, Unite Office, 6a Western Springs Rd, Kingsland, Auckland
Bernadette – a film. A fearless, fiercely articulate Irish Republican firebrand in a miniskirt, Bernadette Devlin became Britain’s youngest elected female MP at 21 in 1969. Her maiden speech was a stinging attack on the British in Ireland; and when Home Secretary Reginald Maudling claimed that the British army had fired in self-defence on Bloody Sunday she strode across the House of Commons and punched him. Veteran Irish producer Lelia Doolan, a significant mover and shaker herself, has worked for ten years to produce a rousing and thorough picture of this woman who was once recognisable throughout the Western world as the embodiment of politicised youth in revolt. She’s survived imprisonment, a near-miss assassination attempt and years of struggle within and on behalf of the Republican cause. She remains a committed activist and organiser. Doolan builds the film around her own interviews with an often wry, but enduringly passionate, Devlin. The wealth of archival footage should convince any newcomer to her remarkable story that she was once a riveting fixture on the nightly news and an unstoppable force for change

Wednesday, December 18, 5.30pm to 7pm, Community Hall, 30 The Terrace, Wellington

Hot Topics in Humanitarian Disarmament. You are invited to a public forum on: incendiary weapons, killer robots, and nuclear weapons. An update on recent international developments, future possibilities, and discussion on New Zealand’s position, with:

Mary Wareham: Advocacy Director, Arms Division, Human Rights Watch; Coordinator, Global Campaign to Stop Killer Robots; and Edwina Hughes: Coordinator, iCAN Aotearoa New Zealand and Aotearoa New Zealand Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. Entrance via pathway on south side of St Andrew’s On The Terrace. Please RSVP to Peace Movement Aotearoa pma tel 04 382 8129 or at

The A4 poster for this event is available at,wellington18Dec13.pdf

Friday, December 20, 6pm, People’s Cinema, 57 Manners St, Wellington

The Freedom Shop is ending the year with a film that is less overtly political and a little more entertaining, but not without a moral or two…. ‘What to Do in Case of Fire’ is set in Berlin. It’s 1987 and six young squatters are busy fighting street battles with police, smoking a lot of dope and then film themselves making a home-made pressure-cooker bomb. But the bomb is a dud and soon forgotten. However, 12 years later it does go off – but the group have long since disbanded and some of them are a bit more conservative and traditional than they used to be… So come and join us for the last film screening of the year – ‘What to Do in Case of Fire’. Time: Doors open: 6pm – Film starts: 6.30pm. Entry by Koha Links:

January 24-26, 2014

CLOSE THE WAIHOPAI SPYBASE NOW! Organised by the Anti-Bases Campaign, P.O. Box 2258, Christchurch. E-mail abc

Saturday, January 25, 10am, Nativity Church Hall, 76 Alfred St, Blenheim

Blenheim public meeting on the morning of Saturday January 25th, on the wider issues of spying, to put Waihopai into context. We see this as a continuation of the 2013 protests and meetings about the infamous GCSB Bill (and its companion TICS Bill). SPIES AND LIES

WAIHOPAI AND GLOBAL SPYING. Speakers at that public meeting will be Jane Kelsey, John Minto and ABC’s Warren Thomson.

Murray Horton, ABC. Anti-Bases Campaign, Box 2258, Christchurch, New Zealand. abc / /



Unite Union is looking to employ full-time and part-time organisers to be based in Wellington and Christchurch. Both organisers will have a primary repsonsibility for visiting, recruiting and representing workers in the fast food industry, cinemas, hotels and security.

Organisers need to have some experience as a union delegate, being an advocate for workers and beneficiaries or organising experience in community movements. A knowledge of current industrial law would be an advantage.

Applicants need to be computer literate. A current drivers licence is essential as substantial travel will be required.

Applications should be sent by email to Unite National Director Mike Treen mike by 5pm, Friday, December 20.


Guy Standing, author of The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class in 2011 who spoke at several events in New Zealand early this year, is coming back to NZ in February 2014. His new book A Precariat Charter: From Denizens to Citizens is due to be published in April 2014. See here. This will focus more on ‘what can be done’. As you know the CTU also published a document on insecure work in October and that included recommendations for action. A number of events are being organised (details still being finalised) including:

· Monday 24th February, 2014 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. hosted by University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology.

· A seminar in Wellington on Wednesday 26th February (time to be confirmed)

· Discussion and brief presentation in afternoon of CTU National Affiliates Council at our 27th February meeting in Wellington

· Social event Friday late afternoon/evening in Wellington.



New Zealand’s Leader Questioned Over Apartheid Amnesia

Brian Rudman: NZ politicians silent on anti-ANC views

Minto plots return to Rugby Park

Minto’s official statement on being excluded from Delegation – See more at:

John Minto: A great man but not a great president

HART founder’s memories of Mandela’s-memories-of-mandela

Harawira making own way to Mandela funeral

Opinion – Roger Fowler: Apartheid still reigns in Palestine

Bryan Gould: Mandela is dead and still we sleep

Colin Espiner: Put Minto on that plane

Opinion: Key has totally stuffed up Mandela delegation

TV Review: Mandela By Tim Selwyn

Thinking like Mandela By Keith Locke

The future of South Africa By Mike Treen

Nelson Mandela’s New Zealand legacy

Mandela legacy to challenge NZs Constitutional design By Louisa Wall


Abortion rights in New Zealand

Keith Locke: More than reassuring words needed to get to the truth on spying

Who owns NZ media? By Wayne Hope

Public concern accepted

ACC regrets handling of hunger striker

Gordon Campbell on the latest TPP leaks, and our shabby treatment of asylum seekers

Giovanni Tiso: Reversing our commitment to exclusion

New moves to detail Dotcom allegations

Police log suggests innocents spied on

Gap widens between NZ students

Hard road for NZ’s asylum seekers


Angry protesters attend National’s Christmas function

Village thinking shows inequities

One in four Kiwi children living in poverty

Dawn Raids of solo-mums deplored

The truth about child poverty in NZ

Behind the scenes at the foodbank

Christchurch’s state housing crisis

Feeding kids through school gardens

Govt failing with poverty – Children’s Commissioner–Childrens-Commissioner/tabid/423/articleID/324483/Default.aspx

Animated infographic series on Solutions to child poverty in New Zealand

CPAG: The country’s first Child Poverty Monitor shows shocking poverty

Researcher calls for action on child poverty

Child Poverty Monitor website

See no poverty, speak no poverty, hear no poverty isn’t much of a social policy By Martyn Bradbury

Trek to stop benefit cut-off

Latest proposal insidious attack on sole parents

Judge ‘troubled’ at Work and Income charges

Wealth gap hurting education

Children suffering, say benefit cut critics

NZ still failing children – UN report—UN-report/tabid/423/articleID/324007/Default.aspx

Unicef report: Kids missing out

Health stats prove child poverty is real – doctor—doctor/tabid/1607/articleID/324538/Default.aspx

Herald on Sunday editorial: Christmas tidings of little joy

Time for action to bring down the high cost of being poor

Cost of home dream in Auckland – 19 incomes

The politics of poverty in New Zealand – images.


Quiet Xmas on struggle street

Hunt family fights on in Waltham Park

Human rights report targets family’s post-quake plight

Counsellors ‘rushed off feet’


Jane Kelsey: Crunch decisions on medicines in TPPA today or tomorrow

Jane Kelsey: ‘Treaty-making 101’ for Ministers, bloggers and lobbyists

CTU says Joyce’s claim untrue

Heavy-handed tactics in TPPA talks aim to isolate dissenters

Shock trade-offs by TPPA ministers in Singapore

Simon Terry: Govt must resist foreign tribunal demands in TPP

NZ shaping up as broker to get the US over the TPPA line

Brian Rudman: When PPP ends up down the sewer


Thousands sacked under 90-day trial period

Thousands lose jobs in 90-day-trial

Unilever Petone workers told jobs will likely go – union

Council may give more staff living wage

Airport taxi drivers go on hunger strike

Taxi drivers to step up hunger striken

Forestry deaths unacceptable: MBIE

Denise Roche: Dying for a job

Ministry clamping down on forest danger

Jan Logie: The gender pay gap – an update

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