GPJA #485 (2 of 2): International news and analysis – w/e 6/12/13

“How many times has the liberation movement worked together with workers and then at the moment of victory betrayed the workers? There are many examples of that in the world.

“It is only if the workers strengthen their organisation before and after liberation that you can win. If you relax your vigilance you will find that your sacrifices have been in vain.

“You just support the African National Congress only so far as it delivers the goods. If the ANC government does not deliver the goods, you must do to it what you have done to the apartheid regime.”

-Nelson Mandela, 1993


The long walk of Nelson Mandela: An Intimate Portrait Of One Of The 20th Century’s Greatest Leaders

Nelson Mandela’s Epitaph, in His Own Words

The need to remember history — & plan political homes

John Pilger: Mandela’s greatness assured, but not legacy

Numsa split could liven up the left

Party politics dominates Cosatu crisis

The Mana of Mandela — as seen through the eyes of Maori

Nelson Mandela And Cuba: Late South African President Was A Friend To Fidel Castro


Only 5.2 percent of the world’s 2,170 billionaires have so far signed the “giving pledge,” the commitment to give away at least half their wealth that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett three years ago started asking their fellow ultra rich to make. The pledge carries no legal or contractual obligation.


“There’s no way a Catholic who is a serious intellectual can ever again not address the issue of income inequality, of the structural sins of our economic system.” Michael Sean Winters, a Catholic University theologian, Pope Francis denounces ‘trickle-down’ economic theories in critique of inequality, November 26, 2013

“In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. It is up to us.” – Carl Sagan

“There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world.” Carl Sagan: A Pale Blue Dot – The Earth Is Where We Make Our Stand. Must Watch – 3 Minute Video.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr.


My week as an Amazon insider: It is the world’s biggest online business. But with questions being asked about its treatment of employees, what is it like to work at Amazon? Carole Cadwalladr lands a job in one of its giant warehouses and discovers the human cost of our lust for consumer goods

Jeremy Scahill: From pursuing Washington over its secret war on terror to becoming a rebel fighter in the global war against journalism

Greenwald: National security officials ‘routinely lie’

The Pope Slams “Tyranny” of Capitalism and “Idolatry of Money,” But Opposes Shift on Women, Abortion

What the Pope Got Right About Capitalism

UN: Violence against women is unacceptable no matter what they are wearing

Noam Chomsky on Education & How “Manufacturing Consent” Brought Attention to East Timor Massacres

Alexis Tsipras: Left can unite to build a better Europe

PISA: A call for quality teachers and quality public education

The Public Professor: Dissent in Commodified Higher Education

The Arab Spring Three Years On By Noam Chomsky: One of the grim consequences of US-UK aggression in Iraq was igniting Sunni-Shia conflicts that had been subdued previously, leading to a horror story that is tearing Iraq apart and has spread over the region, with awful and ominous effects.

Discovering the Power of People’s History – and Why it is Feared Today By John Pilger


Pope Francis Strafes Libertarian Economics

George Monbiot: This transatlantic trade deal will put the lawyers in charge

Plans to create an EU-US single market will allow corporations to sue governments using secretive panels, bypassing courts and parliaments

The 1% Are The Very Best Destroyers Of Wealth The World Has Ever Seen – Our common treasury in the last 30 years has been captured by industrial psychopaths. That’s why we’re nearly bankrupt, By George Monbiot


As Environmentalists Walk Out of UN Talks, Top US Envoy Says No to Reparations for Climate Damage

System Change or Climate Change? By Ben Campbell

As Poor Countries Walk Out of Climate Talks, Venezuela Calls on Industrial Nations to Take Action

“Nature Does Not Negotiate”: Environmentalists Walk Out of U.N. Climate Summit in Warsaw

Greenpeace: In Opposing Oil Drilling, Detained “Arctic 30” Are Standing Up for Planet’s 7 Billion


Remembering Doris Lessing: Doris Lessing responded to the contradictions of our time by facing them with unmatched courage.

Revolutionary Egyptian poet dies at 84

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football reviews an autumn of sports books

Salvador Allende: Revolutionary Democrat

Summer reading: recommended books of 2013


Karzai says U.S. drone strike killed child, won’t sign security deal if similar attacks continue

Perils and Possibilities

Karzai, Pakistan Protests against US Drone Strikes may force US out


UNHCR reports harsh conditions and legal shortcomings at Pacific Island asylum centres


Massive Fire Started By Angry Workers Destroys Factory That Supplied To Gap, Wal-Mart In Bangladesh


Bolivia’s leader decrees special Christmas bonus


Ottawa’s proposed law on ‘cyberbullying’ attacks civil rights

Federal by-election results spell trouble for Conservatives and concerns for NDP; plus, more on Harper’s Senate scandal

A new low in Toronto: Canadian socialist Roger Annis provides the background on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Privacy and the Right to Strike in Canada

Canada’s international spying agency, CSEC, under growing scrutiny


Wildcat Strikes Push China to Write New Labor Laws


Full statement: FARC and Government reach agreement on political participation


Will Cuban Reforms Create More Inequality? – James Early on Reality Asserts Itself pt3


Crackdown disappoints Egyptians expecting social justice


‘We need a tax revolution’, says Left Front’s Jean-Luc Mélenchon


Why the world should care about Honduras’ recent election – Hondurans are revolting against the US-backed outcome. There are too many reports of rampant vote-buying, fraud and violence

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya: ‘We will defeat them in the streets!’

International Community Should Wait Before Recognizing Disputed Results of Honduran Elections, CEPR Co-Director Says

Massive fraud attempts to deny LIBRE victory

Honduras Since the Coup: Economic and Social Outcomes


‘The Near Future Of Iraq Is Dark’: Warning From Muqtada Al-Sadr – The Shia Cleric Whose Word Is Law To Millions Of His Countrymen

Ten years after the invasion: Iraq helpless under rain of terror


Fukushima two years on: a dirty job with no end in sight


Incheon Airport Workers to Go Back on Strike!


Nepal elections: Defeat for Maoists, victory for united left


Arafat’s murder is no mystery

Gaza fuel crisis, left unaddressed, could result in humanitarian catastrophe – UN expert

Ashrawi: We Are Witnessing End of Two-state Solution

Solidarity Saved Me from Hitler: Now it Must Save Palestine by Suzanne Weiss

‘Day of rage’: Police, protesters clash in Israel at plans to evict 40,000 Bedouins

Dr Ilan Pappe Testimony on Genocide in Palestine by Israel – Video:


Typhoon Haiyan’s Message to the World – Climate change is upon us—and the danger is urgent by Walden Bello


Sweden closes four prisons as number of inmates plummets – Decline partly put down to strong focus on rehabilitation and more lenient sentences for some offences


Syria: On the Way to Genocide?Charles Glass

The false analogy of Syria and Palestine

Syria dispatch: from band of brothers to princes of war


Behind the latest reactionary ‘Yellow Shirt’ protests


US and UK struck secret deal to allow NSA to ‘unmask’ Britons’ personal data

Why are so many mentally ill children being held in prison cells?

Black British citizens are being deliberately targeted in an ongoing and unprecedented campaign of criminalisation. Lee Jasper reports


Obama: Inequality Is ‘the Defining Challenge of Our Time’

Inequality Is (Literally) Killing America

Forget the ‘Hunger Games’: Dystopia Is Alive and Well in America

Trickle-Down Economics and Broken Promises – How Inequality Is Holding Back Our Economy

Paul Krugman: Better Pay Now


Fast Food Strikes Hit 100 Cities Thursday


“We Can’t Survive on $7.25”: Fast-Food Workers Kick Off National Day of Action for Higher Pay

Support the Fast-Food Strikes

Here’s Why Fast Food Workers Are Striking This Week

Americans Want a Great Big Increase in the Minimum Wage

Wage Strikes Planned at Fast-Food Outlets

Ashton Kutcher vs. Wal-Mart: Epic Twitter clash rages over poverty wages

New York Airport Workers Organize to End Two-Tier Wage System

Over 110 Arrested as Record Black Friday Protests Challenge Wal-Mart, Major Retailers on Low Wages

On Register’s Other Side, Little to Spend

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