Thurs: Protest against Westpac Funding Climate Change

As part of the nationwide “Dump Denniston” week of action outside Westpac branches, there will be two protests in Auckland on Thursday 5th December, 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm, at 172 – 176 Ponsonby Rd and on Saturday December 7th, 11.00 am – 1.00 pm, at 309 Broadway, Newmarket.

See this link for national contacts.
You can also send a letter to Westpac now using our easy online platform.

Bathurst Resources plans to mine Conservation Land on the Denniston Plateau. This mine would be New Zealand’s largest coal mine.

Westpac is Bathurst’s banker, providing them with loans and credit. In 2011 Westpac was named sustainable business of the year.
Last September, Westpac waived its right to take retaliatory action after Bathurst breached their repayment agreement. As Bathurst is already in financial trouble, lets get Westpac to pull the plug on them.

“Emissions from burning coal are presently the greater than from oil or gas and remaining energy reserves from coal are nearly twice those of oil and gas combined.
The vast majority of people who produce the least emissions per capita live near the equator. They will be worst effected by a likely near 4 degree temperature rise by 2100. They will also be least able to adapt to the effects of this rise.

Save the Denniston Plateau – Rod Morris Perspective – YouTube

Declining demand for coking coal: why the mine doesn’t make economic sense

For any updates visit auckland coal or contact Geoff 095289450 0273847927

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