Nov 7:

The waste of failure – the case for a just economy


Venue – Edith Winstone Blackwell Case Room. (Room 223) Owen Glen Building, University of Auckland
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New Zealand’s failure to provide safe, affordable loans and its inadequate credit laws condemn the poorest in our community to even greater poverty. This can be fixed – if the community, business and the Government have the will. Fair credit would be one step toward a path out of poverty. Let’s learn the lessons from overseas and around New Zealand and work together to do this.
The Fabian Society invites you to hear two speakers researching and advocating for benefit and law reform:

  • Catriona MacLennan: Working for the battlers; lessons learnt from challenging a punitive economy.

Catriona is a barrister and journalist. She has practised law in South Auckland for 14 years and has acted for many clients forced into exorbitant, high- fee, high-interest rate loans by the unwillingness of banks to lend to New Zealand’s poorest citizens. Catriona advocates in the media and politically for better credit laws and the provision of fair and affordable loans. She was the Project Director for Nga Tangata Microfinance Trust. She was the first lawyer at Nga Ture Kaitiaki ki Waikato Community Law Centre when it was established in 1999 and presenter of Womenpower, Sky Channel 83.

  • Dr M. Claire Dale: Safe, fair, affordable loans – a socially just alternative.

Claire is a Research Fellow with the Retirement Policy and Research Centre at the University of Auckland, is also on the Management Committee of Child Poverty Action Group. Her work with CPAG led to her determination to create a safe, fair, affordable alternative to loan sharks, and the establishment of Nga Tangata Microfinance Trust in 2010.

Myths, Politicians & Money – the Truth behind the Free Market
Bryan Gould launches his new book exposing why politicians around the world distort economic policy against the interest of ordinary people, how neo-liberalism has been allowed to rise to prominence and why the break- down of a European super-state will create economic stability for millions. We penalise and persecute benefit abuse but what happens to tax fraud.
Thursday 5th December, 6.30pm
Venue – Owen Glen Building, University of Auckland
Further details to be advised

New Zealand Fabian Society
PO Box 6351
Marion Square
Wellington, WGN 6141
New Zealand

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