Auckland Coal Action 4pm today

Protest. Meeting 4.00 pm this Wednesday 16th, outside the main entrance to the Maidment Theatre, Auckland University Quad, Alfred St, to then protest outside Fonterra’s Headquarters in Princes St.

Fonterra’s has applied to open a coal mine 60km south of Auckland. A decision on the mine will be made in the next two days. It is likely to be approved because key issues of climate change, alternative fuels to coal and the drop in local people’s land values will not be considered in the decision.

The vast majority of people who produce the least emissions per capita live near the equator. They will be worst effected by a likely near 4 degree temperature rise by 2100. They will also be least able to adapt to the effects of this rise.

Using renewable energy alternatives to coal would add very little to the cost of manufacturing Fonterra’s products.

Auckland Coal Action invite you to join us at this protest.

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