GPJA #463 (Part 2 of 3): News from Aotearoa – 22/5/13



Auckland protest is ‘opening shot’ of boycott campaign

BDS of Apartheid Israel – Veolia Protest – Auckland NZ May 2015

Our Pacific community: Charting Pasifika’s progress in NZ

Crown concedes Treaty breaches in north

Len Brown should hang his head in shame By John Minto

Sky City a rigged bet By Laila Harré

Govt warned of SkyCity pokie cost to society

States of mind: remembering the Australian-New Zealand relationship

Kathryn Hunter

Activist considers legal action against GCSB

The corruption of high-country tenure review

Fighting To Choose: An excerpt from Alison McCulloch’s new book about the battle for abortion rights in New Zealand by Alison McCulloch

Testing, Testing… But Not Teaching – How standardised classroom tests are producing some frightening outcomes in the US by Gordon Campbell

The Show (And Tell) Trial: Is Kim Dotcom bound to get a raw deal at his extradition hearing? by Gordon Campbell

Opposition to unregistered teachers

National position on ‘Feed the Kids Bill’ disappointing

The lesson of our Spy history

Don’t worry, the bureau is listening

It’s Moments Like Those You Need Mintos

Information Technology and the rise of New Zealand’s modern servant class

Rats in the New Zealand Education Cupboard

Figures show workplace racism on the rise

Police pursuits policy under fire

Is New Zealand sleepwalking towards Jim Crow?

Andrew Geddis: We owe it to ourselves to be outraged

Brian Rudman: Law protecting Government, not disabled

Gordon Campbell on the government’s trampling on the rights of family carers


NZH: Police acted ‘unlawfully’ during Urewera raids

TV3: Police acted unlawfully in ‘terror’ raids

TV1: Tame Iti planning next move after critical raids report

Read the full report

GCSB Report

The GCSB – where life imitates comedy By John Minto

GCSB not off the hook: Inspector-General repeats wrong interpretation of the law By Keith Locke

GCSB is watching you? Won’t ‘confirm or deny’


Hungry kids not parents’ fault – Harawira—Harawira/tabid/1607/articleID/297823/Default.aspx

The poverty of the child poverty slogan

Harawira defends doomed food bill

Childrens Commissioner: A Framework for food in schools programme for NZ

Food in Schools for our future: An animation to raise awareness about the issue of child poverty in NZ, and the need for food in schools programmes, has just been released by an educational research project at The University of Auckland.

What CPAG wants in the Budget

Peter Lyons: NZ’s prosperity now limited to society’s top half

Class divide for rest homes



CTU Report on the 2013 Budget

Police restrain anti-poverty protesters

Citizen A: Martyn Bradbury, Keith Locke & Matthew Hooton Budget Wrap

Budget targets poor, not poverty

Sue Bradford: Budget 2013: who really cares about the poor? Why Labour & Greens don’t go far enough

A MANA Analysis of the 2013 Budget

Govt policies based on ‘sloppy research’

Budget a missed opportunity for the nation’s children

CPAG’s budget review

Child poverty proposals lacking

Refugee may lose state house


SkyCity: This is what corporate dictatorship looks like

TPPA could bypass cap on liability for tighter gambling laws by Professor Jane Kelsey

Risky Business: The threat posed to our marine and coastal environment by the Texas oil company, Anadarko by Gordon Campbell

Sunday Insight: New redundancy fears in ‘safe’ jobs

NZ housing overvalued – IMF

Groser loses WTO Idol and competes for TPPA X Factor

Will working families be hurt by a TPPA agreement?

NZ-born Fair Deal Coalition Gets Global Makeover

A New Global Alliance Forms To Fight For A Fair Deal On Copyright Online

Govt to spend $250 million “fixing” non-existent congestion

Coalition against Trans-Pacific deal grows

Dissenter raises trade deal questions


First round of McD’s fight – two knockdowns to Unite – struggle continues

TV3: Union protests at Wellington McDonald’s

Letter to Unite from Police Commissioner


How NZ Trade Unions combat neoliberalism By James Ritchie

The price of cheap clothes and cheap food By James Ritchie

Youth rates decried

Industrial law changes threat to workplace health and safety

Workers’ Memorial Day

Court tests employer’s subjective word

Union Welcomes KiwiRail Decision Not To Force Redundancies

Kmart Nz Can Do Better For Bangladesh Workers

Industrial law changes threat to workplace health and safety

Workplace safety under scrutiny

Concern for migrant workers in NZ

New Zealand’s workplace toll a cause for national shame

The old Farmers building in Napier, where a construction worker died last week.

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