GPJA applauds Stephen Hawking support for the Palestinian struggle – Veolia next.

10 May 2013

Media Release:

GPJA applauds Stephen Hawking support for the Palestinian struggle – Veolia next…

Global Peace and Justice Auckland applauds Stephen Hawking’s decision to withdraw from an international conference in Israel in protest at the Israeli government’s brutal treatment of Palestinians.

The renowned physicist has put his weight behind the BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) campaign which is increasingly isolating Israel and its apartheid policies toward the Palestinian people.

The conference he was due to address was the fifth annual Israeli President’s conference which is to be hosted by former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Reports indicate Hawking’s withdrawal was based on advice from academic contacts in Palestine who unanimously agreed that he should not attend.

Here in New Zealand GPJA urges kiwi academics to join Hawking and agree there should be no academic contact with apartheid Israel till it withdraws completely from the occupied territories,

Meanwhile here in Auckland…

GPJA is supporting a protest against French Company Veolia which runs the Auckland trains as well as having built and run a rail network from Israel to its settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.

We are calling on Auckland Council to sever its contractual links with Veolia.

The protest will take place on Nakba (“catastrophe”) Day – next Wednesday at 5pm at Britomart.

Nakba remembers the dispossession of Palestinians who were driven from their homes and land as Israeli forces ethnically cleansed the area to establish the apartheid state of Israel.

John Minto 0220850161
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John Minto
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