Reminder: Forum Monday – Time to scrap the GCSB and Waihopai

GPJA FORUM: Monday, May 6, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Time to scrap the GCSB and Waihopai: The debate about the GCSB and the Waihopai Spy Base has finally hit the mainstream. Now we all know that the agency operates behind a wall of impunity – when it is caught acting illegally the Government moves to change the law. However there is still confusion about the real role of the GCSB and the ‘five-eyes’ UKUSA network it is part of. The Close Waihopai campaign began in 1988 before the base was even opened – back then the peace calendar was crowded with national actions against the base. Is it time now to revive a feisty and effective campaign to challenge our key role in secretive western intelligence gathering? Join a GPJA discussion: Speakers: John Minto – Why the GCSB should be shut down; Keith Locke (former Green MP) – Challenging the GCSB and Waihopai in Parliament; Maire Leadbeater The history of the Waihopai campaign.

One Response to Reminder: Forum Monday – Time to scrap the GCSB and Waihopai

  1. mcclairy says:

    Agree whole heartedly in this campaign to close the Waihopai Spy base and the GCSB for all the reasons given for opposing these two insidious situations. Unfortunately unable to attend so please record our apologies and should a vote be taken to formailse this campaign please record a proxy vote for us – Gerry and Claire Breen. Well done GPAJ – AK.

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