“No to Israeli Apartheid”


10 February 2013

Justin Lynch

Westfield New Zealand

Level 2, Office Tower
277 Broadway



Email c/o dmcghie

Kia ora Mr Lynch,

“No to Israeli Apartheid”

For a long time now Westfield shopping malls in New Zealand have been hosting stalls promoting and selling “Seacret” products which are sourced from the Dead Sea in occupied Palestine.

Through its profiting from resources produced from land stolen by Israel this company is in violation of the fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits exploitation of resources by an occupying power.

These products have been the subject of consumer boycotts and protests because they are covered by the BDS campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions directed at the apartheid policies of the Israeli government.

The BDS campaign was initiated by Palestinian civil society groups in 2005 as a way to bring pressure on Israel to end its brutal and illegal occupation of Palestinian territory and stop its blockade of the Gaza strip.

We expect Westfield New Zealand to support Palestinians in the same way we expected New Zealanders to support the boycott of South African products in support of the struggle of black South Africans against the apartheid regime.

Our request is that Westfield New Zealand cancel its arrangement with this company and refuse to allow them to continue their boycott-breaking activities in Westfield malls.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly.


John Minto





5 Responses to “No to Israeli Apartheid”

  1. Barbara Stewart says:

    Well done Mr Minto. BDS with Westfield in its sights is LONG overdue. Not only is the presence of this “Israeli” company an affront in itself but the manner in which their employees attempt to solicit customers is nothing short of harassment. Ignoring such approaches is not enough. Challenging their presence is desperately needed. So to with other stores where “Produced in Israel exists. “No to Israeli Apartheid” leaflets would help, among other direct action.

  2. Barbara Stewart says:

    As I said, above, “So too with other stores where ‘Produced in Israel’ exists.” Are there “No to Israeli Apartheid” leaflets available ? If so, from where ? Would be keen to do an audit of retailers in a couple of suburbs in Auckland … maybe direct action could concentrate on that too ?

  3. Tuma Hazou says:

    Appreciated but, kindly note that Westfield is owned by am Australian Jewish group and I doubt if they would support the boycott of Israeli products. Tuma

  4. Kathrine Ross says:

    thanks for bringing this to my attention….

  5. Barbara Stewart says:

    Yes, I agree that we might not expect such ready compliance from Westfield re BDS. However, this is NZ and we, the people, can and readily do, operate in our own right as an agency-for-change. Given sufficient BDS pressure, Westfield, as would all retailers, eventually succumb, particularly if a threat to their profit-making is imminent. Putting the pressure on local area smaller retailers, say, as a consciousness-raising exercise could be a very effective organisational BDS tactic.In the meantime all eyes are on Westfield and their response.

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