GPJA #452: International & National News & What’s On this week


The February GPJA meeting has been changed to combine with a not-to-be-missed presentation by UK documentary maker HARRY FEAR (see below).

Thursday, February 7, 7pm, Lecture Room B28, Auckland University Library, Alfred St, City.
GAZA REPORT – Hear UK documentary maker & activist HARRY FEAR. Harry Fear & veteran Kiwi activist Roger Fowler were on a fact-finding mission in Gaza when the recent Israeli bombing raids took place. They will speak about their experiences. Hosted by Auckland University Students For Justice in Palestine. Website: Organised by Kia Ora Gaza. Website:

Hi everyone, As a result of the protest against the TPP on 8 December outside Skycity one of our protest group is facing a serious charge of assault with intent to injure a police officer. We are helping to co-ordinate the defence and we need witnesses and video footage of the incident where the police officer with motorbike helmet (Robocop?) grabbed a woman around the neck and wrestled with her on the ground. If you were directly or indirectly involved in the incident please get in touch with us urgently. Please send video footage to mike as well as write down NOW what you actually saw of the incident and send that through as well. You can also call or text John Minto at 0220850161.


Kia ora koutou friends and family, There is over 80,000HA of land in the Coromandel Hauraki region that is under permit for exploration for minerals such as gold and silver. The social, environmental, economic and cultural impacts of mining would be devastating to our communities who deserve better than a boom and bust industry based on the fluctuating price of gold. We must act to stop this – please sign our petition. The first part of the petition asks to maintain robust protection of Schedule 4 land and extend it so it continues south to include all conservation and coastal land in the Coromandel Peninsula. The second part asks to ban mining under homes which could potentially happen in Waihi soon in a case that is awaiting a ruling from the Environment Court. Several residents groups opposed this application which proposes to go under a huge portion of the east side of the town. We need to support these residents as they oppose this consent which could set a very dangerous legal precedent for the rest of Hauraki Coromandel as well as the rest of the country. Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki is a grassroots organisation that has stood alongside Coromandel communities for over 30 years to protect this unique area. We already have over 1000 signatures on paper after one week! You can also like us on facebook and visit our website to see other ways to support our campaign. Please help us save the Coromandel. Warm Regards – Nga mihi nui, Renee Annan, Coordinator, Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki. M: 022 018 1764 h: 07 869 0311

TIME FOR CHANGE: A FRAMEWORK FOR COMMUNITY DISCUSSION ON VALUES-BASED AND TREATY-BASED CONSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS Peace Movement Aotearoa, December 2012, Softcover, ISBN 978-0-473-23400-3 While the thought of a discussion on constitutional matters may seem daunting and far removed from daily life, the exercise of public power has a direct impact on us all on an ongoing basis. ‘Time for change’ provides a framework for Pakeha / Tauiwi organisations to use for discussion within their organisations, as well as for wider community discussions, on moving towards Treaty-based and values-based constitutional arrangements. This is an opportunity to contribute to discussions about developing constitutional arrangements that would ensure a better, fairer society for all New Zealanders – with protection for the guarantees of the Treaty, for human rights, for the environment, and for real democracy – now and for future generations. Link: pma with ‘Time for change: Constitutional change resource’ in the subject line of your message.

Cast your vote at For the first time, the organisers of the Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand are inviting the public to have their say by voting online for the People’s Choice winner. This is an online poll only; the field is restricted to the eight finalists for the 2012 Roger Award listed at the People’s Choice Website, along with brief information about why each of them was selected; the People’s Choice winner will be announced at the same May Day event in Wellington at which the Roger Award judges announce their winner. The judges’ choice is the actual winner of the Roger Award and, as always, will be accompanied by a detailed Judges’ Report and Financial Analysis. There will be no equivalent reports about the People’s Choice winner. Please help to publicise this. Spread the word. Murray Horton, Secretary/Organiser


Thursday, January 24, 6.30pm, Soundings Theatre, Level 2, Pe Papa Tongarewa / Museum of New Zealand, Wellington
Treaty Debate Series 2013 – My Voice Counts. This year, the Treaty debates focus on the place of the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements. Participants include two prominent lawyers and a panel of young people. The event is introduced by Claudia Orange, Te Papa’s Treaty of Waitangi scholar, and Carwyn Jones, from the New Zealand Centre for Public Law. The Treaty Debates are organised by Te Papa in partnership with the New Zealand Centre for Public Law at Victoria University of Wellington.
Treaty Debates: My Voice Counts – Finding a Place for the Treaty
What’s the place of the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements? Lawyers Matthew Palmer, specialist in public law, and Moana Jackson, specialist in Treaty of Waitangi and constitutional issues, discuss this topic in our first Treaty Debate of 2013.

Thursday, January 31, 6.30pm, Soundings Theatre, Level 2, Pe Papa Tongarewa / Museum of New Zealand, Wellington
Treaty Debates: My Voice Counts – The Constitutional Review. Kim Hill, 2012 International Radio Personality of the Year, chairs the second Treaty Debate of 2013. This year, we invite a panel of young people to discuss the Constitutional Review, which wraps up in late 2013. They answer the question: What are the issues you care about?

Wednesday, January 30, 7pm, Unite Union, 6a Western Springs Rd, Kingsland, Auckland
The first BDS meeting to follow from our meeting late last year will be held next Wednesday 30th January at Unite Office, 6A Western Springs Road, Kingsland. Hope you all can make it. Minutes from our last meeting are attached. Please feel free to pass on to others and encourage them to come.

Saturday, February 2, 1pm-4pm, Quaker Meeting House, 113 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden
Auckland Coal Action: Our next planning meeting is scheduled as below. You are very welcome to attend: This meeting will be preceded by a shared lunch at 12pm – please bring food.

Monday, February 4, 6.30pm, 86 Princes St, Onehunga, Auckland
Auckland Action Against Poverty are holding our first wider meeting of the year. If you’re already involved, would like to be involved, or want to learn more about AAAP, come along! All friends and supporters welcome

Thursday and Friday 14 & 15 February 2013, AUT University Business School, 42 Wakefield St, Auckland city
Supported by the Occupational Health and Safety Research Group, AUT University; the NZCTU; the SFWU; the University of Auckland and the NZ Industrial Relations Foundation Trust Inc. PRECARIOUS WORK AND THE LIVING WAGE IN OUR COMMUNITIES. Two Day Symposium and Workshops. Keynote speakers include: Guy Standing, Professor of Economics, University of London; Malcolm Sargeant, Professor of Labour Law, Middlesex University; Iain Campbell, Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University; Deborah Littman, Metro Vancouver Alliance. This symposium will include in-depth discussions on the employment of vulnerable workers and the current developments around a living wage in New Zealand and around the world. We encourage participants from academia, unions, NGOs, faith communities and government agencies to attend. There is a charge of $40 per day. Attendees must register to: work.research More info:

Saturday, February 16, 9am – 5.30pm, Blockhouse Bay Boat Club, end of Endeavour St, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland
The Workshop for Agents of Change is an interactive, transformational workshop designed to deepen our understanding of what it means to be an Agent of Change, and to empower our capacity to address humanity’s most pressing issues. All participants will receive a resource notebook from the day that includes worksheets, resources and inspiration. Participation by koha: Participants are invited to contribute with great love commensurate with their experience.

Saturday, March 16, 4pm, Westlake Boys’ High School, 30 Forrest Hill Road, Auckland, New Zealand
MIGRANTE: The Filipino Diaspora ( A Joel C. Lamangan Film). A touching movie about the trials, hopes and dreams of migrants working in foreign countries. Bring along your family and friends to this inspiring film about migrants helping one another in times of great need. Ticket sales will be donated to support purchase of lifeboats for communities vulnerable to massive flooding and for rebuilding of schools for indigenous people devastated by typhoon Pablo in Mindanao.

Monday, April 15
2013 Global Day of Action on Military Spending: 15 April 2013 – if you would like to be involved in the 2013 Global Day of Action in Aotearoa New Zealand, or would like your organisation listed as a pma



It’s Time NZ Decriminalised Abortion

Oppose attacks on the disability benefit

Brian Rudman: Affordable housing? It’s right under your nose, guys

Brian Fallow: Kiwis renewing appetite for debt

TPPA will remove consumer rights

Is MANA MAORI a Possibility?

MANA Welcomes the Sacking of the Minister of Housing

Images: Rainbow Warrior arrives in Auckland

Visit By Palestinian Ambassador

GPJA: Letter of complaint re police conduct on 19 January

State housing vs home ownership

Fran O’Sullivan: It’s high time the PM got serious on youth employment

Look out! The Drones are here – and we’re not ready … by David Beatson

Toby Manhire: NZ must act fast to control aerial spying devices

Petty drug users fill New Zealand jails

The High Cost of Cannabis Prohibition

MP urges new approach to drugs

Gordon Campbell On the subsidies for The Hobbit.

When a state house was for life

Affordable housing? It’s right under your nose, guys

Asset sales petition gets its numbers

New Zealand Story – a Greenpeace tribute to the ‘Kiwi way’



Auckland Action Against Poverty 2012 highlights

Feed the Kids Bill deserves Select Committee scrutiny

Support mounting for MANA’s Feed the Kids Bill

‘Feed the Kids Bill’ Opportunity to Improve Lives of NZ Kids

Nurses support ‘Feed the Kids’ Bill

Who wouldn’t want to feed the kids?

Call for all MPs to support Food in Schools Bill

Gordon Campbell On the crisis in affordable housing



Do you hear the people sing? At 430pm today, the workers will rise up against Miserable bosses at an Auckland site.

Forestry Death Renews Calls For Inquiry Into Industry

Second Forest Death this year

Union leader supports private equity tax clampdown

Julie Fairey: Pay fairly and all of society wins

NZ workplace safety a ‘national disgrace’ – consultant

Graduate earnings report confirms gender pay gap

Air NZ in call centre move

Facing a future as Australia’s poor relations

Chef who harassed boss wins $30k


The world’s 100 richest billionaires netted $240 billion in income last year, calculates the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. That would be enough, notes a just-released Oxfam International report, to end extreme global poverty four times over.


“Billionaires warn higher taxes could prevent them from buying politicians.” Headline from the New Yorker magazine Borowitz Report, a look at the “news reshuffled,” December 9, 2012


Robert Fisk on Al-Qaeda in North Africa & the Legacy of the Arab Spring

“Unintended Consequences of Military Intervention”: Roots of Mali, Algeria Crisis Tied to Libya War

Weekly News Update on the Americas

Exclusive: Aaron Swartz’s Partner, Expert Witness Say Prosecutors Unfairly Targeted Dead Activist

Paul Le Blanc on Martin Luther King: Christian core, socialist bedrock

Foreign complicity in the drone war – The UK government’s support for the CIA’s drone campaign raises questions about the breadth of foreign involvement.

The Left in Europe: From Social Democracy to the Crisis in the Euro Zone – An Interview with Leo Panitch

“Fire in the Blood”: Millions Die in Africa After Big Pharma Blocks Imports of Generic AIDS Drugs


George Monbiot: If you think we’re done with neoliberalism, think again – The global application of a fraudulent economic theory brought the west to its knees. Yet for those in power, it offers riches

Oxfam says world’s rich could end poverty


Capitalism as Pathology: The Guise of the Illusory “Green Economy”

NASA: No, global warming hasn’t stopped


PROMISED LAND: HOLLYWOOD TAKES ON THE FRACKERSTed Glick says Matt Damon’s new movie doesn’t tell the whole story about fracking, but it is nonetheless a strong film about corporate power

“Kill Anything That Moves”: New Book Exposes Hidden Crimes of the War Kerry, Hagel Fought in Vietnam


Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley’s New Film Exposes Hidden Truths of Covert U.S. Warfare


Afghan Peace Volunteer: Drones Bury Beautiful Lives


Kidnapping and forced prostitution verdict causes uproar

A Year of Progress in Argentina’s Human Rights Trials


Ultra heatwave: Australia’s new normal


Evo Morales’ historic speech at the Isla del Sol

GEOPOLITICS OF THE AMAZON – A DEFENCE OF BOLIVIA’S DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY – A powerful response to left critics who have attacked the Morales government for what they call ‘extractivism,’ including a full discussion of the real issues in the debate over plans to complete a highway in the TIPNIS region. This important book-length essay was written by Bolivian vice-president Álvaro García Linera, one of Latin America’s leading Marxist intellectuals.


The Crisis and the Myth of Canadian Exceptionalism – An Interview with Michael Lebowitz

Subsidies and Concessions: The Never-Ending Corporate Shake-Down by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin

The Greatest Swindle in Toronto’s History by Mick Sweetman

Human-smuggling law too broad: court – Decision throws into question cases involving Tamil migrants

John Riddell on Pipelines, Socialism, and #IdleNoMore


Free trade and workers’ rights in Colombia: “peace” the European way

Free Colombian Political Prisoner David Ravelo!

Workers, Trade Unions and Egypt’s Political Future


Three Years Later, Haiti Still Struggling Due to Failures of International Community


Military paid to intimidate Nike workers in Indonesia


Hmv Workers Occupy Store


France Launches War in Mali in Bid to Secure Resources, Stamp Out National Rights Struggles by Roger Annis

The bombing of Mali highlights all the lessons of western intervention – The west African nation becomes the eighth country in the last four years alone where Muslims are killed by the west


The Zapatista Army of National Liberation Announces Next Steps (Mexico)

2012: Year of Indigenous Resistance in Mexico

Campesinos block gold mine in Zacatecas (Mexico)

Mexico: bloody Christmas in Michoacán, Sinaloa


The Palestinian Prisoners’ Intifada

Palestinian Unity – Israel’s Nemesis


Phoning from the Philippines – The Philippines is emerging as a great outsourcing nation for cost efficiency, but are there limits to its success?


Inside the Saudi Kingdom (BBC Documentary)


Failing the children of the poor


Electrolux imprisons then sacks workers in Thailand

Resist the cuts and stop worrying about your careers, trade union leader Len McCluskey tells Labour councillors

Life on benefits: The starving of the 11 million

Working class politics, the labour movement and protest: This is the full text of Len’s Ralph Miliband lecture at the LSE.


Bus Stewards Win More Routes – Through Alliance with Riders by Nick Bedell

White supremacy and mass incarceration

The Radicalization of Martin Luther King – Anthony Monteiro: Obama’s presidency has nothing to do with the legacy of King, it’s actually the opposite

In Walmart and Fast Food, Unions Scaling Up a Strike-First Strategy


An outstanding speech by Uruguay’s president Mujica in Rio


Huge March Defends Venezuela’s Democracy and Revolution

In Venezuela the Poor Are Happy and the Rich Are Mad. That Must Mean Something

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