GPJA 448 (Part 2 of 3): News from Aotearoa New Zealand (12/12/12)



Traffic cop involved in repeated assaults on protestors

Two thirds of New Zealanders wary of TPP that allows foreign investors to sue

Jane Kelsey: Secret talks breed scepticism

Protesters condemn ‘secret trade deals’

TPPA protests in Nelson

Gordon Campbell: NZ’s embarrassing TPP overtures to the US

Plea for Government to prove commitment to democracy

Secret trade deal will affect the cost of health care in New Zealand

Mana: TPPA Negotiations = Giving Away our Sovereignty for Pie in the Sky

Citizen A TPP Special with Martyn Bomber Bradbury, Mike Dolan from Teamsters & Professor Jane Kelsey

Al Jazeera backgrounds TPPA – potential ‘corporate coup d’etat’

“TPP a threat to democracy”, delivery at rally tomorrow

Auckland protest against TPPA outside Casino

Copyright clampdown – How we use the internet and access to music, books, and films are at risk in the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations, sector groups claim. Geoff Cumming hears their concerns

The TPP – what does it mean for science?

TPPA a threat to the environment

Briar Mannering: Put NZ’s health before interests of big pharma

Police view! Protest violence unacceptable

Unions ask the tough questions about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

TPPA Secret Deals


Video: NZ Police Assault Woman Protester At TPPA Protest

The Big Push Against #TPPA Pt 1

The Big Push Against #TPPA Pt 2

#D8 Protests Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Auckland, New Zealand

Comment by Mike Treen, Unite National Director at TPPA protest 8.12.12

Wellington protest against TPPA and ‘treacherous MPs’

D8 TPPA Shutdown Protesters Refuse To Be Ignored

“Like GI in the Sunshine”- Police Thuggery at #D8 #TPPA protests.

Stop the TPPA #D8 The Big March

Marama Davidson Speaks for Maori Against the TPPA


GCSB to be a defendant in Dotcom hearing

Ambassador reveals Israel’s preconditions by Leslie Bravery

Government ‘policy’ on climate change: ecocide and homicide

Govt Found Investing Illegally In Cluster Bombs

Harawira pleads not guilty over protest

Auckland 24/7 sexual violence crisis service wins reprieve

More From A New Zealander Caught Up In The Typhoon

Growing Political Support For Unmask Palm Oil Campaign

Bryan Gould: Maori issues matter to Pakeha too

Doctors accepting thousands from drug companies


Report on child poverty a breakthrough for kiwi children

Raising family income key to addressing child poverty

More investment needed to reduce cost of child poverty

EAG Report Highlights Lack of Access to Financial Assistance

Downturn making kids sick, Govt urged to act now

Bare Your Soles for Child Poverty

Beneficiary Impact – Come get what is rightfully yours

So many sick Maori and Pacific children – Government must

HRC: Call for national plan to end child poverty

Feed the Kids

Poverty Watch 15

Beneficiary Impact sees ‘shocking need for food grants’

Poverty a giant hurdle to learning


Five arrested in migrant labour exploitation probe

Forestry bosses have blood on their hands

Being fired for union membership is disgraceful

Streamlined wage scrutiny makes smaller pay rise likely

Insecurity picket on TV1 (at 5m 15s)

Regulate Security Firms – Union

Govt Cannot Absolve Themselves Of Hillside Responsibilty

Home carers launch case for travel pay

Worker clocks up 160km to go to jobs

Campaign against youth minimum wage launched

Carter Holt Harvey job losses averted

MPs told starting-out wage repugnant to justice

Raw Audio: Tour Guide Fired Over Hobbit Incident, Union Membership

Kill the Hobbit Subsidies to Save Regular Earth

The Hobbit – tainted love by Helen Kelly Trades Union Council President

Govt ignored SME worker warnings

Court backs worker on Kiwisaver

Company fined $50k after teenage worker crushed

NUPE: Fishery Officers Undervalued

Immigration New Zealand Shatters Migrants’ Holidays & Future


New Zealand’s big four banks are the developed world’s most profitable, ahead even of their Australian parents

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