GPJA #447 (Part 3/3): International news & Analysis – 6/12/12

Plus item missed from “What’s On” below.


We have decided to hold a seminar on the above report with a view to pressuring the SG to move straightaway into a full fledged inquiry into the causes and how it could now be compensated for and how such a Himalayan neglect could be totally avoided in the future.

We shall be grateful if you will please participate in the Seminar being organized for Saturday, 9 December 2012 commencing 5.30 PM at the Fickling Centre, Three Kings, Hillsborough Room. This is being organized under the name of PEOPLES FORUM, NZ to coincide with the UN Human Rights Day that falls on Monday, a working day. Let us all try to make our Int’l mechanisms work properly to save humanity and inherent human dignity of all mankind. A.Theva Rajan, QSM Convenor, On behalf of Peoples Forum, NZ. Email: rajatheva




This Is Not a Revolution by Hussein Agha and Robert Malley

Noam Chomsky: Europe’s Policies make Sense only on one Assumption: That the Goal is to unravel the Welfare State

EXCLUSIVE: Julian Assange on WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Cypherpunks, Surveillance State

Keynote address by Michael A. Lebowitz: The Concept of “Fairness”: Possibilities, Limits, Possibilities. The talk draws on Lebowitz’s latest book, The Contradictions of “Real Socialism”.

Einstein’s Promised Land


Patrick Bond: Doha climate talks another ‘conference of polluters’

Fracking Our Food Supply

Greenland and Antarctica ‘have lost four trillion tonnes of ice’ in 20 years

Bolivia defends Mother Earth from the threat of carbon markets

World Bank should take its own advice on climate change

Rich nations renege on climate finance

Study: Wealthy Nations’ Fossil Fuel Subsidies 5 Times Greater Than Climate Aid to Countries in Need

Free Transit and Beyond by Stefan Kipfer


Book Review: Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti

Book Review:

Flight Behavior: Climate change, poverty, and butterflies – Barbara Kingsolver’s new novel is a beautifully written and compelling account of working people responding to the local effects of a global crisis


Anti-Mining Activists Assaulted in Argentina


Bolivia Defends Mother Earth From The Threat Of Carbon Markets


Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois: On capitalism, Quebec politics and the student movement

B.C. Federation of Labour forum discusses opposition to temporary foreign worker program

How concentrated corporate power is shaping income inequality in Canada – New study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The human cost of Kenney’s cuts


Colombian Peace Talks Begin in Havana: Inclusive Participation for Lasting Peace?


Independent workers’ federation rejects president’s power grab

Morsi decrees spark protests for, against from right and left


The new Iraqi labour law, a law for a new slavery


Jamaica’s Unnatural Disaster


Mexican Senate Passes Labor Reform Bill, Weakening Worker Rights

PACIFIC Guyana trip by West Papuan could spark agitational efforts


Self-defense or provocation: Israel’s history of breaking ceasefires

The case for UN recognition of Palestine

Tomorrow (Wed. Dec.5) Supreme Court hearing Gush Shalom’s appeal against “Boycott Law”

Are Israel’s Jews, some of them, on their way to becoming Nazis?


South Africa after Marikana massacre: Strike wave and new workers’ organisations challenge old compromises


Catalan elections: A stride forward for national and social justice

Spanish workers protest


Aleppo: How Syria Is Being Destroyed by Charles Glass


Campaign launched for a radical vision of Scottish independence

Comment & analysis: Polly Toynbee on why tax avoiders should be named and shamed – Should tax-avoiding companies be named and shamed? IN a two-minute video, Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee explains why companies paying little or no corporation tax should be named and shamed. “These big, international companies have been undermining peoples’ trust and faith in the (taxation) system.”

Miners’ strike: ‘All I want is for someone to say: I’m sorry.’ – The tumult of the 1984 dispute may be retreating in the memory, but for those arrested and charged, the events of that angry summer have been life-changing. Now a campaign seeks a review of what it claims is wide-scale malfeasance by the police

Miners’ strike: how the bloodiest battle became the ‘biggest frame-up’ – Many miners suspect the South Yorkshire police operation at Orgreave in June 1984 was a trap, pre-planned for confrontation, co-ordinated for the courts. Now the IPCC is to probe claims of assault, perjury, perverting the course of justice and misconduct

The Leveson Inquiry uncovered systematic corruption at the highest levels of the press, police and politics – evidence to support radical change to our media and political systems says Des Freedman


Reports from the Economic Front by Martin Hart-Landsberg – The Tax Burden

Behind the strikes at Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, ports

Hundreds of Fast-Food Workers Strike for Living Wage, Inspired by Wal-Mart Strike

The US Military Approves Bombing Children

US Nissan workers seek fair union election

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