What’s On next week: Asylum seekers form Auck Mon; Child Poverty rally Wgton Wed

Monday, October 15, 4.30pm, Arts 1 Room 206-220, University of Auckland

Attacking Asylum Seekers: Is it Xenophobia or more Political Posturing? SJP panel discussion: Attacking Asylum Seekers. National is currently pushing a legislation that would effectively criminalise those who seek asylum in New Zealand. This is despite overwhelming opposition, with 43 out of 44 submissions to the select committee signing against it. The Immigration Ammendment bill would make it possible to keep any "mass arrival", a group larger than 10, of "boat people" in mandatory detention for up to 6 months. This proposal has been deemed a "waste of time" and "unnecessary", as no boat has ever arrived on New Zealand shores. More importantly, the passing of this bill would be illegal and would infringe on New Zealand’s obligation towards asylum seekers under the 1951 UN convention. So why is our government so keen on this? Is it a latent xenophobia or simply our ongoing political pandering to our neighbour across the ditch? Come and join us for a public discussion of the issue hosted by Students for Justice in Palestine on Monday at the University of Auckland. Speakers: Tracey Barnett (Journalist, ex-columnist on the Nzherald); Amanda Brydon (Amnesty International); David Mayeda (UoA Sociology department).

Wednesday, October 17, 1pm, Parliament Gropunds, Wellington

Stop Child Poverty lunchtime rally with Anika Moa, Celia Wade-Brown & Metiria Turei. Join us on Parliament grounds as we celebrate International Elimination of Poverty day and take a step to stop child poverty here in New Zealand. MC’d by Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, we’re marking the occasion with a special one-off performance from singer-songwriter Anika Moa, speeches, and school performances. Parents, families, supporters, and kids of all ages are welcome! Spread the word on Twitter: #stopchildpoverty bit.ly/stopchildpoverty All kids deserve a good life and a fair future. New Zealand is a great place to grow up for some kids, but 270,000 others currently live in poverty. Metiria Turei’s Member’s Bill to create a child payment for these kids will be debated in Parliament the same afternoon. Together, we can ask politicians to support this and other measures that give kids a fighting chance.

Thursday, October 18, 6-7.30pm, Waikato Trade Union Centre, 34 Harwood Street, Hamilton

Hamilton Public Forum: Support the Miners in South Africa, Support the DSM. Speakers: John Minto (guest speaker) and Bex Broad. Koha or $10 solidarity entry to help fundraising efforts for the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM)

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