GPJA #443 (Part 1): News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 10/10/12



Students’ prepare to ‘Fight the Fees.’

Govt not swayed by calls to decriminalise abortion

Push to make contraception free for all women

Down and out in Remuera

Watch and share – We’ve made this spoof of Sealord’s TV ad to reveal the truth beneath the public relations.

Gordon Campbell on the failures of the Neazor report

New Auckland prison ‘waste of taxpayers money’

Top-level alarm over secrecy trend

NZ Prime Minister to Megaupload’s Dotcom: Sorry for spying on you illegally

Protestors storm petrol conference

Plan will ‘decimate’ Maori options

NZ Got Talent – Ching Chong Song

What Dangerous Davies could teach Chris Trotter

Look beyond Kim Dotcom – Press Release: Professor Jane Kelsey

Doing Time for No Crime By Tracey Barnett

Gordon Campbell on the Kitteridge inquiry into the GCSB

Nicky Hager’s 1996 book Secret Power, New Zealand’s role in the international spy network.

Chris Trotter: NZ still member of secret club

Michael Johnston: Publishing National Standards may do more harm than good

Finland education expert discusses New Zealand schools

Ae Marika – The struggle for indigenous rights continues

October 13: Decentralised occupations nationwide!


It’s about justice: Why all New Zealanders should support Maori claims to water by Valerie Morse


Bryce Edwards: Political round-up: The politicisation of poverty

Solutions sought to poverty

Protester’s plea to minister

Hunger striker fights for kids

Harawira praises hunger striker

Sam Kuha facebook page

Over 57,000 benefits sanctioned

Nation-wide protests oppose welfare reforms

Matt McCarten: No need to starve yourself, just give poor some more

Child Poverty Special report: Searching for a way out

Six of the best ideas for change

Jonathan Boston: Three myths about child poverty

National Day of Action against Welfare Reforms – Mana Party

Battle against beneficiary bashing

The latest issue of the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services’ newsletter Kete Kupu is now online. Kete Kupu includes information and commentary on a wide range of social service issues and provides updates and commentary on social service policy and practice. Some of the higlights of this September 2012 issue include: Help the Children’s Commissioner do well for our kids; Liability or Citizen? Welfare Reform; Income Inequality Reaches News Heights; Taking Action on Reducing Inequality; Poor Quality Housing is making our children & older people sick; Watch Out For Burnout; Quality of Care in Rest Homes

Govt signals it will feed hungry kids

Homeless problem demands attention

Business eye on poverty report

1400 Kiwis try poverty for a week


Demolition derby: National’s approach to solving unemployment by Sue Bradford

Teens hit back over proposed youth wage

Youth wage seen as sending ‘a poor message’–a-poor-message-

Call for same minimum wage for all workers

Dave Feickert: Dark day as coal mines shuttered

Foot chopped off in accident at Port of Tauranga

Indian workers keen to unite

New Port union deal ‘inferior’ says MU

Ports demo Teal Park Oct 5

Govt’s ‘starting out’ wage rubbished

Lower wages no solution

So-called ‘free market’ thrives on the enslavement of others

Helen Kelly on the Health and Safety Taskforce

Union joins international campaign for decent work

Govt needs to send clear message about migrant work abuse

Key’s Film Jobs Being Filled by Migrants

Maritime Union laughs off rival in Auckland port dispute

The Union Report with Syd Keepa & Laila Harre: Issue 1: How significant a step between Maoridom and the Union movement was the Tauranga hui last month? Issue 2: Solid Energy jobs on the line – what should Government do to protect them? Issue 3: How does publishing National Standards on line help parents make decisions?

NZ probe into child labour claims

Korean fishing firm gags crew with ‘peace’ contract

Tiwai workers want Govt intervention

Crew who fled fishing boat seek $917,000


EPMU call urgent meeting to tackle job crisis

Kim Hill interviews journalist Max Rashbrooke on his upcoming book about the increasing divide between rich and poor in New Zealand – listen to: Max Rashbrooke – social inequality and boarding houses.

Income survey shows stagnant incomes for most New Zealand families

Jane Kelsey: Hollywood lays down its own law

CTU: New ideas to manage the exchange rate welcomed

TPPWatch Action Bulletin #18 – 29 September 2012

Aus banks making more money from Kiwis – Greens

So-called ‘free market’ thrives on the enslavement of others

The case for Financial Transaction Taxes in NZ: A FACT SHEET

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