Special GPJA Forum (Mon, Sept 24, 7.30pm): Countdown to the TPPA round in December

It’s just been announced that the next round of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations will be in Auckland from 3rd to 15th December.

That gives us about 10 weeks to plan and educate.

As a first step Global Peace and Justice Auckland is holding a meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 24 September at Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd.

Speakers will be:

Deb Gleeson, an Australian public health expert on the TPPA who has been brought over here by the unions. Deb will talk about the threat of the US-driven TPP agenda to public health, especially Big Pharma’s attack on affordable medicines and the tobacco industry assault on Australia’s plain packaging laws.

Jane Kelsey will provide an overview of the state of the TPPA negotiations and highlight the issues that have the potential to bring the negotiations to a grinding halt.

Followed by discussion about what to do between now and December.

Please come, armed with energy and ideas.

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