GPJA #439 (Part 1): News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 21/8/12


Friday 10 August 2012: A successful hui was held last Monday, 30th July at Western Springs Community Hall. We had around 80 people attend to hear from our esteemed speakers. Huge thanks to everyone who attended and to Esther for filming and editing the highlights for us. Some highlights from the hui click below for some video info and we will add you as an email signatory to our list. If your organisation has not yet signed, ask them to s upport us. Post it to us at Auckland Disability Law, PO Box 43 201, Mangere, Auckland. Fax it back to us on 09 275 4693 or scan it and email to info Finally, you can print it out and post it directly to Minister of Justice, Judith Collins

Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, and recently heard on Radio NZ National with Kim Hill, is visiting New Zealand in September to present 3 seminars. He is Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Western Sydney. A long-time critic of conventional economic theory, Professor Keen includes all relevant real world data in his economic modelling and so was able to give fore-warning of the current global financial crisis. In each seminar he will examine conventional economic theory and the alternatives, the failures of monetary economics, why the current economic situation cannot be solved with current methods. He will provide a comprehensive overview of Hyman Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis. He will discuss the subjects listed below and there will also be an analysis of issues in New Zealand (housing markets, high debt levels, ownership of assets) that affect our nation’s economic well-being. Auckland seminar dates: Friday 7th and Saturday 8th September.Wellington seminar date: Monday 10th September. Further details at

Next week 20-26 August Lush will be promoting the issue of West Papua in their 12 stores. They ran this campaign in the UK and in Europe with the support of West Papuan exiles and now they are doing a similar campaign in Australasia.

The banned Morning Star flag will be on display and there will be a petition to John Key promoting freedom for political prisoners, open access to West Papua and calling for NZ to support a dialogue process. There will be a ‘freedom perfume’ on sale to raise money for the cause. The aim will be to help an Australian group called ‘Rize of the Morning Star’ – a campaigning band that have put together a special West Papua concert, to come over here to raise awareness: maire

PSNA Members & Supporters, For the second time in three years Metro Manila has been inundated by a flood of biblical proportions. Torrential monsoon rain is the norm in the tropics, because all the year’s rain falls in one season. A degree of flooding is to be expected. But, because of the criminal, wilful negligence of the local and central government – they do not build or maintain infrastructure to control the floodwaters, nor do they prepare for the entirely predictable effects of the annual downpours – a natural event becomes a catastrophe, with loss of life, and huge damage, impacting most on the poor. A lack of care by the ruling class rich for the vast majority who are the poor; institutionalised corruption; and skewed priorities, whereby the military gets the lion’s share of the national budget, leaves million of Metro Manila’s residents at the mercy of deadly floodwaters. PSNA has received several appeals from progressive organisations with whom we have worked over the past two decades. We have decided to forward the below one, from Karapatan, on to you. If you wish to donate, do so via PSNA and we will forward it to Karapatan in one lump sum. You can send your donation by cheque to: PSNA, Box 2450, Christchurch. Accompany it with a note saying “Flood appeal”, and include your e-mail address, so that we can acknowledge it. Or you can deposit your donation directly into PSNA’s bank account: Philippines Solidarity Network, Kiwibank, 155 The Terrace, Wellington. 389000 0792619 00. Include your name and “Flood donation”. And please e-mail us, at this address, to tell us that you’ve made the deposit, so that we can look out for it online. Once again the long suffering Philippine people, through no fault of their own, need the help of their foreign friends. Speaking as a resident of a city that was very glad indeed to be helped by our foreign friends when catastrophe struck us in 2011, I know how much these practical gestures of international solidarity are appreciated. Murray Horton, Secretary, PSNA, Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa, Box 2450, Christchurch , New Zealand. cafca

The Roger Award For The Worst Transnational Corporation operating in New Zealand has run annually since 1997. There are no prizes for guessing whom it is named after. It is organised by CAFCA and GATT Watchdog, both Christchurch-based groups. The judges have awarded prizes for runners up, continuity and collaborators. The Award has attracted considerable interest since its inception (even from the corporate media), and has had a succession of distinguished and completely voluntary judges. The events to announce the winners have become highly memorable in their own right. Winners of previous awards and judges’ reports can be seen below. New Nominations are open for the 2012 Award. The nomination form with details of the criteria and how to make a nomination is available in Word or PDF format. Criteria are also below. Nominations close on 31 October 2012. The judges for 2012 are: Christina Stringer, a Senior Lecturer in International Business at the University of Auckland; John Maynard , from Wellington, President of the Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa, spokesperson for People’s Power Ohariu and founding member of the Brass Razoo Solidarity Band; Paul Maunder, cultural worker, curator of Blackball Museum of Working Class History and a founding member of Unite!; Sam Mahon, an artist, author and activist from North Canterbury; and Wayne Hope, Associate Professor, Communications Studies, Auckland University of Technology. They will be given a shortlist of finalists. The winner(s) will be announced at a Wellington event in early 2013. For more information



Auckland protest against South Africa shooting

GPJA: Picketing South Africa 20 years on

Protest in Auckland over SA mine shootings

Peace organisation blames Zuma, ANC for Marikana killings – New Zeland based Global Peace and Justice Auckland has blamed President Zuma and the ANC-led government for a shootout at the Lonmin mine in Marikana.

Peace Organization Says Jacob Zuma, ANC-Led Government Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’ for Marikana Killings

1 0f 2 South African Consulate Picket in Auckland NZ 18 Aug 2012 In Solidarity with Mine Workers at Marikana Platinum – Speakers:

John Minto – Global Peace and Justice, Auckland New Zealand. Joe Carolan – Socialist Aotearoa more 2/2 Mike Treen

Why I turned down the All Blacks

Anti-apartheid conference gets $1000 grant from NZRU

Auckland protest over SA police shootings

Police task force vehicle drives through Lonmin mine near Rustenburg, South Africa. where police shot dead 34 striking miners. Photo AP


Six Arrested In Glen Innes – Project Delayed Six Months

Hone Harawira fires up over ‘racist’ bill

Ganging up on Patches

Howard League for Penal Reform: Stewart Murray Wilson

Banks: I believe Bible’s account of how life began

‘Loan sharks’ need tougher regulation and controls

Kiwi fishing company convicted of oil dumping

Reflections on a broken city – Matt Jones in Christchurch discusses the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake for the working people.

The Glen Innes Clearances Terri discusses the war on the poor in Glen Innes.

Philip Pattemore: No more Mr Nice Guy, now it’s war

Bomber Bradbury: If I was running Labour Party strategy

Chris Trotter: When we went off the rails

Wealth counts in queue to gain admission for parents

November date for Sanford appeal decision

Legalise Love Press Release – 21 Aug 2012

Pro Choice Dunedin

Protest against cuts to health funds

Charter schools a questionable experiment


Gordon Campbell on the latest New Zealand deaths in Afghanistan

Gordon Campbell on what comes next in Afghanistan

Not worth it

Pull troops out early: Opposition

NZ troops exiting Afghanistan ‘fast’, says prime minister

Brian Rudman: Get our soldiers out of Afghanistan

The real reasons for mission failure in Afghanistan

NZ pays high price for role in war on terror


Green Party Member’s Bill will reduce child poverty

CTU: Drug testing beneficiaries attempt to blame the unemployed for situation

Tapu Misa: Paula Bennett so sure she’s right

Shaky Shearer puts a bob each way

Gordon Campbell on Paula Bennett’s problems with privacy, and our deference to Big Tobacco

Ministry memo critical of plan to drug test beneficiaries

High cost for drug testing beneficiaries: Health ministry

Bennett slammed over child poverty claim

Minorities don’t get fair go – watchdog

Measurement of child poverty a necessary step

Measuring poverty line not a priority – Bennett

Submissions show Minister must deal with poverty

Paula Bennett misleads country on drug testing costs


BK workers claim pressured to leave union (2:03)

Network hopes to improve NZ’s migrant worker conditions VIDEO

Union steps up fight against Burger King

Unite Union’s National Director Mike Treen speaks out for Migrant Workers at Burger King and elsewhere, at a seminar organised by Dennis Maga and Migrante Aotearoa

Burger King trying to hide from criticism

Union meeting today to discuss Burger King

Paddy at Burger King store

Burger King protest over migrant workers’ treatment

Sunday Best: Joe Carolan on Burger King and South Africa – Unite activist and Sunday Best regular Joe Carolan joins Angus to discuss the background behind today’s Burger King protest and briefly touches on the recent industrial action turned fubar in South Africa.,

Burger King Teach In and Protest

New migrant workers network to combat exploitative practises

Union protests outside fast-food store

Burger King Caught Hiding Evidence Of Assault From Police


New union offers advice for migrant workers

Parliament’s cleaners seek pay rise – Cleaners want $15 an hour, and respect

Worker wants port’s apology for leaking details of wife’s death

Christchurch Rail Workers Revolt Against Cost Cutting Plan

KiwiRail workers discuss possible strike

Labour: Urgent investigation needed into migrant exploitation

Minister promises action on underpaid migrants

Port transparency overdue

Maritime Union Backs New Ports Bill

Fishing: Immigration approves 1744 foreign workers


Unemployment – the stat that sinks govts

Stats show shocking truth of growing inequality in NZ

Overseas Investment Office Says Rupert Murdoch Is Of Good Character – Because He Told Them So!

TPPWatch Action Bulletin #15 – 15 August 2012

CTU: Record Outflow to Australia

Smoke and Mirrors: The strange tale of Fletcher Building’s ‘1000 new jobs’ for Christchurch.

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  1. Hello, I don’t know how to send a message to the creators of this blog, but I am asking for help for my people back home in South Dakota. If you have not heard about the struggle going on to save Pe’Sla, one of our most sacred sites, I can provide links and information about what we’re fighting for and why we need support. Please, any help would be very much appreciated…time is running out for us as Pe’Sla is going to be auctioned on 24th of August.

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