Sunday, August 19, 12 noon, Burger King, Aotea Square, Auckland
TEACH-IN SUN 12 NOON: “It’s Bitter with the King” – Defend workers rights at BK! Burger King workers are the lowest paid fast food workers in New Zealand. Most are on minimum wage, even some who have worked there for 15 years. Managers on salary are forced to work extra hours, and sometimes work for less than minimum wage per hour. Many workers in Burger King are migrant workers, mostly from the Indian subcontinent. They face a bonded labour system – terrified of speaking out about mistreatment in case the company revokes their visa sponsorship. All this must end. BK workers and others who have experienced abuse of their rights will give first hand accounts of their treatment. We aim to repeat these teach-in’s at BK stores around the country over the coming weeks. “When workers rights are under attack, Stand up Fight Back”

TEACH-IN SUN 12 NOON: “It’s Bitter with the King” – Defend workers rights at BK!
NZH: Fast food giant faces union action
Burger King accused of exploiting Indian and other migrant workers
Coverup at Burger King

Sunday, August 19, 1.30-3pm, Aotea Centre, Auckland.
In Search of Decent Work: Speakers – Robert reid, First Union General Secretary; Rajan Prasad, Labour MP and spokesman on ethnic affairs; Agnes Granada, Trust Manager of Migrant Axction Trust. Speakers will discuss the way some migrants are being treated in the workplace including exposing cases of harassment, underpayment, and bullying by employers that have been brought to their attention, Employment rights and assistance to deal with breaches of these rights will also be explained. Sponsored by Migrante Aptearoa and First Union Network of Migrants. Email migrant

Desperate workers being exploited in NZ (4:15)
Amy Kelley: Cheap labour more than a ‘migrant problem’
Illegal wages in NZ a ‘widespread’ problem
Immigration advisor on low wage claims – Bill Milnes of Access Immigration New Zealand on claims that some NZ bosses are exploiting immigrants
Earning less than the minimum wage – Amy Kelley previews her investigation into migrants living on much less than the legal minimum wage.


Saturday & Sunday, August 18-19, Rutherford House, Bunny Street, Wellington.
Supported by the Stout Research Centre, Victoria University. ANC CENTENARY: How N.Z helped to abolish apartheid. The ANC Centenary Conference Committee invite you to a conference on the 18th-19th August, 2012.A full programme of New Zealand and South African speakers will talk on these topics: 100 years of the ANC; Maori to the fore; Winds of change-the NZ movement gets organized; 1973 and Norman Kirk; International Aspects of the campaign; 1981 and Beyond; Impact on NZ society; The ANC today. There will be a reception and drinks on Saturday night. $60 Registration. RSVP Conference Coordinator by 10th of August, catts2011

Monday, August 20, 12-1pm, Rm G07, Commerce A, University of Auckland.
Department of Political Studies: Ghost Boats New Zealand’s Wrong Turn Toward Detention of Asylum Seekers. While Australia contemplates controversial ways to control the arrival of boat people, New Zealand is also wading into new waters. Detention of asylum seekers is now being considered by the New Zealand Parliament. A current bill mimics one element of Australia’s 20-year policy — locking up boat-arriving asylum seekers. What will this mean for New Zealand if it passes into law? Tracey Barnett is a journalist, opinion columnist and a Board Member of the Auckland Refugee Council. She will speak about the consequences of asylum seeker detention and relate personal stories gathered while reporting from a refugee camp on the Burmese-Thai border.

Tuesday, August 21, 7-9pm, Kelston Community Centre, Corner Great North & Awaroa Roads, West Auckland, Auckland.
HARTER SCHOOLS – A THREAT TO OUR QUALITY PUBLIC EDUCATION. Public Meeting. All welcome. Bring your family, friends and people you work with. No qualifications required for teachers in charter schools; Our educational values are under threat – from early childhood and primary to high school and tertiary levels; Stand up for our quality public education system before it is too late – every voice counts! MC: Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury: Media commentator, radio and TV host, and was executive producer of Alt TV – NZ’s Alternative music and culture channel. SPEAKERS: Martin Thrupp: Professor of Education, University of Waikato. Internationally renowned researcher on how education policy plays out in schools in diverse social contexts. Leads the RAINS project, studying the introduction of National Standards in NZ primary and intermediate schools. Academic commentator on education policy issues. Recently organised an open letter against league tables of primary school performance, which has been signed by over 160 education academics. John Minto: QPEC: Quality Public Education Coalition: – "Making sense of the National Government’s education policies and alternatives to improve the education of children in low-income communities". Frances Guy: NZEI Vice-President, deputy principal. "Charter schools designed to be private profit-driven organisations using taxpayer funding to compete with local schools as occurs in early childhood". Barney Manaia: Nga Piripiri Manunui Chair, Whakahau Whakamana Whakahihi member. "Quality Maori Education – Mo ake tonu atu". Carmel Sepuloni: "Ensuring Quality Public Education for all children". Lynley Hunter: PPTA Auckland Regional Chair. "What do Charter Schools provide that isn’t already available within our flexible state education system?" Jai Bentley-Payne: Tertiary Education Union. "Student Rep in the emerging student movement."

Saturday & Sunday, August 25-26, Rotorua
Ka Nui! Enough! The extractive industries, including fracking, mining & oil drilling have huge negative impacts on our economies, communities and environment. We must move past this in a way that is just for all. Join us to learn more and strategise together. Speakers: Dayle Takitimu (Te Whanau-a-Apanui); Drew Hutton (Lock the Gate Aslliance Australia); Dr Susan Krumdiek (Canterbury Unbiversity) and more…. Cost: $25 for the weekend or koha for the day. Wedb: kanuiconference

Wednesday, September 19, 12.30pm, Auckland Suffrage Memorial, Khartoum Pl (off Lorne Street in the Auckland CBD).
Suffrage Day celebrations. Commencing Wednesday the 19th of September, 12.30pm, rain or shine! Hosted by National Council of Women Auckland Branch. A range of speakers, entertainment, activities, bagpipes and camelias. We have a fabulous mezzo-soprano Mary Newman-Pound who will sing. We also invite organisations to bring along your banners to hold for display. Facebook event here if you are so inclined: gina.giordani

Sunday, September 23, 5pm, Room Four Art Space, 336 St Asaph St, Christchurch
The Art of a Political Prisoner – Humor From My Pen – a one-week exhibition of the political cartoons of Gerardo Hernández, one of the Cuban Five, incarcerated in the U.S. for fighting terrorism. Opening 5.00pm, Sunday September 23rd. Cuban music • snacks • address by Cuban Ambassador. Thereafter Daily from: 10.00 am to 4.00pm Monday to Wednesday; 10.00 am to 7.00pm Thursday to Friday, Room Four Art Space, 336 St Asaph St Christchurch (Room Four is in the same building as The Darkroom and Galaxy Records). Humor From My Pen On the web Humor From My Pen On Facebook Please forward to all you those you think may be interested. You have been sent this message because you appear on one of our contact lists – if you no longer wish to remain in the list please let us know.

September 27 to October 8, NZ-Venezuela
SOLIDARITY BRIGADE TO VENEZUELA: HALF-PRICE FLIGHTS AVAILABLE FROM AUCKLAND: Join the 2012 Presidential elections brigade to Venezuela. Register now to witness the final election campaign for President Hugo Chavez and observe first-hand a living people’s power revolution. Brigade dates: September 27th – October 8th, 2012. Half-price flights Sydney-Auckland-Venezuela return are currently available through Aerolineas Argentina. The 2012 brigade is the 13th study tour organised by the AVSN. Reports from previous brigades are posted at: brigades or phone Jim McIlroy 0423 741 734, Roberto Jorquera 0425 182 994 or Lisa Macdonald 0413 031 108.

November 9-11. Waihi
REMEMBER WAIHI 9-11 NOV 2012. It will be the 1912 Waihi Gold Miners’ Strike Centenary and Commemoration of the death of Fred Evans. The phrase “Remember Waihi” was used for many years by the union movement to refer to the 1912 Waihi strike. It expressed anger at the death of striker Fred Evans, who was beaten by death by strikebreakers while the police stood by. It also expressed caution at confronting the combined might of the government, big employers and the police. The Labour History Project is remembering Waihi with a weekend-long historical seminar and memorial service in Waihi this November. It’s one of the ways we research, record and celebrate New Zealanders’ working lives, and draw on the past for inspiration and guidance for the future. A program and registration form for the "Remember Waihi" weekend is in this brochure: markderby37 Phone 04 973 8900

December 27 to January 18, NZ-Cuba
XXX SOUTHERN CROSS BRIGADE TO CUBA: Receive warm greetings from Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples (ICAP), that every year receives, with great satisfaction, all friends that spontaneously decide to join us in the Southern Cross Brigade of voluntary work and solidarity with Cuba. Main objectives of the brigade are to provide a great deal of knowledge about Cuban reality so that the visitors could understand it as well as to work voluntarily in the agricultural fields in order to help in the development and productivity of the country. The program of the brigade includes visits to historical, cultural and social places. Participants will receive lectures on national and international topics and will also interact with representatives of Cuban organizations and people in general. Each brigade member, at the moment of the arrival, is committed to follow the program and schedule, and also to have a proper behaviour, discipline and social interaction not only in CIJAM but also all over the country. For further communication: Phone numbers (53 7) 838-24 30 / 8335372 / 830-1220 / 834-4544 ext. 15 and Emails: asia.norte , director.dao and amiventas We would be pleased to have you in the XXX Southern Cross Brigade, a beautiful project that ICAP and Australia/New Zealand – Cuba Friendship Societies have proudly maintained since 1983, which has allow to show Cuban reality to more than one thousand people who have taken part in previous brigades as well as to receive their support and deep solidarity. This year program and brigade has a special aim and it is to commemorate 55 anniversary of the triumph of Cuban revolution on January 1st, 2013 and also to celebrate with every participant coming the 30 anniversary of the Southern Cross Brigade visit to Cuba. This is a formal invitation to join the brigade in order to strengthen brotherhood between our peoples. Sincerely yours, Asia and Pacific Division, Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples NZ Participants: Email Ina Lawrence inashina for the full programme and any other questions.


Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, and recently heard on Radio NZ National with Kim Hill, is visiting New Zealand in September to present 3 seminars. He is Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Western Sydney. A long-time critic of conventional economic theory, Professor Keen includes all relevant real world data in his economic modelling and so was able to give fore-warning of the current global financial crisis. In each seminar he will examine conventional economic theory and the alternatives, the failures of monetary economics, why the current economic situation cannot be solved with current methods. He will provide a comprehensive overview of Hyman Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis. He will discuss the subjects listed below and there will also be an analysis of issues in New Zealand (housing markets, high debt levels, ownership of assets) that affect our nation’s economic well-being. Auckland seminar dates: Friday 7th and Saturday 8th September.Wellington seminar date: Monday 10th September. Further details at

Next week 20-26 August Lush will be promoting the issue of West Papua in their 12 stores. They ran this campaign in the UK and in Europe with the support of West Papuan exiles and now they are doing a similar campaign in Australasia.

The banned Morning Star flag will be on display and there will be a petition to John Key promoting freedom for political prisoners, open access to West Papua and calling for NZ to support a dialogue process. There will be a ‘freedom perfume’ on sale to raise money for the cause. The aim will be to help an Australian group called ‘Rize of the Morning Star’ – a campaigning band that have put together a special West Papua concert, to come over here to raise awareness: maire

PSNA Members & Supporters, For the second time in three years Metro Manila has been inundated by a flood of biblical proportions. Torrential monsoon rain is the norm in the tropics, because all the year’s rain falls in one season. A degree of flooding is to be expected. But, because of the criminal, wilful negligence of the local and central government – they do not build or maintain infrastructure to control the floodwaters, nor do they prepare for the entirely predictable effects of the annual downpours – a natural event becomes a catastrophe, with loss of life, and huge damage, impacting most on the poor. A lack of care by the ruling class rich for the vast majority who are the poor; institutionalised corruption; and skewed priorities, whereby the military gets the lion’s share of the national budget, leaves million of Metro Manila’s residents at the mercy of deadly floodwaters.
PSNA has received several appeals from progressive organisations with whom we have worked over the past two decades. We have decided to forward the below one, from Karapatan, on to you. If you wish to donate, do so via PSNA and we will forward it to Karapatan in one lump sum. You can send your donation by cheque to: PSNA, Box 2450, Christchurch. Accompany it with a note saying “Flood appeal”, and include your e-mail address, so that we can acknowledge it. Or you can deposit your donation directly into PSNA’s bank account: Philippines Solidarity Network, Kiwibank, 155 The Terrace, Wellington. 389000 0792619 00. Include your name and “Flood donation”. And please e-mail us, at this address, to tell us that you’ve made the deposit, so that we can look out for it online.
Once again the long suffering Philippine people, through no fault of their own, need the help of their foreign friends. Speaking as a resident of a city that was very glad indeed to be helped by our foreign friends when catastrophe struck us in 2011, I know how much these practical gestures of international solidarity are appreciated. Murray Horton, Secretary, PSNA, Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa, Box 2450, Christchurch , New Zealand. cafca

The Roger Award For The Worst Transnational Corporation operating in New Zealand has run annually since 1997. There are no prizes for guessing whom it is named after. It is organised by CAFCA and GATT Watchdog, both Christchurch-based groups. The judges have awarded prizes for runners up, continuity and collaborators. The Award has attracted considerable interest since its inception (even from the corporate media), and has had a succession of distinguished and completely voluntary judges. The events to announce the winners have become highly memorable in their own right. Winners of previous awards and judges’ reports can be seen below.
New Nominations are open for the 2012 Award. The nomination form with details of the criteria and how to make a nomination is available in Word or PDF format. Criteria are also below. Nominations close on 31 October 2012.
The judges for 2012 are: Christina Stringer, a Senior Lecturer in International Business at the University of Auckland; John Maynard , from Wellington, President of the Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa, spokesperson for People’s Power Ohariu and founding member of the Brass Razoo Solidarity Band; Paul Maunder, cultural worker, curator of Blackball Museum of Working Class History and a founding member of Unite!; Sam Mahon, an artist, author and activist from North Canterbury; and Wayne Hope, Associate Professor, Communications Studies, Auckland University of Technology. They will be given a shortlist of finalists. The winner(s) will be announced at a Wellington event in early 2013. For more information




Policy changes needed to make healthy food more affordable

Excluded students are ‘out of school, out of mind’

Govt’s 3 Year Scorecard on Rights for Indigenous Peoples

Brian Rudman: Get our soldiers out of Afghanistan

Patients suffering due to funding shortfalls – PSA—PSA/tabid/1607/articleID/264558/Default.aspx#ixzz230n25mkf

Chris Trotter: Wider hazard explains brakes on promise

Christchurch tenants’ ‘homeless’ choice

Charter schools are ‘pigs’, says professor

Teacher unions attack charter schools

Trawlers ‘plundering’ fish stocks

Gordon Campbell: Extending parental leave a no-brainer

Crown broke commitment to iwi – Tribunal—Tribunal/tabid/423/articleID/263800/Default.aspx

Popular NZ artist Tame Iti releases artwork from Waikeria Prison

Gordon Campbell on Labour’s recent mid-flight turbulence

NZ soldier deaths ‘unlikely to be last’ – Stephenson—Stephenson/tabid/1607/articleID/264664/Default.aspx#ixzz231YUKPpT

Afghanistan – no, it’s not the good war

Business ‘gets free firefighting ride’


CTU: Higher unemployment needs a plan

TV3: Inside NZ – The Price of Fish

Crew won’t get Government help to get owed wages

UN urges Govt reforms to not target beneficiaries

LCI shows wages barely keeping up with inflation

Twelve Questions with Helen Kelly

RMTU: Port Announcement Sounds Death Knell for over 50 Jobs


Maori Council makes bullying claim after water threat

Maori Council shocked at Govt hurry-up

A TALE OF TWO NETWORKS: WATER AND ELECTRICITY IN THE WELLINGTON REGION 1990 to 2010: Twenty years ago, the networks supplying two essential services in the Wellington region – water and electricity – were in public ownership. One (water) still is. The other (electricity) was privatised. The cost of running the water network increased by a very modest 17 per cent: well below the rate of inflation. The cost of the other more than quadrupled! There has been no efficiency or productivity dividend from privatisation. All that has happened is that the consumers of an essential product sold through a monopoly have had to pay to generate returns on an ever escalating capital value of the network as successive owners bank windfall gains from it. This paper tells the sorry story of those networks.

ALRANZ: Abortion Ruling Good News But Political Action Needed


Voyage of a Lifetime (10.06.12): The Voyage of a Lifetime was an event held at the Q Theatre, Queen Street, Auckland on the 10th June 2012. It’s purpose was to begin a dialogue about social and economic issues which are facing New Zealand, using the analogy of the Titanic, and providing ideas around what we can do as a country to avoid the full impact of hitting these issues (icebergs)

Debt surge a warning for farmers

Struggling on low incomes – Pasifika families struggling financially compared to other ethnic groups in NZ.

Treasury admits that private power companies charge more


The Science of Race by D. Eric Harmon – a documentary that explores the origins of scientific racism and its impact on today’s race relations.

Olympics: Light the flame for workers’ human rights


Our economic ruin means freedom for the super-rich

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiated in secret


Food as a commodity sends a message

World on course for catastrophic 6° rise, reveal scientists

James Hansen: Climate change has arrived, and it’s worse than predicted


US troops in Afghanistan fear ‘green on blue’ attacks


Bolivia ‘green brigade’ to keep coca out of parks


‘I leave with only one regret’: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois resigns as co-spokesperson for CLASSE


Chile’s Commander Camila, the student who can shut down a city

Chilean Student Leader Camila Vallejo Returns to Cuba


An introduction to China’s social security system


Fidel: Time to reflect on his legacy


UN Should Get Rid of Cholera Epidemic That It Brought to Haiti

Constitutional change and business investment top the U.S. and Canadian agenda in Haiti


Special Report: As Myanmar reforms, discontent grips countryside


The Nuclear History of Micronesia and the Pacific

Police Arrest 10 in Papua for Raising Morning Star Flag


Gaza hopes of new openings hit by Sinai killings

Bilal Diab and Woroud Qasem released as hunger strikes for freedom go on

Israel: the enemy within


Poor communities in Philippines worst-hit by floods


Intervention is now driving Syria’s descent into darkness

‘We don’t kiss the hand of our oppressor’: Kurd leader, Syria


Gabby Douglas, Ryan Lochte: Why Families of America’s Olympics Athletes Are Broke

"An Extreme Choice": Embracing Ayn Rand, GOP VP Pick Paul Ryan Backs Dismantling New Deal


Fighting for Land and Territory in Urban Caracas: An Interview with Héctor Madera

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