GPJA #436: Part 1. News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 26/7/12



“National house price to disposable income rose from 2 in 1980 to around 3 in 2003, before doubling to around six in 2008. It is now 5.” Bernard Hickey, Herald on Sunday, 22/7/12

Of the 161 wealthiest people in NZ (with wealth over $50m), only 67 reported an incokme over $60,000 in 2008. then priority for tax avoidance at the IRD has been “tips in the hospitality industry and under the table payments to seasonal workers”.



Time For Nz To Get Out Of Ukusa Spy System

Education Sectors Unite Against Budget Cuts

The Ghost of Harry Findlay: In 1996 a Kaitaia man called Harry Findlay took a stand against the National Government’s income and asset testing policy for elderly people receiving long-stay care in public hospitals. Harry refused to pay a $56,000 bill to Kaitaia Hospital for the treatment of his Alzheimer’s suffering wife Ila

Coalition launched to extend paid parental leave

Government continues down a path of penalising students

Show & Tell education cuts march photos

QPEC: Politely ignore Minister’s warning on “politics” in school

NZUSA: Student teacher representatives question mixed messages

Maoridom turning cold on Maori Party

Govt Mass Arrivals Bill Triggers Call for Inquiry by the UN

Confirmed: Bennett made it up

CPAG Granted Leave To Appeal High Court Decision On Discrimination Claim Against Children Of Beneficiaries

CPAG: Poverty The Biggest Barrier To Children Thriving

CPAG: Welfare Reforms Perpetuate Discrimination

Chris Trotter: Shearer’s radical inclination

Welfare reforms passed, but protests won’t stop

Disadvantaged students at risk

Mana Party urges DIA to shut pokie takeaways in Otara

Don’t diss Maraenui, say locals

More Student Protests at the University of Auckland

Academics call for halt to league tables plan

No Joke: Why I’m Not Laughing At Labour’s Latest Speeches.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger Says Te Whanau a Apanui

Elvis to appear at Tauranga Court

Protesters join forces on drilling

Chris Trotter: The repercussions of a nanny state


‘No upside’ to US-led copyright changes

$112 a head for asset loyalty

Gordon Campbell on the media’s sales job on asset sales

Tribunal urged to rule Maori have full rights

Maori seek injunction on Mighty River sale

Mighty River Power seminar disrupted by asset-sales opponents

Focus is on greedy Maori, rather than greedy, rich non-Maori

The People of New Zealand Send Their Strongest Message to Date – Aotearoa is Not For Sale J14: An Outstanding Success.

National Day of Action a success

History repeating itself in water debate

True lies – John Key on asset sales


Department of Labour advice shows employment law changes unfair

Carers shouldn’t have to strike for $14 per hour – CTU

Productivity bonuses for workers at Ports of Auckland

Union calls for national port strategy


Gordon Campbell on KiwiRail’s outsourcing bungle with the Chinese

Gordon Campbell on the $200 million bill for roading consultants

CTU: Low price increases welcome, but good wage increases still needed

US companies accept Pharmac is here to stay, says head of lobby group

‘No upside’ to US-led copyright changes

New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine policy statement on the Transpacific Pacific Partnership


Ouvéa massacre film gripping tale of betrayal and political opportunism

Broken Cameras: The political is utterly personal in this account of five years in the life of Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat, his wife, four small children and their friends and neighbours in the village of Bil’in in the central West Bank.

Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey – With: Bernadette Devlin McAliskey. A fearless, fiercely articulate Irish Republican firebrand in a miniskirt, Bernadette Devlin became Britain’s youngest elected female MP at 21 in 1969.


Gordon Campbell on the death of Alexander Cockburn

Orwell’s The Road to Wigan Pier turns 75, Scott Hamilton

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