GPJA #433: Part 1. News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 5/7/12


Gay man flees to NZ under threat of execution

Welfare reform: Back to work By Simon Collins

Women being ‘driven to abortion’ by welfare reform

Fail a drugs test and lose your benefit, job seekers warned

Snapshot of Maori statistics launched

We Remember Blair Peach

Southall police riot where Kiwi expat Blair Peach was killed


Chris Trotter: This Is New Zealand: Anna Stretton

Increasing prescription charge threatens access to medicine

Corruption rife in pokie trusts system: Former director

Ignorant Rodney Hide misses the point

No fracking until report completed

Fiordland protest aimed at minister

Solidarity with the Egyptian and Syrian Revolutions (23 June 2012)

Womens’ Rights Slipping In New Zealand – Updated



Urewera and Dotcom investigations similar, says Maori lawyer

Court hears bail applications for Tuhoe activists


Dotcom victory ’embarrassing’ for US

What did Key really know about Dotcom?

Dotcom’s lawyers apply for charge dismissal

Gordon Campbell on the Dotcom/Obamacare rulings and Star Trek


Napier marches against sale of State Assets

We Can Still Stop Asset Sales: Law Passed But Issue Not Over

Joe Carolan Mercury Energy Protest 20120626

The Auckland ‘Aotearoa is NOT for sale’ Campaign

Asset Sales? Renationalise, Without Compensation.


Abandoned homes preferred to cars

Hardship but no housing crisis, says Key

Rental rises called obscene

Sharples suggests homeless sleep in red zone

Generating momentum for more affordable and social housing

NZ kids suffering in cold homes


Students prepare to protest with ‘Education Show & Tell.’

Students Interrupt John Key at Medical School opening

League Tables Will Lead to Children Missing Out – NZEI

Pasifika expulsions drop 40 per cent


Peter A. Thompson: Viewer choice sacrificed to commercialism

Sky TV’s hold on the NZ market

Public Service Broadcasting Matters

Maori TV dumps ads for lessons in language

Hearse, coffin protest mark death of TVNZ 7

More corporate welfare for Mediaworks?

Speech to TVNZ7 mourners at funeral for public broadcasting


ACC cuts carer’s pay under minimum wage

The Union Report with Lesley Harry from NZNO & Robert Reid First Union. Issue 1: Are the Governments 10 KPI’s for the Public Service achievable or fanciful? Issue 2: Secret briefing papers to Steven Joyce show the govt’s 100,000 promised new jobs will largely go to highly-skilled professional males. Is this employment policy for everyone or just the few? and Issue 3: Pay equity, when will it be taken seriously?

Coming up… . 9th July – Helen Kelly & Garry Parsloe from MUNZ; 16th July – CANZ & ?; 23rd July – Annie Newman from the SFWU & Laila Harre; 30th July (filmed on the 27th) – Helen Kelly and James Ritchie from NZDWU.

Residents march over home

Shop workers welcome bill defeat

CTU: More support, not less please Minister!


Regulate beneficiary banks By Tapu Misa

CTU Economic Bulletin: This month, in answer to an affiliate’s question, the commentary has a look at the accuracy of forecasts of wage increases made by Treasury and by various forecasters averaged into NZIER’s Consensus forecasts.

Pensions and the retirement age: the problem is capitalism, not an aging population

Price of progress hurts Kiwis: The rampant cost of living means two-income families are increasingly worse off than single-income families were a generation ago – and it is threatening to put them under.

A dangerous investment: Australia, New Zealand and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Employer stance at ILO forum hypocritical by CTU president Helen Kelly

Farmers right to be wary of shareholders’ lust for short-term gain

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