GPJA #431: Part 1. News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 20/6/12

Port workers protest Marc 10, 2012

Matt McCarten: At last, some victories for the bosses’ victims

Urewera issue isn’t just going to lie down and die

Chris Trotter: Hidden motives behind superannuation claims

Gordon campbell: Playing politics on nuclear issue

Government can afford to pay whanau to care for disabled

Defence Force connection to military violence in West Papua

What superannuation crisis?

Convention centre probe: Govt accused of arrogance

Housing people should take priority

The Struggle for Equal Marriage Rights

Mana: Shut The Pokie Takeaways – Now

Agreement with US sees NZ as ‘de facto’ ally


Pacific Islanders protest against discrimination

‘Only the hood can change the hood’ – Justice and freedom in education, health, poverty wages and justice were the key themes of a march by 2000 Pasifika people in Auckland city on Saturday morning.

Advance Pasifika march and rally in Auckland June 16, 2012


Aotearoa NZ Is Still Not For Sale. National Day of Action against Asset Sales, Saturday July 14 2012

Harawira: Mixed Ownership Model Bill – Second Reading

National’s asset sales would mean higher power prices

Dunedin rallies against asset sales

Dunedin rally Photos

Asset sales law should be delayed until public has say

Dunedin protest against asset sales


John Minto: Minister’s rose-tinted glasses are two generations out of date

Moving from frustration to disgust

School League Tables Lack Logic

School Deciles Cause Racial Divide

Parents petition for special needs kids

Special needs units being cut in schools: The parents of Ranui special needs unit collected over 10,000 signatures to protest its (and others) proposed closure 2013.

"A barricade made of ideas," is how one student activist (English literature) described the silent, study-in last night at the University of Auckland library.


Tapu Misa: Money blinds ACC to principles

Call for balance in ACC leadership

ACC ‘cold blooded’ to victims

Is politics becoming too corporate?

CTU: Full Funding for ACC is a political swamp that should be drained


Spay the Rich and Free the Poor


‘Secret’ breakthrough at port

Union calls for rule change over SkyCity Bible row

Breakfast video

Casino Bible worker could be fired for fanning

Sky City worker speaks out on Bible

Casino worker ‘sorry’ over Bible

SkyCity worker threatened with sack over bible – union

No action over worker carrying Bible

Casino worker faces action over Bible at work

Tuni Parata

Waitress fired for serving boss wrong drink

Dismissal of bar manager justified – ERA

Fired security guard thought aftershocks triggered alarms

Oceania Rest Home Dispute Settles

The Union Report – Education Special


Austerity no antidote if rest of economy falls ill

Bernard Hickey wonders how New Zealand will break its investment drought when households and businesses are hoarding cash. Should govt do it?

Gordon Campbell on blaming the Greeks, and on David Cunliffe

CTU: Government should review options not just target date


Jane Kelsey: Secrecy in investment talks mocks democracy

National Says ‘Yes’ to Investor Rights to Sue – Press Release: Professor Jane Kelsey

Leaked draft of trade deal exposes risks – professor

TPPWatch Action Bulletin #12 – 17 June 2012

Professor Challenges Groser to Public Debate on TPP Investment Rules

If Tobacco Policy is Protected in TPP, Why is US Proposing a New Exception?

"The Green Party says the Trade Minister Tim Groser, is misleading the public over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. …

Gordon Campbell on the leaks about the Trans Pacific Partnership


CTU seeks answers over trade agreement

First Union: TPPA should not cut off government options on jobs


Recognising and protecting dignity: E W Thomas reviews Law into Action: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand (The Human Rights Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand and The Law Foundation, 2011) edited by Margaret Bedggood and Kris Gledhill

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