GPJA #422: Part 2 – Additional links


Inequality and Instability: James K. Galbraith presents his study of the world economy just before the great crisis

The Fight Over Inequality: A deft overview of inequality statistical measures that debunks the latest conservative claims that inequality hasn’t been growing particularly fast.

A Giant Among Giants: Glencore – founded by famous fugitive Marc Rich has cornered the market on just about everything. Now that it’s going public, will its ties to dictators and spies stand up to scrutiny?

ITUC: Governments must act for a sustainable and equitable recovery

Eurozone Austerity Faces Increasing Political Challenges as Economy Worsens by Mark Weisbrot

"Politics Is at the Root of the Problem" by Joseph Stiglitz

The impact of fiscal austerity in the eurozone

Death of a Fairy Tale By PAUL KRUGMAN – This was the month the confidence fairy died.


Protesters rally ‘for justice’ (01:43) – Over a hundred people rallied outside NSW parliament to protest perceived police brutality following the shooting of two indigenous teens in a stolen car.

Mundine: investigate officers for attempted murder

Protesters rally against ‘idiot police’

Police shooting of Aboriginal teenagers sparks protests in Sydney

Country & city, united we stand – protect our water, protect our land!

Why are the rich so greedy?

Toyota attacks workers again!

Beyond Australia’s carbon price

New generation of mega-rich reveals a return to inequality

Australian aid to PNG training ‘private armies’


Bolivian President Evo Morales seizes assets from Spanish energy company Red Electrica


Another fatal fire in a BC sawmill

Quebec students call for a social strike in solidarity with their struggle

Night march anger targets Charest’s offer

Video: Montreal student protest sees 85 arrested – Police now reaching out to the public, asking witnesses and victims to come forward

CLASSE rejects government offer as other student groups suggest

mediation By Karen Seidman, Montreal Gazette, April 30, 2012

The Big Banks’ Big Secret – Estimating government support for Canadian banks during the financial crisis


Students protest for free education, reject President Sebastian Pinera’s $700 million funding offer

March in defense of public education (25 April 2012)


In China, relatives of Party officials build lucrative businesses on family contacts


En Fotos el desfile por el Primero de Mayo en La Habana


Jean-Luc Mélenchon: Our French resistance is only just beginning

In unity we on the left have found the strength to stop Sarkozy and derail the politics of austerity

France eyewitness: Youth mobilise for Melenchon, pledge ‘resistance’


The Dirty Picture of Neoliberalism: India’s New Economic Policy by Raju J. Das

Traditional tribal farming beats climate change


The Children of Fallujah: The Hospital of Horrors By Robert Fisk


Anti-, pro-TPP campaigns heat up before Noda meets Obama


Bersih democracy movement to re-take the streets

Malaysian Spring: Bersih 3.0 democracy movement plans mass sit-in


Pacific tilting west to PNG – and Super Power rivalry

Mass Rallies across West Papua challenge anniversary of Indonesian invasion


Desmond Tutu supports United Methodist Church decision to divest

May Day in Gaza – Photos + Video By Julie Webb-Pullman – This year in Gaza, May Day was celebrated not by workers, but by hunger strikers and their supporters.


Spanish unemployment hits record 5.64 million


Marxist intellectual arrested — Free Salameh Kaileh!


As sickness benefit cuts take effect, thousands face hard times

Video: One million climate jobs now!

Occupy movement takes over parts of London Stock Exchange


Low-Wage Jobs to Blame for Slow Economic Recovery

Stephen King: I’m rich, tax me – In an expletive-filled condemnation of America’s tax system, the bestselling novelist, who donates $4m a year to charity, says wealthy Americans have a ‘moral imperative’ to pay higher taxes

The cost of a nation of incarceration

Private Prison Corporations Are Modern Day Slave Traders

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