GPJA #461 (Part 2 of 3): News from Aotearoa / TPP action Sat


This Saturday activists across five countries will run coordinated actions against the TPPA. The day was chosen to send a shot across the bow for the next round of TPPA negotiations in Lima, starting on 15 May. A number of activities are planned in here:

Ø Wellington: The New Zealand Nurses Organisation is organising an event to raise public awareness of the implications of the TPPA on public health. On Saturday 11th May outside PHARMAC (Cnr of Victoria Street opposite Civic Square) from 1-3pm. All welcome – please contact Marilyn Head marilynh ‘We’d love some help and support!’, including for ongoing pamphleting.

Ø Auckland: banner drops on Southern, Western and Northern motorways, Friday rush hour, 4.30 to 5.30pm, 10 May. If you are available for Northern or Western motorways, please contact Jane Kelsey. We would like to make this a regular event. If you would like to help organise this, please let Jane know.

Ø Jane Kelsey’s e-book Hidden Agendas: What we need to know about the TPPA . This hard-hitting contemporary analysis, published as a short e-book by Bridget Williams Books, picks apart the current negotiations surrounding the proposed TPPA and comes to some disturbing conclusions. The book is being launched as part of New Zealand’s contribution to the International Day of Action. Order your downloadable copy online for $4.99 at from Saturday 11 May.

Ø Adopt an MP starts on Saturday 11 May

Here is your chance to play the teacher to give your local MPs a sense of what’s at stake. Adopt a local MP of your choice to visit and talk. Sign up for that MP on the website (on the adopt an MP tab). An information pack will automatically be emailed to you. It will have suggested questions, links to the fact sheets on the itsourfuture website and the party policies (that we have been able to find!) You don’t need to know a lot – we will provide questions and simple support information and a mechanism for providing feedback. The campaign will begin on the international day of action, Saturday 11 May and run for a month. This is your chance to make a difference! For more detail click on here!

It’s Our Future Bulletin #33 – 09 May 2013


Nakba – Auckland protest against Veolia

Nicky Hager: Uncomfortable truths, NZ foreign policy in the ‘war on terror’

Dean Parker: Lenin deserves a happy birthday

Mana’s John Minto speaks at the Auckland ANFS rally.

Protesters ‘privatise’ road to National Party conference

Kiwis Say NZ is a Racist Country on TV3’s the Vote

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots: Urgent Action Needed

Key dismisses paid parental leave

Keith Locke: Who are the 85 SIS targets illegally spied on by the GCSB?

Keith Locke: West Papuan cause getting new international support


Full hearing could threaten spy agency’s secrecy

Penniless priest unlikely to pay up

Spy-base trio’s argument makes property rights ‘unenforceable’ – Crown

GCSB Bill: & Dotcom versus FBI, “NZ Intelligence Community” et al

Kim Dotcom Internet Copyright Case White Paper

Gordon Campbell on the GCSB’s enhanced role

GCSB vs Three Kiwi Heroes

PMA: Waihpai Ploughshares’ Court of Appeal hearing

Spy-base trio: ‘We have no intention of paying a cent

Who Guards The Guardians? On the Dangers and Futility of Expanding Surveillance Powers in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

New GCSB Powers Are Facist And Dangerous Warns Mana

Key to allow GCSB Eye of Mordor to spy upon the Shire


Roger Award 2012: Taejin Fisheries Wins – Rio Tinto & King Salmon Equal Runners Up

CTU: Aim should be jobs for all

Fear of Democracy By Wayne Hope

The Great TPPA Education Drive – Adopt an MP!

Key fails to keep jobs promise

Mighty River Con Revealed

CTU: Don’t hit first home and low income house buyers

Housing Affordability – What the Government Should Be Saying


Denis Browne: NZ needs to talk about food poverty

CPAG: No room for complacency in report

CPAG’s latest Quarterly Update is out now – please have a look at what CPAG has been up to and the many ways in which you can help.

Key Govt transfers wealth to those at the top

NZ can do better for mothers and children, report says

Legislation Is Absolutely Needed to Feed Our Kids

Harawira Urges Key to Back Feed the Kids Bill


McD’s Picketers assaulted

Cops used as McDonald’s private security guards says Unite Union

McStrike Linwood photos

Mike Treen Speaks At Picket Against Mc Donalds

McDonalds Picket Unite Union

Youth rates will take work from other young workers

McDonald’s Worker Speaks Out

Sid Vyas, Unite union Speaks Out

McDonalds strike protest today.

Joe Carolan’s Post Picket Speech – Picket Against McDonald’s

Interviews With Some Protestors On The McD’s Picket Line

McDonald’s staff set to strike

Unhappy NZ McDonald’s employees plan to strike

Maccas staff set to strike

McDonald’s worker told ‘don’t act gay’ VIDEO:

Joe Carolan on BFM

Britomart McDonalds Occupied on Mayday

McDonald’s worker told by boss to ‘act less gay’

New Zealand: McDonald’s worker told ‘If you turn anyone else in the store gay, I will punish you’

McStrike: Interview with Unite delegate Sean Bailey

BFM Radio interview with SeanBailey


FIRST living wage victory for retail workers

Maritime Alert: Ports of Auckland dispute update 10 May 2013

NZ workers under attack

Why Cut Our Pay – Campaign Against the Latest ERA Changes

Name the Date – Stop Work / Stop National

Unionist slams ‘assault on workers’

Government acts to cut wages

Tiwai Pt owes workers millions

Youth ‘starting out’ wage to come into effect

Supermarket workers protest pay cuts

Introduction of Youth Rates Won’t Be Taken Lying Down

Forestry industry safety record under fire

Green Party backs call for forestry inquiry

Pay gap between men and women slowly widening

We don’t get fooled again

Laila Harre: National’s war on NZ Unions

TEU: Possible new employment law removes workers’ right to choose

Rail accident exposes staff cuts: union

CTU: Select Committee needs to listen to calls for an inquiry into forestry

Critical Pike River failings revealed

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