GPJA #444 (Part 1): News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 24/10/12



A Rally Against Anti-Semitism in the Heart of Auckland

Hate raid despised

A Rally Against Anti-Semitism in the Heart of Auckland NZ 20 Oct 2012

Auckland City Councillor Cathy Casey

Courts tougher on benefit fraud than tax dodging – study–study/tabid/1607/articleID/273541/Default.aspx#ixzz29zJlYL9z

Remember October 15th: five years of terror

John Minto: Communities turfed out – you’d be angry too

From broken window to broken fast

The Night that Hone was Arrested

In praise of Hone Harawira

A Small Victory in the Battle for Glen Innes

Matt McCarten: The human cost in our capitalist competition

Students storm clock tower – Rise in university fees spark protest

O15 2012- Belltower occupied by students fighting fees

Students frustrated with further fee increases

When Teaching Becomes Preaching: A fresh campaign to get religious instruction out of state primary schools has reprised a very old debate by Alison McCulloch

ALRANZ Calls on Deputy PM to Denounce Anti-Abortion Threats

New Auckland prison ‘waste of taxpayers money’

Matt McCarten: Vector cheques powerful ploy just before the vote

Murray Horton: Filipinos deserve real democracy

NZ Groups urge PNoy to stop summary executions

Philippine solidarity groups protest

Green Party: John Key must raise human rights abuses with President of Philippines

Welcome to POLICY WATCH, the fortnightly e-newsletter from the NZ Council of Christian Social Services.

D8- Aotearoa’s Not for Sale! SHUT DOWN THE TPPA- Dec 8th 2012, Auckland

Waitangi Tribunal Report Released on the Kōhanga Reo Claim

Simon Collins: White Paper has missed opportunity to support children, parents

Police defend Harawira arrest (+video)

Hone Harawira’s ‘not guilty’ plea

Hone Harawira in court after protest arrest

Housing For The Poor: Statement From Hone Harawira

Harawira slams ‘petty’ charge following protest

When Hone met Rachel – Now that was a surprise!

Social and ethnic cleansing in Glen Innes

Parents battle to keep special needs units open

A Kiwi in Gaza

Guantanamo Bay Action – Auckland University, NZ 10 Oct 2012

Government arrogance over water continues

Top-level alarm over secrecy trend

Pike River book wins top Jesson award

Down and out in Remuera

Major deficiencies in New Zealand’s marine management

NZ still failing to keep teens out of custody – report


Tribunal slams Crown over Urewera Treaty breaches

Asset shares offer an insult – Harawira–Harawira/tabid/370/articleID/273462/Default.aspx

Maori leaders seek iwi consent on challenge to Mighty River sale

Gordon Campbell on the likely Maori Council challenge over water rights

Govt Share Offer Insulting and Divisive – Harawira

English lying over Iwi support claims Harawira

Maori aren’t New Zealanders: the Government’s “shares minus” scheme explained

Missing the point on Water Rights


The fire last time: the rise of class struggle and progressive social movements in Aotearoa/New Zealand, 1968 to 1977 Brian Roper


Forums for the Future: Closing the Gap between Rich and Poor

Hunger among school children ‘scandalous’ – expert

Health risks of children going hungry (3:27)

Many pre-pay meter users go without power – survey

Dr Tess Ridge, University of Bath UK – “Children’s experiences of poverty and exclusion” – Presentation to Child Poverty Action Group NZ, Annual General Meeting July 28 2008.

Bruce Bisset: Blaming the poor is a bit rich

Gareth Morgan: Benefit tightening won’t reduce unemployment

Michael O’Brien: Gathering of data crucial to enrich lives

Tapu Misa: Child abuse plan shows a lack of vision

Stop The War On The Poor!!! Dunedin 5th Oct 2012

Business eye on poverty report

Searching for a way out

Six of the best ideas for change

1400 Kiwis try poverty for a week

Solutions sought to poverty

Battle against beneficiary bashing

Protesters slam welfare reforms


Workers’ rights under threat, say unions

The Union Report With Bill Rosenberg & Frances Guy – 20 August 2012

Labour Day gains at risk of erosion

CTU Significance of Labour Day

Demolition derby: National’s approach to solving unemployment by Sue Bradford

Bryan Gould: Workers bear burden of cost cutting and lower wages

Government takes first step in cutting youth wages

Youth wage like slave labour – Mana Party

Starting-wage ‘grossly unfair’ for youth – union

Editorial: Lower wages not the answer

Workload increasing for many

Indian workers keen to unite

New body to protect Indian workers’ rights

Union takes case for underpayment of migrant worker

Councillor Casey in solidarity with MUNZ

Bill to bolster protections for young workers timely

Presbyterian Church backs living wage campaign

It’s official — the working poor just got poorer

Employer told to pay out $74,000

Workplace bullying costs millions

Sacked waiter just wants to move on

A Broader Union: Can an iwi-trade union alliance help change the economic equation in favour of workers?

Acting Under Orders: Does John Key know the conditions facing Kiwi workers within US film and TV productions here? by Gordon Campbell

New Port union deal ‘inferior’ says MU

Jaquie Brown Leads Support For Extending Paid Parental Leave

No rest for the wicked: “But figures show Kiwis, and their Australia counterparts, work longer hours than many of their OECD counterparts with 13 and 14 per cent, respectively, working long hours (classed as more than 50 hours a week).”


Brian Gaynor: Property fallout would top ’87 share crash

Manufacturing crisis ‘disastrous’

Warning as Government continues to question crisis

Time for more radical state intervention

Bernard Hickey: Tax evaders can be artful dodgers

Tax dodgers cost country over $80 million in undeclared income

More jobs better than youth rate

Tim Hazeldine: It’s time for higher pay to filter down

Mana joins enquiry

Billy Bragg and Living Wage

TPPWatch Bulletin #19 – 15 October 2012

Destruction of railways a national disgrace

CTU: Time to drop Reserve Bank interest rate

Geoff Bascand: Making sense of job statistics

Manufacturing orders hit three-year low

It’s Our Future — Kiwis concerned about the TPPA

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