GPJA #439 (Part 2): International news & Analysis – 22/8/12





John Pilger – Obama and Empire

Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says study–conservative-politics-lead-people-racist.html#ixzz23DEdnc2f

Naomi Wolf: The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology – If you think that 24/7 tracking of citizens by biometric recognition systems is paranoid fantasy, just read the industry newsletters

Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class – The Global 1% by Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro

Francis Fukuyama and the ‘absent left’ BY Phil Hearse

John Pilger: The chosen ones end sporting prowess, reveal hidden past

How Legalizing Drugs Would Strengthen Democracy From Afghanistan to Mexico – Corrupt Afghan officials would lose a source of income and Latin American violence and corruption would decrease.

The ruins of empire: Asia’s emergence from western imperialism


Ricardo Patiño Aroca: Why Ecuador granted Julian Assange political asylum

Lawyer: Raid on Embassy to Arrest Assange Would Be “Unprecedented” Breach of Diplomatic Immunity

Mark Weisbrot: Julian Assange asylum: Ecuador is right to stand up to the US

More evidence US intent on capturing Assange

Something Rotten in the State of Sweden: 8 Big Problems with the ‘Case’ Against Assange by Naomi Wolf

Tariq Ali: Why Ecuador?

WikiLeaks and Free Speech By MICHAEL MOORE and OLIVER STONE


The Spectre of 21st Century Barbarism by Ian Angus – This month, Climate & Capitalism opens a new article category, 21st Century Barbarism, devoted to exposing the horrendous human costs of capitalist “business as usual.”

Latin America rises up against mining giants

James Bay Cree Nation enacts uranium ban

Dirty oil and the future of a continent


Reports from the Economic Front by Martin Hart-Landsberg: Free Trade As A Coroporate Project

David Harvey – The Right to the City

LIBOR Rate-Fixing Scandal Sets Off Investigations, Lawsuits Against Big Banks


NZ crews dominate World Hip-Hop dance champs

Brothers: Gallipoli 1915 Part One | Jottify – George Campbell Hunt is the Aboriginal ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corp) in the photo. He was killed in action during the Battle of Hamel, in France in 1918.

Magnus Isacsson: Advocate and Auteur

Book review: how Israeli school textbooks teach kids to hate

Canada as warrior nation – Review by Roger Annis, Aug 15, 2012

Comrade Jesus Christ — The Herd covering Kev Carmody Read lyrics here


Congressional Probe Reveals Cover-Up of “Auschwitz-Like” Conditions at U.S.-Funded Afghan Hospital


Threat of new waterfront war over automation on wharves

Protests hit Australia’s revival of refugee ‘Pacific Solution’

An open letter to the Australian Greens about Israeli settlements and green-washing

Townsville professor blasts Australia over land rights and Intervention at international conference



Quebec’s “Red Square” Movement: The Story So Far

Forum: Contested Futures: Tar Sands and Environmental Justice

Canadian government will open up private land ownership on reserves

News from the Quebec student struggle on Aug 14, 2012

Quebec solidaire appears in televised leaders’ debate, and other news from Quebec By Roger Annis


The Overthrow of Democratic Chile Part 1 (Salvador Allende)

Attacks on Chile’s Indigenous Peoples Thwart Efforts at Land Reparations


Colombia’s drug-fuelled war of terror exposed

A Case Study in Orwellian Lies and Imperial Delusions – Colombia’s Disappeared


Translation: Report on Guidelines implementation


Adam Hanieh on Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood, the military and the continuing revolution


Haiti’s forgotten Revolution and C.L.R. James


New Investigative Report into DEA-Related Killings in Honduras Finds Inconsistencies Between U.S. and Honduran Officials’ Statements, Survivor Accounts


Arundhati Roy: “Indian capitalism fully monopolistic”


Indonesian commission urges trials of military rights abusers


Indigenous Papuans Arrested for the Celebrating the UN International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Nuclear fears over French Polynesia atoll collapse


A girl holds a portrait of a Palestinian held in an Israeli jail

Inequality and the ‘Forgotten Palestinians’ By Patrick O. Strickland – Tel Aviv

Netanyahu reverses austerity cuts as Israeli protests grow

Young Israelis Held in Attack on Arabs

Al-Awda- The Right to Return


Lessons from Manila floods — interview from the climate-change frontline htt

Class struggle in the Philippines – Filipino trade union leader speaks in Vancouver and Toronto


Pussy Riot Members Sentenced to 2 Years for Anti-Putin Protest; Feminist Rocker JD Samson Responds

“The True Blasphemy”: Slavoj Žižek on Pussy Riot


The Marikana action is a strike by the poor against the state and the haves

Massacre in South Africa: Police Defend Killing of 34 Striking Workers at Platinum Mine

How police planned and carried out the massacre at Marikana

Video Shows South African Police Shooting Miners

Solidarity with Mine Workers at Marikana Platinum

South African miners fired on by police

Amandla Editorial Comment : A Brutal tragedy that should never have happened–a-brutal-tragedy-that-should-never-have-happened

Slaughter at South Africa’s Marikana mine: the bloody politics of platinum

Blame Flies Over Police Massacre of 34 South African Miners

The ANC transformed by Mercia Andrews

Terry Bell: No angels in bloody SA mine clashes

Terry Bell: Confusing roots of the upheaval at Implats Posted on February 19, 2012

Echoes of the Past: Marikana, Cheap Labour and the 1946 Miners Strike by Chris Webb


South Korea: hired thugs enforce lock out

Union raid on supermarkets stirs furore


Sri Lanka: The politics of the Frontline Socialist Party — interview with Premakumar Gunaratnam


The geopolitics of the Syrian uprising/insurgency

On the Ground in Zabadani, a Syrian Town in Revolt

To stir up sectarianism, Assad regime staged Houla atrocity

Assad’s Kurdish Strategy


The Timorese elections and their aftermath


First Uganda gay pride a success despite police raid


The poison of inequality was behind last summer’s riots | Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett


Guns and Colonies – A Short Documentary Film on the issues of militarization and indigenous rights in the US Colony (officially, US Territory) of Guam, Mariana Islands.

Vietnam, US begin historic Agent Orange cleanup

The Nun Who Broke Into the Nuclear Sanctum

Sister Megan Rice, 82, is one of three people arrested in a break-in at a nuclear complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

The Danger of Laughing at Todd Akin

This Week in Poverty: Here’s to the Houston Janitors

Has Welfare Reform Been a Major Success, as Romney Claims?


The Revolution Will Not Be Decreed – An interview with Gonzalo Gómez, Marea Socialista (Socialist Tide)

“Now is the time!”: Struggle for Sexual Diversity in Venezuela – an Interview with Maria Gabriela Blanco Alianza sexo-género diversa revolucionaria (Revolutionary Alliance of Sex-Gender, and Diversity, ASGDRe)

Chavez set for win as campaign pushes socialist transformation

Fighting for Land and Territory in Urban Caracas: An Interview with Héctor Madera

“This Process Belongs to the People” – An interview with Juan Contreras, Coordinadora Simón Bolívar


Corporate collaboration lets Mugabe continue abuses

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