GPJA #474: Video of the Stop The GCSB Bill Public Meeting – Auckland Town Hall


Video of the Stop The GCSB Bill Public Meeting – Auckland Town Hall

Video on Demand: IF YOU DID NOT MAKE IT to the Auckland Town Hall on Monday night for the Stop The GCSB Public Meeting you can watch the entire debate here on The Daily Blog.



GCSB Bill protest meeting held in Auckland

Rowdy crowd protest GCSB Bill at meeting

Hundreds attend last ditch attempt to stop GCSB bill

Big crowd for anti-GCSB bill meeting

Key slams GCSB opponents

Campbell Live GCSB roadie, poll end

Spy bill hanging on single vote

Photos: GCSB bill protest meeting held in Auckland

John Key defends the GCSB bill

Dear Peter Dunne, S.O.S. | 500 Words

Revealed: govt plans secret orders to service providers once spy bill becomes law

Public Notice: The Encroachment of the Mass Surveillance State

GCSB Bill: why small govt conservatives should be worried


“Thank you Edward Snowden! We say no to the surveillance state!”

Add your name to the growing list of people showing their support for Edward Snowden


Friday, August 23, 12pm at Albert Park (opposite Auckland University) in the Auckland CBD
Teddy Bear’s Picnic to Support Paid Parental Leave 26 weeks! And to say a very big loud: DON’T VETO THE BILL, BILL! To date our confirmed speakers are Sue Moroney, Jan Logie, Marama Davidson and Carmel Sepuloni

Friday, August 23, 7.30pm, OUSA Recreaction Centre (formally Clubs n Socs), Albany Street, Dunedin.
Come and join us in part one of our surveillance film and discussion series! Organsied by, The Organisation for Global Nonviolent Action (OGNA) and Students for Free Culture. Currently in Aotearoa/NZ the GCSB bill has disturbing implications for both individual privacy and civil liberties. It gives the state increased powers of surveillance that allow it to be increasingly intrusive and challenge freedom of speech. Beside the fact that it infringes on human rights there is also no evidence of necessity or effectiveness. This kind of activity has been a global trend within the last decade. The series will have three parts: The first week we will focus on moving beyond the problem, and lay out a vision of where we want to go. The film will be “V FOR VENDETTA”. The second week we will focus on the problem and the challenges of reaching our end goal. The film will be “WE LIVE IN PUBLIC”. And finally we will focus on possible solutions to the issue and what action we can take. The film will be “FREE THE NETWORK”. We aim to create a space where anyone can come and openly discuss important issues that have an impact on our society. Through discussion we aim to find solutions to global problems , and afterwards turn our proposed solutions into action. We see this discussion as an opportunity for people to clarify their own ideas as well as present and be exposed to possible solutions.

Monday, August 26, 6pm, Case Room 3, Owen Glenn Building, University of Auckland
Narratives for Auckland 2 – Building Liveable Cities. I would like to invite you to the second seminar in our Narratives for Auckland Series. The ingredients of a liveable city (affordable housing, modern public transport, great public spaces, urban renewal and the celebration of creative diversity) cannot be delivered by the market. It takes many hands working with councils, communities and the private sector. Phil Twyford MP will discuss the role of government in facing these challenges, Denise Bijoux and Paul Grimshaw will outline what they learned on good urban development from their recent visit to Seattle, Victoria and Portland. Phil Twyford is Labour’s spokesperson on Housing, Auckland Issues and he is Associate Environment spokesperson with a focus on cities. Phil is the Member of Parliament for Te Atatu, and was first elected to Parliament in 2008. Before politics he spent 15 years with the international humanitarian organisation Oxfam. Denise Bijoux works in community-led development to create effective models of partnership, participatory community development, sustainable healthy housing, placemaking and Asset Based Development. She has worked with Inspiring Communities & manages the Neighbourhoods Programme for Beacon Pathway. Denise led the study tour to North America. Paul Grimshaw is a lawyer with 25 years experience who has specialises in construction disputes and Building Code compliance issues. Over the last 10 years he has acted for approximately 6,000 owners who have been affected by the leaky building disaster. His experience has provided him with valuable insight in to the current state of housing in New Zealand. And more … as a follow-up session for activists for community level organising, there is a workshop, Thursday 29th August 6pm at the Polish Society Room, Morningside. Jim Diers on “The local is everything in the lively city” $20 cover charge + lite food + a bar. See Jim here http// and here http// Warm regards, Phil Harington, For the New Zealand Fabian Society

Saturday, September 7, 8pm, Onehunga Community House, 83 Selwyn St, Onehunga, Auckland
YOU ARE WARMLY INVITED TO CONMEMORATE CHILE- NZ 40 YEARS of SOLIDARITY, RESISTANCE and STRUGGLE (9-11-73 /2013). CULTURAL NIGHT ( with Special guests from Chile). $10. Music, Poetry and More. Note: Long Live the Chilean Revolution

Sunday, September 8, 6pm, The Victoria theatre, 48-56 Victoria Rd, Devonport

‘FRANCES HA’ – MOVIE NIGHT: Come to the movies with us on 8th September and help support us and the Auckland Womens Centre. There’s a choice of 2 tickets:- $20 Movie Ticket Only; $25 Movie Ticket + Glass of Wine or Ice Cream. Contact the Office on 444 4618 or email us at women.ctr to get your ticket. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or direct credit. Alternatively tickets can be purchased through Auckland Womens Centre Ph: 376 3227 ext 0 or email info or – if you’re in the Ponsonby area – at the Womens Bookshop. A bit about the film ….. Frances (Greta Gerwig) lives in New York, but she doesn’t really have an apartment. Frances is an apprentice for a dance company, but shes not really a dancer. Frances has a best friend named Sophie, but they aren’t really speaking anymore. Frances throws herself headlong into her dreams, even as their possible reality dwindles. Frances wants so much more than she has but lives her life with unaccountable joy and lightness. FRANCES HA is a modern comic fable that explores New York, friendship, class, ambition, failure, and redemption. (c) IFC Films

Wednesday, September 11
LEGAL SEMINAR ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT – PRESENTED BY GALVIN LAW: This seminar will be beneficial for women who are, or have been affected by, domestic violence as well as community workers, counsellors and anyone supporting women in this situation. This seminar is a women only event. Cost: $10 (waged) or $5 (Community Services Card/Unwaged). Call the office on 444 4618 to register your place.

Friday, September 20, 7pm, 3 Pearce St, Onehunga, Auckland
You are invited to join us for an exciting night of Culture, Live music with Calle Latina, Cuban Accent, with Special guest Mallarauco and Traditional dances by Macondo , The Cuban Grove , food, bar and much more!! Estas invitado a participar en la celebración de la Fiesta de Chile que estará llena de cultura, música en vivo con Calle Latina, The Cuban Accent, tradicionales música con Mallarauco bailes con Macondo y Bailes de Salsa con The Cuban grove, comida, bar y mucho mas… buy you Ticket now!! $10 Entry only cash

Witness a people’s revolution in action. The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s 14th international solidarity brigade to Venezuela this December is a very special opportunity to observe, learn about and be inspired by the Bolivarian revolution that is transforming Latin America and challenging the greed and exploitation of global capitalism by showing that a better world is possible.
Since 1998, when the late Hugo Chavez was first elected president, the Bolivarian revolution has achieved remarkable things by putting control of Venezuela’s politics and economy back into the hands of the poor majority. Despite the challenges created by Chavez’s death last March and the right-wing’s campaign to undermine new President Nicolas Maduro, this people-power driven revolution continues to flourish and defy all attempts by the imperialism-backed opposition to destroy it.
Brigade registration and costs
The registration deadline for the 2013 brigade is September 1, 2013. Accommodation, transport within Venezuela and English-Spanish translation throughout the brigade will be organised for all participants by the AVSN. Participants will need to book their own international airfares. Please do not purchase your tickets before the registration deadline of September 1.
In addition to your international airfare, you will need to budget for approximately $1200. This will cover your brigade registration fee ($500 for waged workers or $350 for students/pensioners), and your food, transport and (shared) accommodation in Venezuela.
To register or for more information: EMAIL: brigades


Many thanks to all for a great 24 July Auckland launch of Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand. The follow-up book tour-cum-roadshow, Prochoice Highway, kicks off next month, and runs till the end of the year. If you’d like to follow the Highway via occasional email updates, this link will take you to a page where you can sign up. Otherwise your in-box will be left in peace from now on (unless, that is, you already happen to be a subscriber). Ngā mihi nui, Alison McCulloch

Please see attached our Winter Newsletter. It has been a busy year for Hauraki/Coromandel with the Manaia campaign, closely followed by the Regatta and most recently the protest to protect Parakiwai, as well as expanding threats of mining in areas that are totally inappropriate. The government continue to present short-sighted committment to facilitating the mineral industry over and above communities and the environment. Thank you for being part of protecting the Coromandel, we know that communities deserve better than short-term unsustainable economic solutions and together we can save the Coromandel from this. Do not hesitate to get in touch with your ideas and/or to volunteer your time.
Kind Regards, Renee Annan, Coordinator, Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki. m: 0220181764 Newsletter:

Nominations are open for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa – New Zealand in 2013. Download a nomination form here


Candidates will be asked by communities to step up for a Living Wage at this year’s local body elections in Auckland, Wellington and beyond. The Living Wage Movement will hold seven meetings in Auckland with communities that want to see employees and contracted workers at Auckland Council paid a Living Wage. Living Wage Aotearoa NZ will join with the following Auckland communities to call for a Living Wage and to support other critical issues that really matter to their communities:

Unions @ Papatoetoe Cosi Club | August 22, 4-6pm

Women @ Columbus Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby | September 3, 6-8pm

Youth @ Auckland University quad | September 4, 12.30-1.30pm

Migrant and Refugees @ Mays Rd Memorial Hall | September 7, 4-6pm

Faith-based groups @ Columbus Centre, Ponsonby | September 10, 7-9pm

West Auckland communities @ Tuvalu Church, Aetna Pl | September 18, 6-8pm

Pacific Communities @ Pacific Island Church Otara | October 4, 5-7pm

And for Wellington they are:

St Peters on Willis, 7-9pm, Monday, 23 September

Victoria University, 1pm, 25 September

Pacific Islander Presbyterian Church, Newtown, 2-4pm, Saturday 28 September



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League tables show parents little

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Unite targets welfare minister

Damient Grant: Poor are sacrificial pawns in politics of housing

Every Child Counts Newsletter August 2013


Graph the top 1 percent share of America’s income over the last 100 years, former labor secretary Robert Reich marvels in the engaging new feature film Inequality for All, and you get a veritable suspension bridge: an almost identical hyperconcentration of income in the 1920s and then again today. Inequality for All will debut in theaters September 27. Just released: the film’s official trailer.



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New Hot Zones now cover 5% of Earth; Only Fix is Halting CO2 (Lazare)

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Why are Egyptian Liberals Celebrating a Massacre?

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