GPJA #434: National protests against asset sales this Saturday


Asset sales protests planned in twelve cities: Twelve protests are planned across Aotearoa for 14 July against National’s privatisation and corporatisation programme. Thirty protesters auctioned off John Key’s mansion this afternoon as street theatre and creative opposition spreads. There is continuing pressure in the courts from Iwi after a landmark Supreme Court decision that the Crown does not own the riverbeds on which the dams of the hydropower schemes sit and does not own the water that flows through their turbines.

The national day of action against the theft of assets has been endorsed by Helen Kelly for the Council of Trade Unions, Phil Twyford for the Labour Party, the Green Party, Hone Harawira for the Mana Movement. The protests are also endorsed by We Are the University (Auckland), Unite Union, the EPMU, the Public Service Association, the Service and Food Workers Union, the Maritime Union of New Zealand, New Zealand Nurses Organisation, Equity, Citizens Against Privatisation and Socialist Aotearoa.
The following weekend a student protest is planned to coincide with the National Party conference at Skycity Casino.

You can help build the fightback:

Get your union or student association to endorse the Aotearoa is Not for Sale campaign.

Get involved in your local event or help organise one in your town. Details here.

Put up posters and leaflets around where you live, work and study.

Come to the protest and bring your mates.

Facebook events: Auckland | Hokianga | Hamilton | Tauranga | Taranaki | Napier | Palmerston North | Whanganui | Wellington | Christchurch | Nelson | Dunedin



To all social and trade movements of Aotearoa. The student movement Blockade the Budget is putting out an appeal for funds to help bring over a student leader Guillaume Legault from the CLASSE student movement from Montreal. He will do a nationwide speaking tour of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. It is exciting to have a member of the CLASSE movement coming to New Zealand in August. CLASSE is the largest student union in Quebec and has been on strike for over 100 days with daily rallies ranging from 5,000-500,000. The strikes in Montreal have spread to include all sectors of society and has recently caused the resignation of the education minister Line Beauchamp. This is an important opportunity to hear from a student representative who is fighting against similar cutbacks in education as we are. With the recent back down by Hekia Parata over class sizes, it shows that this government’s cuts to education can be fought and defeated. We need to learn from groups who are fighting the same fight and take the lessons they have to offer.

We are aiming to raise $2,000 to help pay for international and internal flights within New Zealand. A bank account has been set up for donations. We encourage students to donate $10 each, workers $20, academics $50-$100, and unions $100. Student Movement 38-9012-0788748-00


Saturday, July 14, 10am-1pm, Quaker Meeting House, 113 Mt Eden Rd, Auckland
Auckland Coal Action planning meeting (followed by asset sales protest)

Aotearoa NZ Is Still Not For Sale. National Day of Action against Asset Sales, Saturday July 14 2012.
Keep informed, lend a hand and begin a dialogue. Visit to find out what’s happening, join groups, talk to people around the country and get some support in setting up your own action for July 14. If they take our assets, we will reclaim our streets. We will not be divided like our assets. We will be united, we will not be silenced, we will resist this together.
Auckland: 2pm, Asssembe at Brittomart and march up Queen St. We will bring the march to Myers Park to enjoy festivities into the late afternoon.
Christchurch 2pm: Meet at intersection of Deans Ave and Riccarton Rd, to rally and march up Riccarton Rd

Saturday, July 14, 10am to 4pm, Evison Lounge, OUSA Clubs and Societies buiding, 84 Albany Street, Dunedin
Socialist Saturday (Fighting Sexism, Racism, and Asset Sales at lunch time). Come along and join the discussion about left win politics and activism. We are having three sessions on climate change, immigration rights (the case for open borders) and women’s liberation (are we evolving towards a non-sexist society?). We aim to be as punctual as possible with times so come join us for one or all of our sessions! Program: 10.00am: Meet and greet; 10.30am: Panel Discussion: Confronting the ecological crisis and climate change (with Tarsh from SEA and the anti-asset campaign and Shane Gallagherl a Union Activist and South Dunedin Green candidate.) 12.00pm: Lunch; 1.00pm: Immigrants welcome here: A case for open borders; 2.30pm: Afternoon tea; 3.00pm: Are we evolving towards a non-sexist society?; 4.30pm: Finish

Sunday, July 15, 1-6pm, Unite Union, 6a western Springs Rd, Kingsland, Auckland
Socialist Aotearoa Teach-in: “Dangerous Ideas”. A half day teach-in on the dangerous ideas at the heart of the revolutionary politics of Socialist Aotearoa. The teach-in will cover three main themes – the intellectual, historical and activist traditions of revolutionary socialism – through the writings and experiences of some of the darkest and brightest points of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. From the science fiction of China Mieville and the Marxism of Tony Cliff to the radical ecology of Mike Davis the first session will explore how socialists spread dangerous ideas.In the second session we will cover the history of the International Socialist Tendency from the police murder of New Zealand teacher and socialist Blair Peach during the struggle against the Nazis in London in the 1970s, the experience of socialists like Eamonn McCann in the Irish struggle for independence, and the Revolutionary Socialists in the 2011 Egyptian revolution. The third and final session will focus on the role of revolutionaries in the Mana Movement, the education and student struggles and the trade union movement. Links to recommend readings and event details are here:

Thursday, July 19, 7.30pm, OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre
Public meeting: LGBT oppression and the struggle for equal marriage rights. Public Event · By ISO Aotearoa

Saturday, July 21, 1pm Britomart, Auckland Central
EDUCATION SHOW AND TELL: On Saturday the 21st of July we are taking to the streets for an education ‘show & tell’. We want to creatively show our discontent and tell the truth about attacks on education, through a combination of a traditional protest march and family friendly street theatre. Join us and share the event with your friends.

Sunday, July 22, 11.30am, Sky City Convention Centre, Federal St, Auckland Central
PICKET – STOP THE WAR ON THE POOR: John Key will be speaking at the National Party conference at midday. We are keen to gather at 11.30am to give the PM and his colleagues a strong message of opposition to the Government’s current and proposed welfare changes.

  • Decent jobs for the unemployed – not further harassment and drug testing of beneficiaries. Recognition that care work is real work – not state interference in women’s reproductive lives.
  • Free access to quality education and training – not youth income management

Hope you can join us – it’s time to unite and fight back. Auckland Action Against Poverty contact

Wednesday, July 25, 7.30pm, The Crypt, St Benedict’s Church, Cnr St Benedict’s St & Alex Evans St, Newton, Auckland
Catholic Religious Against Human Trafficking invites you to ‘Out of Sight Out of Mind: Human Trafficking in New Zealand’s Waters?’ Presentation by leading researchers Dr Christina Stringer and Mr Glenn Simmons University of Auckland Business School. “In this presentation, we apply the International Labour Organization and European Commission’s indicators of trafficking in human beings to labour conditions for Indonesian crew working on foreign charter vessels fishing in New Zealand waters. We find that New Zealand is not immune from forced labour trafficking.” Gold Coin donation – to defray expenses

Thursday, July 26, 5.30pm, Level 6 PSA House, 11 Aurora Terrace, Wellington
New Zealand’s no-fault compensation system: are we better off than the Brits? Rich and risky v simple and safe. Join us at for drinks and nibbles. RSVP: 04 473 6767 or legal

Saturday & Sunday, August 18-19, Rutherford House, Bunny Street, Wellington.
Supported by the Stout Research Centre, Victoria University. ANC CENTENARY: How N.Z helped to abolish apartheid. The ANC Centenary Conference Committee invite you to a conference on the 18th-19th August, 2012.A full programme of New Zealand and South African speakers will talk on these topics: 100 years of the ANC; Maori to the fore; Winds of change-the NZ movement gets organized; 1973 and Norman Kirk; International Aspects of the campaign; 1981 and Beyond; Impact on NZ society; The ANC today. There will be a reception and drinks on Saturday night. $60 Registration. RSVP Conference Coordinator by 10th of August, catts2011

Saturday, July 28, 7.30pm, Polish Society Hall, corner of Ethel and McDonald Streets, Morningside off Sandringham Road.
City Vision Fundraising Debate: You are invited to an evening of entertainment, celebration and debate to mark the halfway point of the first “Super City”. Join us on Saturday 28th July when the boys take on the girls to debate the proposition “Auckland Council is the new Parliament”. City Vision is delighted to have secured seasoned political raconteurs Richard Northey, Matt McCarten and Phil Twyford to square up against the charming prowess of Cathy Casey, Julie Fairey and Denise Roche with MC Laila Harre. The evening will include the launch of City Vision’s mid term report by Mike Lee and a special musical cameo from Chris Trotter. Tickets $25 (concession $10) includes nibbles. Cash Bar. Invite your friends and whanau for what promises to be a fun, social evening. Payment: Preferred option is by internet banking to the City Vision account 38 9007 0461177 00, coded with your name and number of tickets.

September 27 to October 8, NZ-Venezuela
SOLIDARITY BRIGADE TO VENEZUELA: HALF-PRICE FLIGHTS AVAILABLE FROM AUCKLAND: Join the 2012 Presidential elections brigade to Venezuela. Register now to witness the final election campaign for President Hugo Chavez and observe first-hand a living people’s power revolution. Brigade dates: September 27th – October 8th, 2012. Half-price flights Sydney-Auckland-Venezuela return are currently available through Aerolineas Argentina. The 2012 brigade is the 13th study tour organised by the AVSN. Reports from previous brigades are posted at: brigades or phone Jim McIlroy 0423 741 734, Roberto Jorquera 0425 182 994 or Lisa Macdonald 0413 031 108.

November 9-11. Waihi
REMEMBER WAIHI 9-11 NOV 2012. It will be the 1912 Waihi Gold Miners’ Strike Centenary and Commemoration of the death of Fred Evans. The phrase “Remember Waihi” was used for many years by the union movement to refer to the 1912 Waihi strike. It expressed anger at the death of striker Fred Evans, who was beaten by death by strikebreakers while the police stood by. It also expressed caution at confronting the combined might of the government, big employers and the police. The Labour History Project is remembering Waihi with a weekend-long historical seminar and memorial service in Waihi this November. It’s one of the ways we research, record and celebrate New Zealanders’ working lives, and draw on the past for inspiration and guidance for the future. A program and registration form for the “Remember Waihi” weekend is in this brochure: markderby37 Phone 04 973 8900

December 27 to January 18, NZ-Cuba
XXX SOUTHERN CROSS BRIGADE TO CUBA: Receive warm greetings from Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples (ICAP), that every year receives, with great satisfaction, all friends that spontaneously decide to join us in the Southern Cross Brigade of voluntary work and solidarity with Cuba. Main objectives of the brigade are to provide a great deal of knowledge about Cuban reality so that the visitors could understand it as well as to work voluntarily in the agricultural fields in order to help in the development and productivity of the country. The program of the brigade includes visits to historical, cultural and social places. Participants will receive lectures on national and international topics and will also interact with representatives of Cuban organizations and people in general. Each brigade member, at the moment of the arrival, is committed to follow the program and schedule, and also to have a proper behaviour, discipline and social interaction not only in CIJAM but also all over the country. For further communication: Phone numbers (53 7) 838-24 30 / 8335372 / 830-1220 / 834-4544 ext. 15 and Emails: asia.norte , director.dao and amiventas We would be pleased to have you in the XXX Southern Cross Brigade, a beautiful project that ICAP and Australia/New Zealand – Cuba Friendship Societies have proudly maintained since 1983, which has allow to show Cuban reality to more than one thousand people who have taken part in previous brigades as well as to receive their support and deep solidarity. This year program and brigade has a special aim and it is to commemorate 55 anniversary of the triumph of Cuban revolution on January 1st, 2013 and also to celebrate with every participant coming the 30 anniversary of the Southern Cross Brigade visit to Cuba. This is a formal invitation to join the brigade in order to strengthen brotherhood between our peoples. Sincerely yours, Asia and Pacific Division, Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples NZ Participants: Email Ina Lawrence inashina for the full programme and any other questions.



Mind the gap between the rich and the poor

Housing Crisis Demands Immediate Action!

80 Organisations Form Collective Voice for New Zealand’s Children – New Briefing Paper asks What Will it Take?

Keith Locke: Battered nation syndrome

Trying to Make New Zealand Intelligence Services More Accountable: My Efforts in Parliament By Keith Locke (The following article was published in the May 2012 issue of Peace Researcher, the journal of the Anti-Bases Campaign. To see the other interesting articles in Peace Researcher go to

Judge tells Kiwis to speak up on copyright

SkyCity refuses to reveal gambler research

SkyCity Host Responsibility Questioned,2792,1923-102,00.html

Unrest breaks out in Northland prison

Law centre vows to fight restructuring: New Zealand’s only specialist law centre for disabled people is vowing it will “not go down without a fight” in a restructuring that also threatens the Youthlaw service.

Urgent hearing for Treaty bid to block asset sales

Grey power against asset testing. The more prudent elderly people going into rest homes have been with their money, the more they will have to pay, Grey Power says.

Council cash for car crashes not for kids. It’s an absolute disgrace that at the same time as the Auckland Council is being told to cut its social and community services they are teaming up with the National-Act Coalition to waste $12.7 million of public money on car crashes.

IPCA Investigates Police Action at Budget Protest

AUSA endorses marriage equality and adoption law reform

Study reveals racism in the media

Bunny McDiarmid was crew on the Rainbow Warrior at the time it was bombed and sunk in Auckland harbour on this day 27 years ago. She writes about her memories of that time and the lessons learned…

NZNO: Tamihere’s statement that Māori and iwi health providers get “second class” treatment rings true


The thieves must be stopped. The majority of New Zealanders are opposed to asset sales. But we can’t leave it to petitions and the 2014 election to win this.

Settle doubts over water rights, PM told

Rights, not closed minds, Mr Key, says Maori Council

Key accused of ‘bad faith’ at Waitangi hearing

Maori plan to fight Key’s ‘ignore it’

Maori expected to challenge asset sales

PM’s water ownership claim challenged

Asset sales protests planned in twelve cities

Maori Water Rights on Marae Investigates

New Zealanders Call for Justice for Murdered Dutch Missionary

Impunity: not fun in the Philippines

MANA Supports Water Claim

Iwi and rivers

Asset sale gravy train (no chips): Victor Billot, of Dunedin, has some advice for “mum and dad” investors.

John Key’s mansion sold for toilet paper currency

Chch mum organises asset sale protest

Hapu blames Govt for water rights claim

Willie Jackson: Don’t underestimate role on Maori Council


The Union Report with Helen Kelly from CTU and Garry Parsloe from MUNZ. Issue 1: Issue 1: When Public Private Partnerships go wrong – does Serco’s private prison failings this week suggest the state or the free market are better economic guardians ? Issue 2: Right wing blogs target Police staffing costs this week – are online attacks the new negotiating tactic of choice for employers? Issue 3: Nikki Kaye wants it moved and the Government want’s it sold to fund Mayor Len Brown’s public transport agenda – what now for the Ports of Auckland as an Auckland asset? Coming up… we have spaces free at the moment on the 13th August. 16th July – Beven Hanlon from CANZ & Charles Chauvel; 23rd July – Annie Newman from the SFWU & Laila Harre; 30th July (filmed on the 27th) – Helen Kelly and James Ritchie from NZDWU; 6th August – Lynley Hunter from the PPTA and Alistair Shaw from NZUSA .

Government causing more job losses than they create

RMTU: Port job losses consequence of lack of national strategy

Not just miners finding better pay in Australia


Gordon Campbell on the job losses at KiwiRail

Dozens of jobs could go at Port of Timaru

TPPWatch Action Bulletin #13 – 8 July 2012

Government in $112b barney

Container work lost, jobs threatened at Timaru’s port


Film Review: Up the Yangtze; China Heavyweight

‘Deep Green Resistance’ — how not to build a movement

China Miéville on art and politics


“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” – Abbott Joseph Liebling

“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” – John F. Kennedy

“Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.’ – George Bernard Shaw

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa

“You can fool some of the people all of the time; and those are the ones you have to concentrate on.” — George W. Bush

“Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad.” – Henry Kissinger


“A Child Poverty Action Group report of 2011 suggests the top 10 per cent of the population accounts for 51.8 per cent of the country’s net worth, the bottom 50 per cent of people owns just 5.2 per cent.”


Evidence of a US judicial vendetta against WikiLeaks activists mounts

Drug Policy in Portugal: The Benefits of Decriminalizing Drug Use


World economy at the half-year point

OECD warns of long-term pain for jobless youth

Gold as Money and the Role of the National Question in the Current Crisis

Crime of the Century By Robert Scheer

How Inequality undermines Economies – The Guardian published an interesting interview on inequality. The economist Dean Baker and the TUC’s Nicola Smith discuss why the economic gains of the past 30 years have gone disproportionately to the wealthiest section of society.

Matt Taibbi and Eliot Spitzer nail it here – If LIBOR is false then the financial world is built on quicksand: Watch this video to understand the largest banking corruption scandal in history. These large banks have stolen money from every single human on the planet. Not one person was left out.

Buckle up – Nouriel Roubini says in this Bloomberg interview that 2013 is shaping up as a perfect storm for economies and markets with a potential euro-zone meltdown with an exit or two, slowing growth in America and the risk of a conflict in the Middle East.


Fukushima: A disaster manufactured in the imperial boardrooms of capital


Sexism in the city: more effort and less pay

GREEN LEFT TV: Melbourne’s National Aborigines and Islanders Day march

Welfare ‘zombie lies’ and myths must be answered

Thousands march in Perth for skills and union rights


Government, indigenous communities resolve to nationalise Canadian mining company

Bolivian government rethinks Canadian mine in wake of violent protests‏


Barriere Lake Algonquins threatened with arrest for protecting sacred sites on their traditional territory against logging


Protests Rising Within China: Tens of thousands of residents in a Chinese city took to the streets last week to protest, forcing the government to scrap plans to build a copper plant. The incident is the latest in a rising number of localised protests as expression of public anger aimed at over-ambitious or corrupt officials in China over-boils.


Largest student protest of the year draws 150,000 to march


Washington and the Cuban Revolution: Ballad of a never-ending policy – the myth of the ‘Miami Lobby’


Gaza premier off to Egypt to ask Morsi: open the border

Morsi recalls parliament in defiance of Egypt’s military


Greek austerity: Stealing history from the cradle of democracy

Syriza Rising: The radical Left in Greece almost rules.


Libya beset by ethnic tension as elections loom: Libya’s minority Berber community faced persecution under Gaddafi’s pan-Arabism – now they fear an Islamist takeover


Building indigenous resilience in the face of land-grabbing, deforestation in Malaysian Borneo


Islamists seize Azawad towns from liberation forces


Tens of thousands protest vote fraud, imposition of PRI candidate

Irregularities reveal Mexico’s election far from fair


BDS at 7! – Celebrating, reflecting and further mainstreaming

Norman Finkelstein’s disinformation about BDS

Urgent: 83 Days of Hunger Strike- Take action for Palestinian prisoner Akram Al-Rikhawi!

Palestinian human rights are being violated: Gaza lecture‬

Israel causes eco-disaster that ‘endangers all Gazans’: official

How obsession with “nonviolence” harms the Palestinian cause

‘Athletes can make miracles’: soccer hero returns to Gaza

The Second Victims of the Holocaust


Fierce clashes in Madrid: Spanish police fire rubber bullets at miners – Video – Over 70 injured as protesters clash with police in Madrid


Champagne Flows While Syria Burns – A country at war with itself. Bombs and civilian massacres. Yet, in Damascus, the music plays on.

In northern Syria, people forced to scavenge for fuel and food


The expensive free schools no one needs – Has the government underestimated the power of community opposition to its free schools policy?


Labor Greets TPP Negotiators in San Diego to Prevent a “NAFTA on Steroids”

For black Americans, financial damage from subprime implosion is likely to last


Venezuela: Over One Million Eye Surgeries in Eight Years

Planning the Next Six Years of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution by Tamara Pearson

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