GPJA #430: Part 1. News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 15/6/12

Opposition pledge to delay asset-sale process

Opposition calls peoples power

Asset-sales law ‘being rushed’ to dodge poll

Govt accused of rushing asset sales bill

Ramming asset sales through under urgency – the final insult

Aotearoa New Zealand is STILL not for sale! A NATION-WIDE DAY OF ACTION is happening on Saturday July 14th, with marches and festivals occurring all around the country to demonstrate the continued widespread and coordinated public opposition to the sale of our national assets.

Expect power bill rise if state assets sold: analyst

Matt McCarten: PM adds honours ego trip to royal list of trinkets

Patients upset at anti-poverty doctor’s resignation

A sick budget and dangerously understaffed hospitals

Special needs units being cut in schools

Scott Hamilton: Civilisation’s strange saviours

Gambling (Gambling Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill: There is currently an amendment bill before parliament that is open for submissions to the select committee. It’s the first chance in many years to change gambling legislation and try to make the system fairer, more transparent and equitable for ALL New Zealanders. Background information here to make an online submission:

Lotto targets poor areas, claimed health official

Denise Roche: Pokies and porkies

CAFCA: We Musn’t Rest On Our Nuclear Free Laurels

PMA: Time for action on a global ban on nuclear weapons

Nuclear-free NZ anniversary celebrated

Act now: Depleted Uranium (Prohibition) Bill, June 2012 or facebook

Beautiful Gaza is under siege by Tali Williams Kia Ora Gaza convoyer

Tense scene at Cairo customs, then Kiwis meet other teams

Four Kiwis off to Gaza with Malaysian & European teams

Interviews with Kiwi Team to Gaza at Auckland Airport

Punitive Attitudes Not Confined to Criminal Justice Sector

Focus policy on root causes of child abuse

Students’ study-in protest in Auckland University Library

Wellington students to protest against education cuts

Bigger Class Sizes Policy Cut Down to Size

Paula Bennett’s dog whistle

Kiwis back gay marriage – poll

MP surprised at support for same-sex marriage

Health underfunded by over $250 million

Gordon Campbell on Hekia Parata’s big backdown

John Armstrong: Total surrender inevitable on botched policy

Highlights from Key’s 2008 ‘no job cuts’ speech

Taking It To The Streets

The new New Zealand land wars

Christchurch homeless battle bitter cold

The Abortion Obstacle Course: A Flow Chart

Criminalisation of pregnancy no solution – WHA Press release

Residential Earthquake Repairs Grind to a Halt

Greens call for reversal of family court fees

Mana: Harawira Says Sorry on the EEZ

Photos: Blockade the Budget

Cunliffe’s second ‘True Labour’ speech – another brilliant argument for change

Pokie rorts must be stopped

Peter Lyons: Seeing clearly through the smoke


Govt won’t appeal caregiver ruling

Ryall casts doubt on carer payment plan

Disabled carer pay assessment starts next year

Relatives of disabled win right to carers’ pay

TVNZ: Families caring for their disabled children (4:16)


Gap between lowest and highest paid still stark

Don’t do it Paula: Why Bennett’s latest scheme should be removed at birth by Tim Watkin

Right Back to the Future: Welfare Reform 1991-2011

Bay kids’ heartbreaking poverty


The Union Report online now – with commentator Laila Harre & EPMU National Secretary Bill Newson. Issue 1. The average salary for CEO’s is now $1.5million, showing the gap between the richest and lowest paid NZers is still stark. How do we grow wages & what is the role of unions? Issue 2. Australian Fairfax journalists are involved in industrial action as jobs are moved to NZ. Do unions stand in solidarity with their Australian counterparts or do they welcome jobs for their members? and Issue 3 tonight, What will the latest ERA changes mean and will the Government be more conciliatory in the wake of the education unions win over class room sizes?
Coming up… 18th June – Education special with the PPTA & NZEI; 25th June – Helen Kelly from the CTU & Brenda Pilott from the PSA; 2nd July – Cee Payne from NZNO & First Union; 9th July – Helen Kelly & MUNZ

Proposed labour laws breach international conventions, says union

Oceania Rest Home Dispute Settles

Progress in Ports of Auckland facilitation

NZ falls back in gender equality


Prof. Jane Kelsey: New TPP Leaked Text: National Says ‘Yes’ to Investor Rights to Sue

CTU: Government must clarify right to sue clause

Coverage of leaked investment text so far on Radio NZ

IMF recommendations a recipe for failure

Scrapheap the fear for jobless over 50s

English eyes education, health for public sector cuts

STEVE KEEN : ECONOMIC CRISIS from Saturday Morning on Saturday 26 May 2012 – Professor of economics and finance at the University of Western Sydney, author of Debunking Economics, and one of a minority of economists to predict the current financial crisis.

New Zealand Government Blowing Best Chance For Real Reform

Of deckchairs and icebergs: The Titanic as the NZ economy

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