Help Fix Working For Families #FWFF

Support our campaign to give ALL low income children a fair chance
Today Child Poverty Action Group will be launching a campaign calling on Government to fulfill the best interests of our children and asking them to Fix Working For Families.

In particular to make the In-Work Tax Credit ($72.50 from 1 April 2016) available to ALL low-income families, and not just a ‘deserving few’ who work the required number of hours required.

Working for Families is a scheme of tax credits paid to eligible families with dependent children aged 18 or younger, to help with day-to-day living costs that occur raising children.

However, the operation of the scheme fails to support some children even though their parents are on extremely low incomes.

CPAG needs your help to send a letter now, urging the ministers to take a significant step to alleviate child poverty.

Your letter will ask them to support CPAG’s recommendation that the Working For Families package be strengthened in the 2016 Budget. In particular, the In-Work Tax Credit should be joined with the Family Tax Credit for the first child payment, removing all paid work hours requirements.

Overnight, this would make a huge and powerful difference to the lives of thousands of the worst-off children and will go a long way to ensuring ALL children have their basic needs met.

More detailed information on the campaign website

How you can support our campaign:

  • Send a letter to the Government supporting CPAG recommendation to Fix Working for Families.
  • Like and share our Facebook page Fix Working For Families – FWFF
  • Contribute to the FB discussion, by sharing your views and experiences.
  • Visit our campaign website and download and share information
  • Read our FAQ to learn more about this issue
  • Write or meet with your MP to discuss the issue and gain support
  • Share our messages with your friends and family on social media
Child Poverty Action Group | PO Box 5611 | Wellesley Street

| Auckland

| 1141 | New Zealand

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