📺 Will you watch Campbell Live tonight? 📺

Save Campbell Live
John Campbell wants to thank you, Mike. He responded to the tens of thousands of Kiwis, like you, taking action in defense of his show saying; “Thank you all so much for your support. Please watch tonight”

And that’s what we need to do!

Tonight we need your help to show Mark Jennings – MediaWorks Head of News – how much we love Campbell Live, and that we are the most committed and engaged audience TV3 could ever want. If we show MediaWorks and their advertisers how committed we are to the kind of investigative journalism that Campbell Live do, they’ll be forced to reconsider their proposal to can the show.

Click here to join our “I’m Watching Campbell” event tonight at 7PM and then post photos of you watching it.

John Campbell and Campbell Live have shed light on some of the most important issues facing our country, from child poverty to the Christchurch rebuild, to spying laws. Their values – fighting for a fairer society, a thriving environment and transparent accountable politics – are shared by many New Zealanders, and are at the core of ActionStation’s mission.

What makes our efforts to Save Campbell Live so important is it’s role in our democracy. Holding the government to account is a core function of our media and Campbell Live is one of the few shows left on television committed to doing that. We rely on companies like MediaWorks to support shows like Campbell Live. But as a business they are susceptible to public pressure, which is why we all need to tune into Campbell Live tonight and prove to Mark Jennings and the rest of MediaWorks that we’re all watching. So click here to say you’ll be watching tonight at 7PM.

You’re one of more than 40,000 people who have signed our petition so far, and it’s growing fast. But the petition is only the first step in this campaign, and it’s this momentum that we’re going to turn into pressure on MediaWorks over the next week.

So say “I’m Watching Campbell Live” Tonight at 7pm upload a photo of yourself, your whānau, your flat or your friends watching the show to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #SaveCampbellLive or #WatchCampbellLive and invite all your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/797555790323030/

We’ll compile the photos to create a giant digital collage of support for the current affairs show and deliver it to MediaWorks alongside our petition.


Ryan, Laura and the team at ActionStation

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