GPJA #488 (2 of 2): International news and analysis


“You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.” – Malcolm X (U.S. civil rights activist, 1925-1965)

“There is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, for kindness, for thoughtfulness; and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much.” Mother Teresa

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” – Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” – Nelson Mandela

“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.” – Albert Einstein



2013 In Review: Power, Politics and Resistance

The rise of the military’s secret military – They’re called Special Operation Forces — and they’re everywhere

Workers Stand With Locked-Out Ikea Staff

The Media’s Absurd Hysteria About Teens and Pot: There’s very little data to suggest that cannabis causes long-lasting memory problems or an increased risk of schizophrenia.

Ripe for rebellion?

The Poverty of Capitalism: roundtable

Held hostage by Big Pharma: a personal experience

Noam Chomsky: We’re no longer a functioning democracy, we’re really a plutocracy

Glenn Greenwald Keynote on 30c3

The Media Should Stop Pretending Marijuana’s Risks Are a Mystery — The Science Is Clear

Turing pardoned almost 60 years after state persecution killed him

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Calls on Computer Hackers to Unite Against NSA Surveillance

“Drugs Aren’t the Problem”: Neuroscientist Carl Hart on Brain Science & Myths About Addiction

The Politics of War Casualty Counts, from the “GWOT” to Syria


Eugene Debs: Dreaming of a red Christmas


Puzzle or Misreading? Stagnation, Austerity and Left Politics Sam Gindin

Change of Guard at the Fed, the Specter of ‘Secular Stagnation,’ and Some Questions of Monetary Theory


The Sixth Mass Extinction: Why Climate Scientists’ Hair is on Fire

Indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador score a major victory over Chevron

Warsaw Climate Talks Go Up in Smoke by Chris Williams

Monsanto, the TPP and global food dominance

John Bellamy Foster: Marx and the rift in the universal metabolism of nature


‘MINGUS’: Powerful And Heartbreaking Documentary Portrait Of The Jazz Giant

What the Fuck You On About? M.I.A. struggles on Matangi to render a sense of the future, but that makes it all the more engaging writes Alexander Billet.

The 25 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of 2013

Monumental Myths: Film. Directed by Tom Trinley. 2004. 47 minutes. Inspired by the book, “Lies Across America,” this film presents the historic myths and facts about a few iconic monuments in the United States.

Bread and Puppet Theater Founder Peter Schumann on 50 Years of Art and Resistance

Direct your anger at the greedy rich, not the Wolf of Wall Street film

Adam Hanieh on his new book: ‘Lineages of Revolt: Issues of Contemporary Capitalism in the Middle East’


Foreign companies demand Bolivian state millions in compensation


Cambodian police fire on striking garment workers

Cambodian troops quash protest at garment factory


We Can Beat The Right And Win The Fight At Canada Post by Doug Nesbitt and David Bush

Forum to probe experiments on Alberni residential school children

The Geopolitical Ecology of Empire’s Ally – An Interview with Greg Albo and Jerome Klassen

Exploding oil trains: Coming to a Vancouver neighbourhood near you?

First Nations Fight Against the Frackers by Brian Ward


Venezuela and Chile: Election wins advance left agenda


An Interview with René González, of the Cuban 5

Mandela Is Dead: Why Hide The Truth About Apartheid?

Free pamphlet to download: `Cuba — How the workers and peasants made the revolution’

Infant mortality rate in Cuba 30% lower than Florida


‘Tahrir Doctors’ co-founder elected sec-gen of Egyptian doctors union

Egypt court jails anti-Mubarak activists for 3 years

The US/EU-endorsed roadmap to hell in Egypt

Egypt’s Counterrevolution


French workers at Goodyear tyre plant take bosses captive

Almost half of French approve of locking up bosses


Our present is your future – Fantastic series of short documentaries from Reel News about the crisis in Greece and the working class response


In Honduras, Resistance Against Ruling Party Continues Despite Peril

Honduras and the dirty war fuelled by the west’s drive for clean energy


John Pilger: In India, a spectre for us all, and a resistance coming


Iraq’s Sunni Civil War


Even the Olives are Bleeding. 1976 documentary on Irish involvement in the Spanish Civil war

“Government is a gang of charlatans” – Joe Higgins walks out of Irish parliament and calls for mass boycott of new water tax


Fukushima two years on: a dirty job with no end in sight

Homeless People Recruited for Dangerous Fukushima Clean-Up Are then Underpaid and Exploited


Rail union agrees to end strike


Libya, two years after Gaddafi


Zapatista Uprising 20 Years Later: How Indigenous Mexicans Stood Up Against NAFTA “Death Sentence”

Mexican citizens arrest police, seize control of town


Chiefs fight for land


Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land

Israeli protests: a refugee’s story – As tens of thousands of migrants demonstrate in Tel Aviv, one man describes what happened when he went home to Sudan

An Interview with Max Blumenthal – Inside Israel’s Apartheid State

‘Convicted of genocide, Israel prepares new Holocaust’

Almost 1 million in need of food aid in Gaza: UN

BDS: Permanent address for Palestinian solidarity

Conversation with Ilan Pappe: We Don’t Have the Luxury to Wait Any Longer

The Holocaust survivor whose life is in danger again

Thousands of Jerusalem children denied basic services by Israeli apartheid

‘Children in cages’: Human rights group accuses Israel of torture

‘NYT’ changes ‘Palestinians’ to ‘Arabs’ and removes Israeli responsibility for Gaza shortages

Mike Marqusee: ‘If not now, when?’ On BDS and ‘singling out’ Israel’s apartheid

Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is like saying the US is a White State


The Philippines is devastated as much by unfair debt as typhoon Haiyan – By Christmas Eve, a country struggling with foreign loans and climate change will have spent $1bn on debts in seven weeks


Modern Day Slavery: 126 Nepali Women rescued by Nepali embassy in Saudi Arabia.


NUMSA calls for new movement for socialism, end to ANC alliance

Revisiting a Cde Moss vision

Democratic Left Front: Together, a new South Africa is possible

Reminiscences About Nelson Mandela and the US Anti-Apartheid Movement


Patrick Cockburn: U.S. Turns Blind Eye as Saudis Fund Jihadists in Syrian Conflict



Trail of murder: Indonesia’s bloody retreat – How the murder of a journalist in East Timor in 1999 impacted the life and work of Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen.


Urban Rally in Kadikoy


If you think people shouldn’t have kids if they can’t afford them, think again

Britain’s Involvement In Torture And Kidnap ‘Truly Shocking’

Russell Brand On Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband And His Political Heroes

Miners strike lies: thirty years of hurt


Support Ukrainians but do not legitimize the far-right and discredited politicians! by Volodymyr Ishchenko


‘The Country You Destroyed’: A Letter to George W. Bush by Ralph Nader

Socialist councillor Kshama Sawant’s inauguration speech

Sawant Ignites Crowd, Wins over 10-Year-Olds at Inauguration

Democracy needs whistleblowers. That’s why I broke into the FBI in 1971

Now We Know. JPMorgan Chase is Worse Than Enron

How Change Takes Place in the United States: The Minimum Wage

India Flap derives from America’s Gulag Practices and Far-Right Supreme Court: The militarization of American police and humiliating practices of routine strip and cavity searches are the real culprits in the current diplomatic dispute between the United States and India.

The Best Reporting on the North Carolina Takeover

From Funding Climate Deniers to Shadowy Groups, Koch Brothers Network Spent $400 Million in 2012

The Myth of Health Care’s Market

Exclusive: Dying Lawyer Lynne Stewart’s Jubilant Return Home After Winning Compassionate Release

Mother of homeless man found dead says system failed her son

How America abandoned its “undeserving” poor

Guantanamo: Twelve Years of US War Crimes

Robert Reich Takes on Ryan Adviser Who Claims Income Inequality is Not a Problem – See more at:

Jobless Benefits Cut for 1.3 Million, Despite Highest Long-Term Unemployment Since World War II

Thousands of black and Latino kids lost their schools in 2013

Why Are US Special Operations Forces Deployed in Over 100 Countries?


The Minimum Wage and McDonald’s Welfare

Wal-Mart’s dirty partners pay up: Fired workers win thousands

Amazon May Get Its First Labor Union in the U.S.

How America Created a Low-Wage Work Swamp

A Win for 15: Could SeaTac prove a bellwether for the low-wage worker movement?

Union Decline and Income Inequality in the States, 1979-2009

13 States Will Raise Their Minimum Wage For The New Year

The “middle class” myth: Here’s why wages are really so low today

Nick Turse, Special Ops Goes Global

Multi-millionaire Steve Forbes Has a Cynical Plan to Keep Working People Down


Animation: NSA data mining program probably unconstitutional, judge says

Glenn Greenwald: The NSA Can “Literally Watch Every Keystroke You Make”


Jonathan Schell, Seeing the Reality of the Vietnam War, 50 Years Late


UN rights experts ‘seriously’ concerned about Yemen drone strikes

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