GPJA #465 (3 of 3): International news and analysis


The number of New York Times articles that mention inequality, notes University of California at Berkeley sociologist Claude Fischer, has increased from an average about 90 a year in the 1990s to 840 a year in the 2000s to about 2,700 a year since the start of 2010.

Since 1980 in the USA, as analyst David Cay Johnston noted last week, “corporate pre-tax profits have grown at almost twice the rate of pre-tax wages.”

America’s most typical income-earners, analysts at Sentier Research are now estimating, took home this past January 7.3 percent less, after inflation, than they earned in January 2000 — and 4.5 percent less than they earned in June 2009, the year the Great Recession officially ended.


“A country that cannot force wealthy and corporate taxpayers to pay their share of the tax burden is a country that will fail.” Linda Beale, The Boom and Bust Cycle of Tax Shelters and Intimidation of the IRS, June 7, 2013

“Our economy is currently experiencing a ‘members only’ recovery. Ninety-nine percenters needn’t apply.” Timothy Noah, Fairness Doctrine, Democracy, Summer 2013


The Government Endangered us with Foreign Quagmires; it’s the Bradley Mannings that might keep us safe (Madar)

A Modern-Day Stasi State – Thanks to whistleblower Edward Snowden, we now know that an army of private contractors can monitor anyone’s phone calls and e-mails.

Lest We Forget – The Art of Lying – Video – “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”

Share this inspiring 2 minute video of celebrities calling for zero nuclear weapons worldwide

Conflict in the Middle East is about more than just religion

The Making of a Global Security State – The Five Uncontrollable Urges of a Secrecy-Surveillance World By Tom Engelhardt

Edward Snowden’s worst fear has not been realised – thankfully – The NSA whistleblower’s only concern was that his disclosures would be met with apathy. Instead, they’re leading to real reform

Edward Snowden: how the spy story of the age leaked out – The full story behind the scoop and why the whistleblower approached the Guardian

NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others


The resurgence of the Kurds By Christopher de Bellaigue, New York Review of Books

The New Scramble for Africa and the War On Terror

Retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan, allies toppled in Egypt and Libya, recession at home and China on the rise. In this video from Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times Tariq Ali asks if US power is on the decline

Dr. Noam Chomsky Breaks the Set on War, Imperialism, and Propaganda

Glenn Greenwald on US Intervention in Muslim Countries – Video – Bill Maher is taken apart by Glenn Greenwald for trying to absolve the US from any responsibility for the mass slaughter and destruction in Muslim countries.

The Terror Diaspora – The U.S. Military and the Unraveling of Africa

Latin America: Evo Morales and Nicolas Maduro defend the region’s union

Latin America’s progressive governments: origins, nature and challenges



Income inequality is surging, and there are few countries where it is rising faster than the United States. The distance between rich and poor is greater in America than nearly all other developed countries, making the US a leader in a trend that economists warn has dire consequences. GlobalPost sets out on a reporting journey to get at the ‘ground truth’ of inequality through the lenses of education, race, immigration, health care, government, labor and natural resources. The hope is to hold a mirror up to the US to see how it compares to countries around the world.


Sympathy for the Luddites By PAUL KRUGMAN

Apple shop in London targeted by Mark Thomas and tax protesters

A New Guide for Understanding Our Inequality


Mark Bittman, Welfare for the Wealthy, New York Times, June 4, 2013. The mega millionaires of agriculture continue to prosper off the tax dollars of ordinary Americans.

Facing Off: The Integration of Capital vs. the Integration of Peoples in the Americas- This is excerpted from a speech by João Pedro Stédile, Co-coordinator of the Landless Workers Movement of Brazil. Edited by Beverly Bell.

David Harvey, speaking at Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times, about his latest book, explaining how cities have been, and will continue to be, the main arena of struggle against capitalism and its affects

The shale revolution and its unintended climate side effects

Secret Trade Agreements Threaten to Undo Our Last Shreds of Food Safety

The left needs an ecosocialist vision: Socialists must go beyond talking about the ecological crisis, and fully integrate it into our analysis of capitalism and the potential for revolution.

Marx and Engels, radical environmentalists


On the road to change we need music like this – Magnificent music from the struggle in Istanbul …

Zombie Love: Chewing on the Entrails of Genre – Contemporary Zombie Narrative Meets Horror by Mark Williams

A major critic says we’ve forgotten how to read. Does it matter?

Movies We Love about Workers, Work, and the Workplace

Iain Banks: tributes pour in for ‘one of Scotland’s literary greats’

Iain Banks, 1954-2013: an interview with Ken Livingstone

“The Purge”: A Horror Flick About…Income Inequality?!

The Guillotine by The Coup – A revolutionary anthem for our times

Game of Thrones as Theory

Mark Schmitt, George Packer’s U.S.A., American Prospect, June 11, 2013. The most insightful commentary yet on an important new book that tracks a generation of growing inequality.


Australian Government increases repressive measures against refugees

Refugee rights convergence to Yongah Hill detention centre – See more at:

Privatisation agenda locks Australia into failure – The state of immigration detention tells us this neoliberal consensus is damaging the country. We must challenge it



Mass World Cup Protests Rock Brazil

Michel De Souza’s video of events on the ground:


Professor Wolff on Garment Workers’ Strikes in Cambodia

415 Cambodian Nike workers sacked for striking


The woes of Canada’s political right are deepening


At least 119 workers confirmed dead in Jilin factory fire

Wages in China rise but ordinary workers yet to reap the benefit


Cuban Five’s Rene Gonzalez Home In Cuba

Rene Gonzales (centre) with Tom Hayden (right)

Labrador’s flag flying in Communist Cuba

Sea levels creeping up on low-lying Cuba; government acts

The Cuban revolution and ‘democracy’: the case of Yoani Sanchez


Egyptian trade union leader facing jail


Authoritarianism behind the mask of austerity as media savagely attacked in Greece

Greece, the IMF and debt default

The Crisis and Socialist Strategy: Lessons from the Greek Left. Michalis Spourdalakis is a founding member of Syriza and currently serves on its policy planning committee. Professor of Political Science at Athens University and current chair of the Hellenic Political Science Association, he is also on the Secretariat of Nicos Poulantzas Institute, and a corresponding editor of the Socialist Register. He is the author of many books including The Rise of the Greek Socialist Party and Party of European Socialists: Prospects and Challenges. He is a frequent contributor on Greek politics for The Bullet, and his essay “Left Strategy in the Greek Cauldron: Explaining Syriza’s Success” appears in The Socialist Register 2013.

State broadcaster run under workers’ control as its closure sparks calls for gov’t sacking – See more at:


G8 summit: Irish trade unions call in human rights monitors


Iran’s Presidential Elections: The Live Embers of a Democratic Opposition Glow

Khamenei suffers major blow as the masses raise their heads again

Rising poverty, declining labour rights

Reading Marx in Tehran


UK expresses regret over abuse as Mau Mau promised payout


Left bloc gets 59% in municipal elections


Army chief quits after militia kills dozens in Benghazi


The new battle for the Pacific

Alleged mass killings in West Papua


The Filthy Rich Election by Tariq Ali


Iranian Threat Is “Western Obsession” Noam Chomsky – Obama Escalates Israel-Palestine Conflict: More Extreme than Reagan – Video And Transcript

“In occupied Palestine, there’s no distorting the facts on the ground” – UN Special Rapporteur

One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years

Up to Six Mass Graves Discovered in Jaffa, with Hundreds of Victims from 1948

Origins of Israel Palestinian Conflict

100-Year-Old Israeli General: We Razed Arab Villages, So What?


Dole Bananas and military harassment of unions in the Philippines


Economic war in South Africa


Despite Horrific Repression, the US Should Stay Out of Syria

Syria: proxy theatre of war – The Syrian people’s uprising began as a struggle over social and economic conditions, a fight for democracy in place of repression. Now it has been hijacked by regional and global conflicts.

As U.S. Deploys Patriot Missiles and F-16s to Jordan, Could Syrian Conflict Engulf the Middle East?

Why does the left find it so difficult to take a position on Syria?

Sarin Gas Use Doubted Experts Don’t See Evidence

Patrick Cockburn on U.S. Plans to Arm Syrian Rebels: Where is the Skepticism About Chemical Weapons?

Why There Is No Military Solution to the Syrian Conflict


Turkish Unions Hold National Strike as Protesters Face Worst Crackdown to Date

Gezi Park Evacuated, Istanbul and Turkey Explode by Sungur Savran

Chapuling in Turkey: The Turkish Uprising of May 27, 2013 by T. Sabri Öncü

Turkish Unions Strike, Joining Mass Protests

‘Occupy Gezi’ — Istanbul’s red-green uprising; Right to the City movement and the Turkish summer

Turkey: from Tahrir to Taksim – What caused the uprising in Turkey, and what are its chances of survival? by Kerem Oktem

Turkey: a Second 1848 … or 1905?


Recession prompted ‘unprecedented’ fall in wages

Selling off RBS would defraud the public and damage economic recovery – Stephen Hester has been forced to leave the bank by George Osborne in his determination to accelerate privatisation

GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians’ communications at G20 summits


Fifty Years: Remembering Medgar Evers

Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate with Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone

More Intrusive Than Eavesdropping? NSA Collection of Metadata Hands Gov’t Sweeping Personal Info

“A Massive Surveillance State”: Glenn Greenwald Exposes Covert NSA Program Collecting Calls, Emails

“You’re Being Watched”: Edward Snowden Emerges as Source Behind Explosive Revelations of NSA Spying

The Student Loan Debt Crisis in 9 Charts

NSA Whistleblowers: “All U.S. Citizens” Targeted by Surveillance Program, Not Just Verizon Customers

Striking Workers Bring Bangladesh Safety Demand to Walmart Headquarters

Victoria Brittain, Miscarriages of Justice – Sometimes, when you watch the strange, repetitive political dance that swirls around the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — the president announcing yet again that he plans to “close” it and the Republicans in Congress swearing that they won’t let him — it’s hard not to wonder what alternative universe we live in.

Guantanamo guard converts to Islam, demands release of detainees

ILO: U.S. Inequality Now Literally Off the Chart

Union workers in California stage rally against low wages

Reform Rekindled in US union movement by Mark Brenner

U.S. and Colombian Auto Workers Keep GM in the Spotlight – See more at:

Breast Cancer Patients Declare Victory as Supreme Court Bars Patenting of Human Genes


Domestic dissent can change US foreign policy for the better – From the Vietnam era to the Iraq war, it’s clear that the moral authority of protest has altered US government behaviour

Living on Minimum Wage

A Medical Ethics-free Zone? Guantánamo Doctors Urged to Stop Force-Feeding Hunger-Striking Prisoners

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