GPJA #446: Part 2/3 – News from Aotearoa New Zealand



Gordon Campbell on the government’s bad week, and General Petraeus

Mana Party: “Feed The Kids” – Glen Innes Branch AGM

Environment: Fact and fantasy

NZ Kyoto pull out slammed as ‘cop out’

Decision to abandon Kyoto puts NZ into club of worst polluters

Paul Holmes Interviews Kim Dotcom

Here’s the latest edition of Kauri Konnect.

HELPline Left High And Dry

Everyone needs the right help

Peter Calder: Uprooted tenants on the march

One step too far – The minister for tertiary education, Stephen Joyce, may think he’s above the law but we don’t.

Students consider options after allowance cuts

Greenpeace allowed to reapply as charity

Racism rife in NZ sport says banned footballer

November issue of the Spark online

Coal sponsorship perverse, says Professor

EDS calls for urgent action on Maui’s Dolphin numbers

Widening gender pay gap disheartening, says UC professor

More urgency needed to close Gender Pay Gap

Kiwis missing out on free prescription medicines entitlement

Commission releases Census of Women’s Participation 2012

Behind the 1951 waterfront lockout by Philip Ferguson


Protest Attack on Gaza in Auckland NZ 24 Nov 2012

Protest Attack on Gaza in Auckland Mike Treen 24 Nov 2012

Palestinians and Jews in Solidarity against Israeli injustice in Gaza Auckland NZ 24 Nov 2012

Protest attack on Gaza SJP Speaker at US Consulate 24 Nov 2012

Wellington mobilisation for Gaza last Saturday

Auckland Protest Against Attacks on Gaza Part 1 of 4

Auckland Protest Against Attacks on Gaza Part 3 of 4

Auckland Protest Against Attacks on Gaza Part 2 of 4

Auckland Protest Against Attacks on Gaza Part 4 of 4

Auckland protest against Gaza attacks

Wellingtonians Rally In Solidarity With Gaza’s Palestinians

Disappointed by the Greens on Gaza

LONG LIVE GAZA- solidarity from Aotearoa

Only some of the truth – the trouble with selective news – Leslie Bravery – 15 November 2012, Palestine Human Rights Campaign

Wellington: picket against Israel’s war on Gaza, Friday

Kiwis among those in Gaza

Protest at latest Israeli attacks on Gaza – Auckland – Video

Palestinian flag waving on the flagpole of US embassy in Auckland, New Zealand

Palestine flag flies at US site

Stop the War on Gaza – Protest – Auckland, New Zealand, 17th November 2012

The Flag flies

Disappointed by the Greens on Gaza

Aucklanders brave rain to back Gazans braving missiles

Palestinian Flag raised over Auckland’s US consulate in solidarity with the Palestinians

Retaliation by Leslie Bravery

Leslie Bravery: Palestinians demonised with half truths


Children bear brunt of punitive sanctions

Poverty Watch 13

Sallies call for middle class to pay more taxes


Protest over KiwiRail factory cuts

Work Pressure and Long Hours Undermine Safety at Work

Same Work Same Pay – no youth rates campaign

Migrant chef paid boss $13k to keep job

Change to minimum wage settings

Talkback host cleared of inciting violence

Union challenges non-payment of travel time for home workers

Winz centre wrong on redundancy

Kiwi actors suffer after Hobbit dispute – union

LIVING WAGE: The Auckland City Council is consulting on its social development strategy called ‘Thriving Communities: Auckland Council’s role in supporting communities to flourish’. Read more here:

Jobs to go at KiwiRail after partial sale

Ferry workers plan to strike

Industrial action at Statistics NZ

Warner Bros control over Government revealed

CTU: Hillside jobs could have been saved

Bus drivers vote to ratify collective agreement

PSA: The government doesn’t value women in the public service

Sealord fined over $60,000 after man injured on vessel

Wage increases slowing

Time for an inquiry into health and safety in the Forestry Industry

Hobbit land far from reality

Hobbit tax rebate swells to $67.1m

Peter Jackson tries to re-edit history of The Hobbit

Lest We Forget: The Real Hobbit Story

New US book: the New Zealand Hobbit Crisis


Pike River directors’ comments ‘disgraceful’ – union

What did you do wrong? Well, since you asked

Opinion: Corporate, Government and departmental manslaughter

CTU: We remember and honour the Pike River Miners

How modern unionism failed the Pike River miners

Labour shares Pike River guilt

NZ’s safety record slammed

Pike River a show of profits before safety


Gordon Campbell: Jobless figures make grim reading

Duncan Garner: Opinion: Is our economy collapsing?

Monthly Economic Review

Thailand’s quest to join the TPPA will strengthen opposition

TPPWatch Bulletin #22 19 November 2012

TPPWatch Bulletin #23 27 November 2012

Unemployment benefits the wealthy

NZ judged best country in world to do business

NZ Being Caught In New Cold War – US/China Trade Deals

Thailand’s quest to join the TPPA will strengthen opposition

Plight of jobless makes us all poorer By Bryan Gould

175000 unemployed deserve support

New Zealand Green Party Co-leader slams TPPA on national TV

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