Bring your shoes! Emergency protest against military assualt on Gaza: 2pm Sat, Aotea Sqaure

3 Responses to Bring your shoes! Emergency protest against military assualt on Gaza: 2pm Sat, Aotea Sqaure

  1. John Stewart Watkins says:

    I have nothing but contempt for the arrogance of the Israeli state,espcially the way the settler on the West Bank are stealing it from the Palestinians, one hilltop at a time! However, much as I’m appalled at the civilian casualties inflicked by the IDF in Gaza, Hamas, can put a stop to this slaughter as well, by ending its rocket attacks on southern Israel and adding its weight to the Palestinian side, in demanding a just, peaceful resolution of this forever conflict.I’ll bet they won’t though. Both sides need to think outside the box and stop the endless tit-for tat killings.

    • Doug says:

      John, If let’s say the Israelis were to invade NZ and if the Israelis illegally annexed Auckland, Waikato and commenced a ‘re-settlement’ programme for the ‘Israeli’ people in these areas, would not the citizens and members of NZ be expected to protect their own sovereignty and wellbeing. Wouldn’t it be natural to fight-off any illegal invasion; any confiscation of land; loss of identity, dignity and rights? Surely, to reach a cease fire the perpetrators of the crime in the first instance, the Israelis, would have to morally and legally undo the wrongs they have committed; retreat and hand back the stolen land and be truthful. The Palestinians are still after all these years fighting for natural justice; they’re standing up and fighting back!!

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