From 6 December a week of free trade negotiations for a mega-free deal between NZ, the US, Australia and six other countries will be held in the Sky City Casino. This agreement (known as the TPPA) will tie the hands of NZ governments to the failed neoliberal agenda for the next century.
A meeting to discuss actions and strategies will be held at Unite offices at 6a Western Springs Rd, Kingsland on Tuesday November 30 at 6pm. Please come!
You can also register to be inside the venue along with the media, business people and maybe even delegates (???) on http://www.mfat.govt.nz/Trans-Pacific-meeting/0–stakeholder/ . There are guaranteed to be about 500 big business lobbyists for every 1 people’s representative inside the Casino venue, so …
Another occasion for debate: Jon Mayson, Chair, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
invites you to help mark the opening of The Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations, Round four Monday, 6 December, 6.00pm-8.00pm, Voyager Maritime Museum, Corner Quay and Hobson Streets, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland. RSVP essential by Wednesday 1 December
tpprsvp@nzte.govt.nz telephone (04) 816-8196

Protest on International Disability Day, Friday 3rd December, 1pm, Waitakere WINZ, 36 Sel Peacock Drive, Henderson, Just up from West Wave Pool.
The National Government has been steadily taking people with disabilities off invalids’ benefits, cutting their incomes by $50 per week and forcing them to be available for work. The Welfare Working Group is now suggesting that nearly all beneficiaries, including the sick, disabled and those with children as young as one should be work tested. At the same time the government has just passed the 90 Day Act. Beneficiaries can now be forced to take any job then face a 91 day benefit stand down when they are fired for no reason. The Welfare Working Group would also like benefits to be stopped in one to five years, and to contract out WINZ services to private companies! Workers and Beneficiaries! We must stop this two pronged assault upon us all!
Organised by:
Waitemata Unite with Auckland Action Against Poverty
http://waitemataunite.blogspot.com 021 2166937
unitewaitemata@gmail.com 8388602 (Waitemata Unite)
cafecalias@xtra.co.nz (Auckland Action Against Poverty)

Described as a ton of theatrical dynamite disguised as a mere Molotov cocktail, Gregory Burke’s award-winning play Gagarin Way has its Auckland debut this December.
Frisky Productions presents Gagarin Way at The Gagarin Way Garage, 181 Hobson Street, Auckland from 1-11 December.
Multi-award winning actor Gareth Reeves (I’m Not Harry Jenson, The Cult, Go Girls) makes his directorial debut delivering this explosive tale of two disillusioned factory workers, Gary and Eddie, who, awash with anti-globalist anger, kidnap a Japanese business executive in a plot to demonstrate their anti-corporate sentiments to the world.
However, the duo’s cunning plan goes awry when Frank – the business man they have abducted – turns out not to be a Japanese executive, Eddie forgets the balaclavas, the manifesto they wish to release to the waiting world is hazy and Tom – a young security guard with a degree in political science – accidentally gate-crashes the scene of the crime.
The four men find themselves confined in a claustrophobic factory store room and tension crackles. The audience is confronted by a visceral and fiercely comic explosion of ideologies and hopes as each man’s story emerges throughout the course of the play.
I didn’t expect it to be a comedy,” Scottish playwright Gregory Burke explains, “ but when you consider the themes…Marxist and Hegelian theories of history, anarchism, psychopathology, existentialism, mental illness, political terrorism, nihilism, globalisation and the crisis in masculinity – then it couldn’t really be anything else.”
To make a comedy of contradictions is the ultimate prank. To set it in the confines of a factory whereby the most cack-handed of empty gestures is exposed in all its farcical colours as playwright Gregory Burke has done is pretty close to genius” – The Herald (Scotland)
Gagarin Way premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2001, where it won a Fringe First, the Best of the Fringe First Awards and The Scotsman Readers’ Favourite Award. Following sell-out runs after its transfer to London’s National Theatre, it was named one of the best plays of 2001 by The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Observer and Mail on Sunday. Gagarin Way received a nomination for ‘Best New Play’ at the 2002 Olivier Awards and Gregory Burke was awarded the 2001 Critic’s Circle Award for ‘Most Promising Playwright’.
Gagarin Way stars a talented all-male cast featuring Will Wallace (The Cult, Jinx Sisters), Edward Newborn (Krapp’s Last Tape, National Theatre), Kevin Keys (August: Osage County) and Emmet Skilton (Home by Christmas).
Gagarin Way plays at The Gagarin Way Garage, 181 Hobson Street, Auckland from 1-11 December at 8pm (No show Sunday 5 December). Tickets are $25 (adult) or $20 (concession or group of 8+) and can be booked from www.eventfinder.co.nz For more information visit www.friskyproductionsnz.com/
Interviews with the cast and director are available. Please contact SWPR, Safia van der Zwan, safia@swpr.co.nz 021410318

The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network invites you to observe first-hand the inspiring Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela. The sweeping social changes being carried out by Venezuela’s “people’s power” movements are radically transforming life for the majority in that country – workers, women, Indigenous people, young people and all those who have suffered the injustices of poverty, exploitation and exclusion that accompany corporate globalisation. Along the way, this remarkable revolution is showing the rest of the world that a more rational, socially just and sustainable future is possible.
A special feature of the 2011 May Day brigade will be the opportunity it offers to observe the developing workers’ participation and workers’ control that is a vital part of the Venezuelan revolution, with visits to worker-run factories and cooperatives, and meetings with trade union and community management representatives in a variety of sectors and regions. The brigadistas will also observe Venezuela’s grassroots democracy in action, with visits to the social missions, communal councils and communes. They will meet and speak with grassroots activists in the free, high-quality public health and education services; sustainable development projects; community controlled media; and women’s and Indigenous organisations. Joining the huge May Day rally in Caracas on May 1st will be a another highlight.
This brigade is the 12th solidarity and study tour organised by the AVSN. Participants’ reports and photos from previous brigades are available at http://www.venezuelasolidarity.org
Registration and costs: The deadline for registering for the 2011 May Day solidarity brigade is February 28, 2011. Participants will need to book their own international airfares, but the AVSN can help with advice (please do not book without contacting us to confirm the dates). The AVSN will organise all accommodation, transport and English-Spanish translation for the brigade. People joining from Australia will need to budget for a total cost of $3500-4000, which will cover international return airfares (between $2200-2600 from Australia); all food, transport and accommodation (on a shared basis) during the brigade; and the brigade registration fee ($500 for workers or $300 for full-time students, unemployed and pensioners).
For more information about this or future brigades, please email brigades@venezuelasolidarity.org or phone Lisa Macdonald +61 413 031 108, Roberto Jorquera +61 425 182 994 or John Cleary +61 407 500 839.


Monday, November 29, 7pm, The Peace Place, 22 Emily Place, Auckland City.
Film: Rosenstrasse (2003) Director: Margarethe von Trotta.PLEASE NOTE EARLIER STARTING TIME (Running Time: 136 minutes). Admission: by Koha / donation. Directed by Margarethe von Trotta, starring Maria Schrader and Katja Riemann. The film tells the story of the protest of 1943 in Rosenstrasse, Berlin, by non-Jewish women, who waited for seven days and nights outside a Nazi jail for their Jewish husbands. The men had been arrested and were destined either for hard labour or deportation. The film won credits at the David di Donatello Awards, the Bavarian Film Awards and the Venice Film Festival, but it has provoked some controversy. Its opening credits claim the film is a true story, but some have criticized it for “ignoring some of the facts”. How many women took part – hundreds or thousands? Did the women chant their famous “I want my husband back!” during the protests? And was it Goebbels, who eventually gave in and released them? The director defends herself , saying that no movie can comply entirely with written history; that it is enough that the women stood there and showed courage. She clams that whether the film has got all of its facts right or not, is not the main issue.

Tuesday, November 30, 6pm, Unite Office, 6a Western Springs Rd, Morningside
A meeting to discuss actions and strategies to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade fraud.

Friday 3rd December, 1pm, Waitakere WINZ, 36 Sel Peacock Drive, Henderson, Just up from West Wave Pool.
STAND UP FOR BENEFICIARIES RIGHTS: Protest on International Disability Day

Saturday, December 4, 2pm, QE2 Square, Downtown
Rally for Justice and Peace in Palestine, come and support justice and peace based on an end to 42 years of Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (including East Jerusalem), the right of return for Palestinian refugees, sharing Jerusalem, vacating all settlement colonies in Israeli occupied Palestine, and dismantling Israel’s annexation / apartheid wall in occupied Palestine. Starts 2pm, QEII Square, Customs Street and Queen Street intersection, outside Downtown Shopping Centre. Organised by the Palestine Human Rights Campaign, for more information contact email or go to this web site.

Saturday, December 4, 7pm, Cityside Hall, 8 Mount Eden Road, Auckland
Rebel Press warmly invites you to a: BOOK LAUNCH of The day the raids came: Stories of survival and resistance to the state terror raids. Music, food and readings. On October 15th, 2007 an estimated 300 police raided houses all over Aotearoa New Zealand and arrested people based on warrants issued under the Terrorism Suppression Act. Lives were turned upside down as the police searched for evidence of ‘terrorism.’ This book is a collection of oral history interviews of people affected by those raids and the aftermath: defendants, friends, family, supporters and other people subject to the state’s coercive powers on that day. The case is the first ever attempted use of the Terrorism Suppression Act, a piece of legislation enacted in response to the 9/11 events in New York and Washington DC. The terrorism charges were not brought, but the people arrested continue to face a long journey to freedom as the state seeks to punish political activists and to reinforce the status quo.
For more information, please contact ryankb@gmail.com

Monday, December 6th, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn.
GPJA December forum – “Eyewitness in Gaza” – Kiwi activists from the recent siege-busting ‘Viva Palestina’ international aid convoy to Gaza will report back at a special joint forum with Kia Ora Gaza. Check out the website: kiaoragaza.net (Note: If you would like a Kia Ora Gaza convoy member to speak at a meeting of your organisation, contact Roger at: mangere.east.access@paradise.net.nz or 021-2999491)

Saturday, December 11, 4pm, St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby
A seminar with Rusdi Marpaung, Prominent Human Rights Activist and Senior Researcher and co-founder of Imparsial (Indonesia Human Rights Monitor). Chair: John Minto Global Peace and Justice Aotearoa (GPJA). Rusdi has just completed post Graduate studies in International Human Rights Law and Policy at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Rusdi brings a wealth of experience in challenging the Indonesian Government to uphold human rights over issues such as anti-terrorism law, post conflict management in Aceh, and the ongoing conflict in Maluku and West Papua. Rusdi was a colleague of the late Munir a key figure in the democratic struggle who was tragically murdered in 2004. This seminar will be preceded at 3-30 p m by the AGM of the Indonesia Human Rights Committee: Contact Indonesia Human Rights Committee Box 68-419, Auckland 1125 maire@clear.net.nz (Ample parking or take the Link bus)

“The United States today is like a cruise ship on the Niagara River upstream of the most spectacular falls in North America,” Johnson warned. “A few people on board have begun to pick up a slight hiss in the background, to observe a faint haze of mist in the air on their glasses, to note that the river current seems to be running slightly faster. But no one yet seems to have realized that it is almost too late to head for shore. Like the Chinese, Ottoman, Hapsburg, imperial German, Nazi, imperial Japanese, British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Soviet empires in the last century, we are approaching the edge of a huge waterfall and are about to plunge over it.” Chalmers Johnson
“As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: you liberate a city by destroying it. Words are to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests.” –Gore Vidal


Kiwi battler’s last stand http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10689023
Matt McCarten: Swing to the right and Labour will be left out http://www.nzherald.co.nz/matt-mccarten/news/article.cfm?a_id=284&objectid=10690526
Kauri Dieback Disease Continues to Devastate Iconic Trees http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/AK1011/S00363/kauri-dieback-disease-continues-to-devastate-iconic-trees.htm
Video: Hikoi of Hope: Walking On – Introduction http://www.justice.net.nz/
Changes to equity funding will hurt Māori and Pasifika http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1011/S00250/changes-to-equity-funding-will-hurt-maori-and-pasifika.htm
Reversal Of Early Childhood Cuts Urged On Universal Children’s Day http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/reversal-early-childhood-cuts-urged-universal-children039s-day/5/72603
Legislation takes heart out of local government http://www.psa.org.nz/Home/NewsFeed/10-11-19/Legislation_takes_heart_out_of_local_government.aspx
Free trade fuels war by Murray Horton CAFCA http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquireropinion/letterstotheeditor/view/20101122-304597/Free-trade-fuels-war
Private health sector thrives as public hospitals struggle http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/opinion/4374723/Private-health-sector-thrives-as-public-hospitals-struggle
Doctors push for strong global climate action at Cancun http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1011/S00269/doctors-push-for-strong-global-climate-action-at-cancun.htm
Chris Trotter: Message for Labour in Values Party’s vision http://tinyurl.com/2fj7ffq
Left’s utopia must have room for aspiration http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/opinion/4392512/Lefts-utopia-must-have-room-for-aspiration
Labour puts on brave face over National gain http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10689226
Pulling out all the stops in Mana http://www.nzherald.co.nz/opinion/news/article.cfm?c_id=466&objectid=10688980

Boss tells worker told to ‘harden up’ after assault http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4374160/Boss-tells-worker-told-to-harden-up-after-assault

More than half say they are worse off after major tax reform Horizon Research Limited – Only 8.2% say they feel better off as a result of October’s major tax reforms.
Watchdog tails Prince of Parasite Drive http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10688744

Books: War Is A Lie http://davidswanson.org/warisalie
Mickey Z. Interviews David Swanson On War Lies By Mickey Z.
Interview With Erri De Luca By Kourosh Ziabari: Erri De Luca is an internationally-renowned Italian poet and writer. “Corriere della Sera” literature critic Giorgio De Rienzo has called him “the writer of the decade” http://www.countercurrents.org/ziabari231110.htm
Bush’s ‘Damn Right’ Shallow Book By Habib Siddiqui

G20 pushes business as usual, Small farmers demand system change http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=3468
Responding to the Cochabamba challenge http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=3441
UN warns: Food prices soar in 2010, higher in 2011 http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=3465
Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela declare: “Nature is our home and is the system of which we form a part, and therefore it has infinite value, but it does not have a price and is not for sale.” http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=3443
UN Issues Severe Climate Warning Ahead Of Summit By Michael McCarthy

It’s Time to Build a Continental Indigenous Communications Network: This past week, more than 200 Indigenous organizations and 79 different nationalities came together in La Maria Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia for the First Continental Summit of Indigenous Communication in Abya Yala (the Americas). http://intercontinentalcry.org/its-time-to-build-a-continental-indigenous-communications-network/
Beating back the temporary labour agencies’ global offensive http://cms.iuf.org/?q=node/602
Nato, The World Police Force By Fidel Castro http://www.countercurrents.org/castro241110.htm
U.S. Recruits Russia As Junior Partner To Maintain Global Dominance http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/u-s-recruits-russia-as-junior-partner-to-maintain-global-dominance/

By Michael Moore – How Corporate America Is Pushing Us All Off a Cliff http://tinyurl.com/2avo95c
What Good Is Wall Street?
Much of what investment bankers do is socially worthless by John Cassidy http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/11/29/101129fa_fact_cassidy?currentPage=all

Evo Morales Accuses U.S. Of Backing Four Recent Coups in Latin America http://tinyurl.com/36q687b
Reflections of Fidel: Evo’s speech http://www.granma.cu/ingles/reflections-i/25noviembre-48Reflex1.html

Margarita Alarcón : 50 Years of Cuban Embargo is Enough http://theragblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/margarita-alarcon-50-years-of-cuban.html

Streets barricaded in Cap-Haitien: Protests in Haiti have popular support http://theragblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/ansel-herz-behind-barricades-in-haiti.html
With Friends Like These… CARICOM and the Flawed Election in Haiti By Kevin Edmonds & Roger Annis http://www.canadahaitiaction.ca/content/friends-these%E2%80%A6caricom-and-flawed-election-haiti
Haiti’s Sham Elections: Solidifying Imperial Control By Stephen Lendman

The Deadly Lie Of Democracy In Iraq By Ahmed Habib http://www.countercurrents.org/habib231110.htm

No, Mr. Netanyahu, you and yours are responsible for the “demonization” of Israel http://www.alanhart.net/no-mr-netanyahu-you-and-yours-are-responsible-for-the-demonization-of-israel/
What, really, is the Obama-Clinton game plan for Israel/Palestine? http://www.alanhart.net/what-really-is-the-obama-clinton-game-plan-for-israelpalestine/
British atom bomb test veterans lose damages case – Appeals court rules it is too late to prove exposure to fallout caused ailments of elderly ex-service personnel http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/nov/22/british-atom-bomb-veterans-appeal
The statement from Rosenblatt Solicitors, who are representing the veterans, is at http://www.rosenblatt-law.co.uk/press-release.php?id=227
Widow of British nuclear test veteran awarded $75,000 by US – Department of Justice pays compensation to wife of British airman who witnessed US tests after Ministry of Defence had refused to accept radiation led to his fatal throat cancer http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/oct/31/widow-british-nuclear-veteran-compensation

Health Care Giants Spent $86 Million in Effort to Kill Reform http://blog.aflcio.org/2010/11/19/health-care-giants-spent-86-million-in-effort-to-kill-reform/

Tens of Thousands of Venezuelan Students March for New University Law http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5807


Barbara Dreaver joins keynote speakers for investigative journalism conference. Television New Zealand Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver is the latest keynote speaker to join the Media, Investigative Journalism and Technology conference – New Zealand’s first – at AUT University on December 4/5. She has broken many stories around the region and investigated many key issues. She joins Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times and an Asia-Pacific investigative journalist; New Zealand investigative journalist Nicky Hager and Professor Wendy Bacon, director of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism and who runs an environmental investigative journalism programme.
As well as the main conference, the Pacific Media Centre is also hosting a masterclass in investigative journalism for student journalists and younger journalists facilitated by a team of international investigative journalists and a specialist peace journalism seminar organised by Dr Heather Devere of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and Rukhsana Aslam, a peace journalism educator from Pakistan.
Exhibitions of photojournalism by a collective facilitated by Kunda Dixit and New Zealand social issues photographer John Miller (featuring Ngatihine) plus workshops about groundbreaking documentaries by Jim Marbrook and Selwyn Manning are also part of the programme.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Registration for the conference is now open. AUT webpage for the conference: http://www.aut.ac.nz/study-at-aut/study-areas/communications/news-and-events/media,-investigative-journalism-and-technology-conference-2010
Conference website (and registration details): http://www.ciri.org.nz/conference2/index.html
Asia-Pacific and NZ keynote speakers
Investigative updates, challenges and documentary film workshops
Investigative photojournalism
Frames of War photo exhibition
Masterclass in investigative journalism
A special seminar on peace journalism
General papers on media, society and technology
AUT University Conference Centre, 9am, Saturday, December 4-Sunday, December 5, 2010.
Practitioners, journalists, academics, researchers, activists, students who work in the creative industries and the public are invited to participate in a Fourth Estate “conversation” at the inaugural Media, Investigative Journalism and Technology Conference 2010.
A legacy of the conference will be the establishment of a collaborative and supportive group dedicated to investigative journalism in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Keynote speakers:
Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times and visiting New Zealand as the PMC’s 2010 Asian Journalism Fellow, sponsored by the Asia New Zealand Foundation;
Professor Wendy Bacon, director of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism,
New Zealand investigative journalist and author Nicky Hager.
Jim Simon, assistant managing editor of the Seattle Times, leader of a team of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists.
Also featured: Frames of War, Dixit and colleagues’ photojournalism exhibition of the 10-year Maoist War in Nepal (opening at 6pm, December 4); Jim Marbrook’s documentary work on the environment and mining conflict in New Caledonia; John Miller’s photojournalism on the Ngatihine forestry issue; Shailendra Singh on investigating corruption in Fiji; and Patrick Matbob on investigative journalism in Papua New Guinea.
Conference chair: PMC director David Robie david.robie@aut.ac.nz
Inquiries – conference organiser: Andrea Steward anj_steward@hotmail.com
Pacific Media Centre www.pmc.aut.ac.nz

The New Zealand Not For Sale Campaign was launched in Christchurch on November 11th, in conjunction with the launch of Professor Jane Kelsey’s book on the Transpacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement. The NZ Not For Sale Campaign has been set up to oppose the Transpacific Partnership because it is against New Zealand’s best economic, environmental and social interests. ”The trade agreements we already have are linked with high international debt, job losses, asset stripping, risky speculation, increasing sales of land to overseas owners, running down public assets and services, and loss of tino rangatiratanga and national sovereignty”, says the Campaign Secretary, Dr Christine Dann.
The TPP would make things a lot worse, Dr Dann says. It opens the door for
– steep rises in the price of medicines,
– the total loss of the local content provision in broadcasting,
– even weaker controls on overseas investment in NZ
– foreign investors suing the government for millions in offshore tribunals
– weaker regulation of the financial sector
– more transnational control of essential services
– undermining action on climate change, and
– further delays and restrictions on agricultural market access to the US.
The people of New Zealand are getting sick and tired of successive governments putting the interests of dodgy, price-gouging foreign owners and investors ahead of what really matters in building a great country – a healthy natural environment,worthwhile, decently-paid work for all, and a fair and caring society”, says Dr Dann.
The Campaign has opened a Statement of Sovereignty petition (text below) for the public to sign. The closing date for signatures is 4 July 2011.
We the undersigned citizens and permanent residents of New Zealand call upon the Government of New Zealand
The TPP like be, like NAFTA, nothing but a statement of corporate rights and protections
to cease negotiations on the Transpacific Partnership agreement; and
to not sign this agreement; and
to cease work on any other in-progress or proposed international trade and investment treaties containing clauses which limit or abrogate New Zealand’s sovereign and democratic right to make and enforce laws and regulations and provide services which differ from those of other states or transnational organisations.
Sign the Statement of Sovereignty Petition Online
Download the Statement of Sovereignty Petition
Download the Statement of Sovereignty Flyer
Contact us – Christine Dann nznot4sale@gmail.com
www.nznotforsale.org/ Organisations supporting the campaign can be seen at http://www.nznotforsale.org/who’s-involved/

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